4 Ways To Style Hunter Boots

cardigan [size down if in between, wearing in xs] // white tee [size down] 
white jeans [true to size] // rain boots [$50 off! for 1/2 sizes, go down!] // necklace

With April showers in full swing, we are all beginning to break out our beloved rubber rain boots, yet if you've been anything like me in the years past, you feel like a fraud trying to wear them confidently out and about because what the _____ go with giant pieces of rubber? Exactly. Rain boots can be a tricky, tricky thing, but today I'm going to try to dispel that fear and overcome our "but what the?!??!" statements together. 

I have two favorite brands when it comes to keeping my feet warm and dry, Joules and Hunter. I recently purchased two pair for spring and fall, both these pale mint beauties along with the classic military red. To become a little less fraud like, I faced my fears and I took to my closet and put together four different looks for all occasions that look half way decent and don't encourage the "you are going out of the house like that?" comments from the adoring men in our lives. It turns out that normal clothes can actually be cute with giant pieces of rubber [yaaaay!] from jeans, to leggings to dresses - everything is fair game when it comes to gallivanting around town during a good ole Saturday morning downpour. Here are four looks that you can turn to this April showers season!

1. Classic cardigan and white denim 

I love how white denim pops with these fun mint boots for a fresh spring look! Add in the pop of color in your top and you've got yourself a cute little eye catching statement outfit. Also, this cardigan is hands down my most favorite transitional piece and I just found a similar one in short sleeves for once it heats up more! 

2. A comfy sweatshirt and distressed denim
sweatshirt [true to size, wearing in small] // jeans [19% off, true to size] 
rain boots [for 1/2 sizes, go down!]  

Nothing looks better with classic red than black and white stripes in my opinion. If you're headed out to run errands, hit up a local market or whatever it may be, bust out your favorite pair of distressed jeans and a comfy sweatshirt and go! I don't think you can go wrong with this combination however you put it together. However, you put a bow on a sweatshirt like this one and well, I'm sold.

3. Livin' it up in athleisure 
twist tee [true to size, so comfy!] // high waist leggings [true to size] 
rain boots [$50 off! for 1/2 sizes, go down!] // denim jacket [true to size]

Headed to the gym? Just want to pretend you are headed to the gym? I feel ya. Good news kids, however active you may or may not be, your rain boots are actually a cute addition to those leggings of yours and comfy workout top. Roll out of bed, meet a girlfriend for coffee on a rainy Saturday morning, head to your yoga class despite the downpour or shoot, just be comfy walking around Target on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Totes appropriate, go for it. 

4. The t-shirt dress and military vest
t-shirt dress [the softest thing on the planet, true to size] // vest [size down, wearing in petite for 5'4] 
rain boots [for 1/2 sizes, go down!] 
[photos by tina herschberger photography]

I love this look oh so much. Who said you have to wear pants with your rain boots? Nobody, that's who. This is an adorable way to splash around in puddles [because that's what we are all doing when it rains right?] on those warm spring days. This t-shirt dress doubles as pajamas because yes, it's that comfortable and paired with my favorite military vest [seems fitting to wear it with military red boots] it's a complete look that falls more on the fashionable/cute side of things than the WTF/hoochie look. I think you know what I'm talking about. 

And there we have it! Four different outfits to hop, skip and jump around town in come rain or shine. But mostly rain ;) What's your favorite look from above? Here's to surviving the rain and looking forward to the flowers! 

ps. A lot of questions come in about how to clean your gloss boots and keep them nice and shiny. After much research, it appears that rubbing olive oil on them is the easiest, most cost efficient method to keep your boots looking brand new! Simply take a paper towel, wet it and add some soap. Lather up your boots, cleaning them from top to bottom and then rinse them off. Once cleaned, take another paper towel and dip it into olive oil. Rub all over your boots and they will be squeaky clean and sparkly again!

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  1. I have red hunters and I love the gray dress + utility vest combo! I just pinned that to try soon!


  2. Great ideas! I'm a teacher and literally had to run through a down-pour this morning from the parking lot to my classroom! (wedges tucked in my bag and pant legs rolled up...yes, barefoot...ugh!) Every spring, I consider purchasing rain boots, but decide not to. Considering I just ran barefoot through a parking lot, I might just go ahead and take that leap!

  3. The olive oil works wonders! I love my hunter boots too and this trick was great! Super cute girl

  4. I might be in the minority here but I like my hunters to look dirty. Makes me feel more rugged.

  5. I love your Hunters! I've been looking at investing in a pair. They're so cute!

  6. I LOVE my hunter boots, they seriously go with everything! Such a fun post! Makes me want a pair in every color :)

    Taylor | www.livingtaylored.com

  7. I liked my hunters but after two pairs that ended up looking like crap unless you constantly oil them I had to say no more. They weren't worth the price. Not to mention unless you have the skinniest of calves you'll have a hard time getting into them.

  8. It is so much fun watching you on Insta Stories! I saw you working on this post the other day :) I'm always fascinated by other people that are self-employed/work from home. I've been doing it since Jan. and I'm still figuring out how to balance everything!


  9. Love your outfits! Have the dark red ones and LOVE them. Are the "mint" ones green? They look light blue in the pics. What color & size is your twist tie t-shirt?

  10. I use the Hunter brand boot shine. The olive oil you need to be really careful to avoid getting it on the under side of your boots, as not surprisingly, it is slick when wet. $7.00 and a convenient applicator seems reasonable.

  11. You are adorable! I definitely need some hunter boots in my life!

  12. I love that you couldn't decide between the red and mint...and then decided to keep both! I have 2 pair also. Red and navy. And I wear them BOTH a LOT! Your styling is super cute!


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