When I Grow Up I Want To Be Kate Spade

tweed dress [true to size, wearing in 2] // heels [true to size] // purse

There's just something about that woman and her clothing. Bows, ribbons, flowers, it's all so feminine and fun. It may have a thing or two do with my upbringing. 

Have I ever shared the story about when I was ages 8-13 the only thing I would agree to wear was a Michael Jordan jersey? In fact, my hair was only a few inches longer than his. It turns out that after getting asked "are you a boy or a girl?" a few too many times, you want to run fast and hard the other direction. 

Well, kate spade new york  is my other direction. I first got hooked on the phone cases [it's amazing what a piece of plastic can do for ones soul] and then it was their handbags and now they go and do things like put flowers and tweed and bows on everything and I can't control myself. The quality is unlike most things I've experienced [aside from things like homemade mac and cheese, but there is really no competing with that now is there?] and the amount of girl factor punched inside every detail is enough to make anybody want to shout Shania Twain's "Man, I feel like a woman!" repeatedly during the day. Long story short, I partnered with kate spade to bring you some of the freshest looks on the block and well, I'm in all sorts of girly love. 

Can we talk about those shoes for a minute? They are the kind of shoes that stop you in your tracts when walking by somebody on the streets [or sidewalk if you are a little less rebellious]. They somewhat make me want to walk around and stick a bow on everything. Combine those with the scalloped tweed dress and girlfriend, you are set. Side note - I am a complete sucker for scallops. Minus the kind you eat. I'm also a sucker for handbags that go by the name of "little babe". These handbags are adorable and the perfect size to hold your goodies without allowing you to hold your entire dresser drawer.

Because I wanted to feel like Audrey Hepburn for a day, I also decided on this v-back structured dress which has those type of superpowers to make you feel more glamorous than you ever have before [excluding senior year prom, we all looked our best then with our nice orange glows and seventeen layers of foundation]. I wish I could describe accurately how I feel in this dress but I don't know if there are words good enough. The way it puffs out [I think the more appropriate word is flare, but we've never been appropriate around here..] is perfection and the back is just enough sexy to downplay the super cute floral embellishment on front.

dress [true to size, wearing in 2] // handbag // heels // phone case

Moving on to the jackets of all jackets - this tweed corsage coat. I have been looking for a coat for spring and with this beauty, I just found it. I adore the fit and the corsage is like the icing on the cake. Or the flower on the jacket, whatever. If the ivory scares you because of things like kids and kids, have no fear - it is available in black as well! 

jacket [true to size, wearing in 2] // handbag // heels // earrings

And there we have it, the fanciest I've ever been. If you take one thing away from this post, have it be this little babe. Mostly because I wanted to say little babe again...

disclosure: thank you to kate spade new york for partnering on today's post. While I am being compensated for this content, all product was selected, worn and loved by me.  



  1. I love kate spade too! darling + ladylike everything!
    x0x0 Caroline http://thecarolove.com/

  2. You look adorable! Wish I had somewhere fun to go to wear these dresses.

  3. Love this post!
    Q- do you think the white scallop dress would be appropriate KY Derby wear? We have been invited this year, and it is my first time to attend. TIA


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