Love, Yellow // Spring Tee

similar jeans [under $50, true to size] // sandals [true to size]

They tell me it's May and I'm having all sorts of trouble believing anybody. I swear it was literally just March yesterday. Maybe even an hour ago quite honestly. Time, you are messing with my head in allllll sorts of ways. The good news, however, is that summer is also literally right around the corner. One sharp right and we're there. With that in mind, we wanted to bring you an option for Love, Yellow this month that would be perfect for both the season we're in and the one right ahead!

Well, guess what party people, this tee is that option!

I know I use the word comfortable a lot, but I can't ever think of a word that is similar [I was never one to read a dictionary as a child] so here we go again - this shirt is beyond comfortable! It's that awesome stretchy material that makes you believe in unicorns and ponies. Throw in the splash of flowers and stripes and I think you have every girls dream right in front of you. Add in the longer length and tall and short girls finally unite! It's a tee for everybody! 

Grey jeans, regular jeans, orange jeans, wear it with whatever you want because guess what, you can! FREEDOM FRIENDS!!!! 

Additionally, because a floral tee is just a floral tee without an accessory, we added these awesome silver diamond shaped earrings that can be worn with not just one thing, but everything. Literally, try to find me something that you can't wear with these. Think of it as truth or dare and you just selected dare. I know, it's like you're in third grade all over again, you're welcome for those memories. 

ps. I totally whitened my teeth in this photo with a photo editing app. Just thought you should know.

So what do we think? If you think "oooohhhhh yes!" keep reading. If you don't think that..well, keep reading, maybe you'll change your mind ;) 

Here are the details on how it works and how you can get it in your hands and on your back!

1. Pricing is easy--it's $35.00 for the top and earrings! 

2. As far as sizing goes, I would recommend sizing up if you teeter between sizes. You can view the size chart here. I am wearing a size medium in this top and Amy is wearing a large. We both sized up because we liked a little more flow to it! Exciting news as well this month - we have a few XL available! 

3. You have now through the end of the month to place your order. Please note that limited quantities are available and these generally sell out quickly. You will want to place your order right away to ensure that you receive your size!  

4. Your order will be shipped within three business days. 

5. Remember that if you receive the items and aren't happy with your order, you can ship it back! Instructions will be included in your order. 

6. Spread the word about your Love, Yellow items! Tweet, Instagram, put it up on a billboard, whatever you feel is necessary ;) Please use the #LoveYellowLook hashtag so that I can be sure to send a thousand kissy faces your way for doing so! 

7. Order now :)



  1. What a gorgeous top and I love your shoes!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. It looks like only small is available. Do you know if they will get more in?

  3. Super cute! Just curious, who is this other woman in the pictures? I always wonder when I see your Love, Yellow posts!

  4. That's floral printed tunic is cute. Pair of high heels wedges are cool. Nice sharing.


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