Currently I'm....

striped tee [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // vest [size down, wearing in XS petite]
jeans [true to size, wearing in short for 5'4] // purse // booties [size down .5] 

+ Sitting outside in the sunshine. I don't know how Indiana got the memo that it was time for it to step up its game, but the memo was received and it's killin' it today. It's the stuff seasonally depressed people dream of. SUNSHINE, WELCOME BACK! 

+ Loving our new pups. Yes, that word is plural. They are two brothers, Max and Ollie, who are two of the cutest little Poovanese [half Poodle half Havanese] I ever did see.

Max on the left // Ollie on the right 

We picked them up yesterday and they are full of puppy life! After Maggie passed away we knew we were going to get another, we just didn't know how soon. Well, we apparently aren't good at staying dog free so here we are, missing Maggie like crazy, but excited to provide these two little dudes a good life and vice versa. Let the poop all over the house begin! YAAAAAY PUPPIES! 

+ Afraid of the swan swimming in front of me right now. I am 99.9% convinced that a swan will be the cause of my death. Those things be cray. I can see the headlines now..."Swan attacks blogger and takes off head". RIP. 

+ Listening to Ed Sheeran. Mostly because he is the only thing I EVER listen to these days. If I could give you one piece of life advice it would be to go to one of his concerts. It will be the most fun you'll ever have with ten thousand sixteen year old girls at once. 

+ Not showering. It's just one of those non-negotiable things today.

+ Eating string cheese. Have I ever mentioned my deep, deep love for cheese? It's honestly a miracle I go to the bathroom more than once a year. 

+ Excited about our new [errrr, old] office space! Once I made the decision to work from home I knew I didn't actually want to "work from home" every day so an office was deemed necessary, mostly for my sanity. We are currently working on painting and furnishing the space and once done, I'll be able to spend a few days a week there with the LIY team [it sounds official so I say it]. Any excuse to buy some new furniture is an excuse perfect enough for me! I'll do a full reveal once that space is complete!

+ Reading The Happiness Equation. Not going to lie, I needed some happy desperately the last few weeks as I was dealing with losing Maggie and bronchitis at the same time. So far, I'm kinda loving the book and has made me think a lot about what I am doing and why I am doing it.

+ Wearing these leggings [it's really the only thing I'd ever need to wear to feel fulfilled in life] and and a tee. But according to the photos in this blog post I'm dressed cute so, psssssssych. Jokes on you suckers.

+ Traveling to Dallas next week! Anything I need to know about what to do, where to eat and all of that good stuff? Granted, I will be there for a conference so the amount of time that I will have available to do all of the fun stuff is next to never but in case I have like three minutes to run out, tell me where to run [joke, walk] to.

+ Scared to start videoing myself more on Instagram stories. Why is video a thing? Ugh. But it is [hi 2017] so I feel like I should do it and try to conquer my fear of on screen talking. It's just so awkward, buuuuuuut I kinda live and breathe awkwardness so maybe it's natural I take this next step. The goal is to share more of my every day "behind the scenes" of what this whole work from home and blogging thing looks like. I'm sure it's going to be super glamorous and stuff. Not.

+ Thinking I should probably cook dinner tonight. When I say it's been weeks I think I actually mean it's been months. I am the worst wife in the history of ever. UNTIL TONIGHT. Totally redeeming myself with store bought pasta salad and canned baked beans, watch out.

+ Saying peace out homies. It's been real, until next time...more outfit pics because whhhhhhy not?!

striped tee [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // vest [size down, wearing in XS petite]
jeans [true to size, wearing in short for 5'4] // purse // booties [size down .5] 



  1. Loving this! So glad things are going better, I mean how could they not with those adorable new puppies?! Seriously, so cute!

    Taylor | www/livingtaylored.com

  2. I am laughing at your comment about the swan. I am 99% sure I will die from an angry goose or being pecked to death by a flock of birds.

    In all seriousness, where are you staying in Dallas? Check out Klyde Warren Park (sometimes there are free workout classes) and get a drink or dinner at Savor, for BBQ go to Pecan Lodge (be prepared to wait), another good drink/music spot is the Rustic, I could go on!

  3. Here are some food recommendations for Dallas if you happen to be near any of them – I have family there and we try to hit up at least one of these every time we visit!

    -Crème de la Cookie in Snider Plaza – Try the red velvet or M&M cake balls. They will change your life.
    -Hillstone in Preston Center – Best French dip in the world.
    -Sprinkles Cupcakes in Preston Center – This is not unique to Dallas, but if you haven’t had them, you reaaaally need to. Red velvet is my fav but you really can’t go wrong.
    -Breadwinners in Inwood Village – Try the raspberry chipotle chicken sandwich. It’s amazing. I think there are other locations around Dallas if this one isn’t close.

    Have fun! Love your new pups!!

  4. you are hilarious and this was a great read from my break at work! :) miss you!
    oh and the dogs are SOOO cute! i have two brother pups too! its the best

  5. Oh my goodness, the little guys are so dang adorable!!

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  7. "Those things be cray"! Totally made me laugh out loud! Exactly how I feel about large birds!
    Love reading your posts and sharing in your awkwardness!

  8. Awww those puppies! They are so adorable. I love their names too!

    By Lauren M

  9. Omg I heard your voice for the first time yesterday! I am right there with you w/ insta storying. I started working from home full time a few months ago and I still haven't been able to work up the courage to do it regularly but you're right - maybe I should just own the awkwardness? Please do more! I would love to see what your day to day looks like :)

  10. Dallas? Go to Truck Yard on lower Greenville Ave. Food Trucks rotate on a weekly basis and the atmosphere is rustic with mainly outdoor seating. Dogs are welcome!

  11. Yes! True story about the Instastories! I decided I needed to get down with the trends and started them this weekend for my business page. So awkward! I made my husband leave the room each time I did one. Any hearing my own voice? Hell no. I hit share on those things immediately without listening and then pretended they never happened.

  12. Good for you with two puppies to hog all your time...LOL Good for you!

  13. The puppies are adorable, I am obsessed with string cheese too, and I love those booties!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. love this outfit! Where are you creating another office space for your work?


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