3 Ways To Wear Converse // Summer Style

Ahhh, sweet sweet Converse. Virtually the only shoe I really wear these days. It's funny how you can be a heels everyday type of girl and swear that they are the only type of shoe that can make your outfits come alive but then, oh but then - you discover tennis shoes and your world is flipped upside down and you know in that moment that God really does love you. At least I knew. Gone are the days of believing that I have to walk around uncomfortable in order to have a cute vibe going on with that days outfit. 

Real quick before we dive in, allow me to educate on the two most popular types of Converse. First, we have the traditional style [these to be exact]. They function like any other shoe [put them on, tie them, yada yada yada] however, they do run on the large side. If going with the traditional route, I would suggest sizing down one whole size. 

Next up, we have the Shoreline model which is what you'll see in today's post, mostly because it is my favorite style of Converse. These are the shoes that show up and say "Hi! I want to be your best friend so I'm going to do everything for you!" This means you never have to tie them, they have an elastic back which means you get to just slip them on [side note - slip ons are LIFE] and they run true to size I have found. They work amazingly well with these no show socks and are beyond comfortable! 

If neither of these models fit your fancy, consider these [I'm ordering as we speak] that have a removable cushioned insole. 

One more note before jumping into the outfits - how to keep them clean. I love Converse for the fact that they can be thrown in the washing machine and BAM - good as new! Simply throw them in your washing machine [with nothing else!], turn on low cycle in cold water. Add in half a cup of laundry detergent [no bleach!] and let them go to town! Waaaa-la! 

Okay, now the fun part - how to rock the look! 

First up we have the classic bomber jacket [under $30!] and regular denim jeans outfit. 

jacket [true to size, wearing in XS] // tank [wearing in medium but need in small] 
 jeans [true to size, wearing in short for 5'4] // shoes [true to size] 

Super easy, super cute for running errands, heading to your child's baseball game, or on days that start out cooler and warm up [lose the jacket you scandalous little thing you]! 

Next up is probably my favorite look for either going to a sporting event or traveling. Just take your favorite white tee [which in my case, is this!] tie a cute little plaid shirt around your waist that can be thrown on if it gets cool, add in some fun distressed jeans and of course, the Converse of all Converse and go! 

shirt [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // similar plaid shirt // similar jeans 
shoes [true to size] 

Last but certainly not least, the white jeans/white shoes look! I love this for spring and summer oh so much! So crisp and so clean! Again, the perfect daytime outfit which can easily transition to cooler evenings with a denim jacket!

jacket [true to size, wearing in small] // tank [wearing in medium but need in small] 
white jeans [size down if in between] // shoes [true to size] 
[photos shot by Tina Herschberger Photography]

Now who is ready to bust out some Converse and get down with them bad selves? Curious for another way to wear these? You can do what I am doing today which is pairing them with this dress! The world is your oyster my friends...

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  1. And how awesome is it that I already have these in my closet! I never really wear them, but I'm going to have to bust them out today!

  2. Ah-dorable! and I love my shorelines!!

  3. Do you recommend special laces? My converse can't with long laces that I can't seem to do anything with!

  4. I love to wear mine with casual dresses and skirts too. They are my favorite shoe right now!

  5. These are my favorite shoe right now! I love to wear them with casual dresses and skirts.

  6. The shorelines slip off my ankle- anyone else have that problem?

  7. Great post! I recently bought the shorelines because of you, and love them! They go with so many outfits.

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  12. Are shorelines just a spring and summer shoe? Would the regular ones be better for more year round wear?


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