What To Wear // St. Patricks Day Style

Hey hey - Erin here! While I have been busy gallivanting around St Maarten, Becca [you may recall her from this post] put together some fun St. Patricks Day outfit inspiration for you all as we are 10 days away from all things green! The good news is that there is still time to get your shop on for the holiday and the even better news is that even if you could care less about this holiday, but love the color green, well waaaaa-la! Eat your heart out! Speaking of eating, I'm off to devour the last of my leftover macaroni and cheese in bed from tonight's dinner.

This vacation life, rough stuff. Can't wait to share all of the details on this trip and more once I'm back! Happy green errrrrthing!

ps. You can simply click on any of the items below and it will take you directly to that product! All price points and several retailers featured so click away!



  1. Very cute picks, especially those dresses! LOVE :)

    Taylor | www.livingtaylored.com

  2. Where did you get your pink shirt??


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