The Meaning Behind Living In Yellow + How To Add Color To Your Wardrobe!

dress [true to size] // purse // heels

"What does Living In Yellow mean?" It's a question I hear often and while a lot of people assume that it's gotta have something to do with macaroni and cheese, it actually goes a little more beyond that. Hear me out - the color of macaroni and cheese is totally worth having an entire blog built around it, but for me, it actually had to do with clothing. It's alwaaaaaays clothing. On that random day in February 2011 when I was sitting at a blank screen trying to come up with the name that would eventually go down in history for this blog, I spotted a yellow sweater hanging in my closet and it clicked. YELLOW! For a few years, I had worn that yellow sweater on those gray Indiana days [if you are familiar with Indiana weather you are now sweating because you just realized that I most likely wore this sweater nearly every day for 6 months straight] or if I felt a little blah and needed a pep in my step, yellow it was. Somehow I came up with Living in Yellow and it stuck. If you were to translate what Living in Yellow means, I think of it as Living With Joy. I just lucked out because by going with Living In Yellow, I now feel like I am responsible for rocking yellow from time to time.

When I saw kate spade new york's new spring line, my heart started beating a little bit faster. THE COLORS! Oh so much color! Naturally, I was stoked to see yellow in so much of it. And that's when it happened, I spotted this handbag and it was game over. The most delicious shade of yellow leather that my eyes had ever seen. [ps. make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for a discount code!]

However, the color didn't stop there. It then dawned on me that so many of us are scared of color when it comes to our wardrobes for some reason. Blacks, whites, grays and tans take over our closets without us even realizing it. With spring on the horizon, it is time to cut that out and say hello to pops of color, wherever we can get it. Because I don't like to do anything halfway, I decided to give this striped dress a chance because hello, it's like a walking Easter basket and it's awesome.

But maybe you aren't okay with thaaaaaaat much color, well, I have good news for you friends! Accessories are the perfect way to add in pops - from your jewelry to your handbag, to even your coffee mug down to your office supplies. Yes, kate spade new york has home and office items and they are hands down the cutest accessories one ever did see.

Another great way to add a little color while still holding on to your dear black is to either wear color on your clothing or shoes and add in your black in the opposite spot. In this case, I went for the color in my dress and turned to trusty [yet fun] black block heels

dress [true to size] // heels 

Easter and spring are coming - let's choose to flaunt our colorful selves in any way we know possible! Life is so much more fun when we are living in color, or in my case, yellow ;)

ps. Good news! You can currently save 25% at kate spade new york with code DEAREST!

disclosure: Thank you to kate spade new york for partnering for today's post. I am so grateful for your colorful clothing and accessories!



  1. I really really like your outfits and the yellow back. Love when people are not afraid to bring color in their wardrobe. Awesome post !

  2. Love both but the stripes are really calling my name! Those block heels have me swooning too. Happy Friday Erin!

  3. I love the title of your blog and the story behind it! You are SO adorable!


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