I don't want to admit this fact, but the week is drawing to an end. We have spent the last seven days in paradise [St Maarten to be exact] and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. Plenty of sunshine, plenty of beverages, plenty of cute little cocktail dresses and a whole [and I mean a whole] lot of laying around doing nothing absolutely all. Life is busy, I think we can all agree on that, so to get away with no agenda and time to just talk about anything and everything (or nothing at all) was so nice, even if the hustle and bustle will be upon us before we know it. 

As you'll notice below, all of this week's outfits are vacation inspired [the inspiration coming from being on vacation] so whether you are headed somewhere warm soon or want to start getting ready for spring, this roundup should have you well on your way friends! All links, size info and more can be found below! Any questions just holler, I'll gladly answer while sipping on a pina colada during my last day in paradise! Happy weekend friends, looking forward to catching up once I'm back! 

Dress [wearing in XS, size down! available in mint and blush as well!] // Dress 40% off in black! 
Heels [for perforated styles I would size down .5]

Travel outfit headed to the island! 
Jacket [under $30, wearing in XS] // Tank [wearing in medium but would prefer it in small] 
Jeans [if in between size up, wearing in 2 short for 5'4]
Flats [under $25! true to size] // Luggage [we love this 3 piece set for less than $120!]

Shirt [available in several colors, true to size wearing in XS] // White jeans [true to size]
Leather sandals [30% off, size up .5, so comfy!] // Necklace

Coverup [wearing in small] // Hat // Flip flops [true to size]

I used this bag as my carry-on bag AND beach/pool bag the entire time [includes an attached large zip pouch!]

Dress [true to size, wearing in XS] // Heels [true to size, available in many colors!] // Clutch

Coverup [wearing in small] // Hat // Book

Dress [wearing in jade in XS, true to size] // Wedges [wearing in blush suede, true to size] 

Cover-up [wearing in XS, own it in 3 colors!] // Cover-up available in plus size
Swimsuit // Sandals [true to size]

Cardigan [wearing in XS in red bloom but love all of the colors! size down if in between]
Cami [wearing in US 6] // White jeans [under $60! size down]
Lace up sandals [50% off! so comfy! true to size] // Clutch

Swimsuit Top // Swimsuit Bottoms // Dress [wearing in small]

Coverup [wearing in XS] // Sandals [true to size]

 Dress [love the blue! available in 6 colors, if in between size down, wearing in XS]
Heels [true to size, so comfy, available in a ton of colors] //  Clutch

Swimsuit // Coverup

Shirt [I sized up, wearing in small] // Bra [wearing in medium]
Leggings [true to size, wearing in small, use code YELLOW15 for 15% off]
Sneakers [if in between, size up .5]

dress [if in between size down, available in many colors] // necklace // clutch // wedges [true to size, available in nude as well]

Favorite places to shop for swimsuits and cover-ups - Revolve, Target, Aerie and Nordstrom



  1. Love ALL of the outfits. The off the shoulder dresses are adorable! Question, how big was your suitcase??

  2. you totally rock the vacation closet! :)

  3. Maybe it is just me...but I can't get any of your links to bring up the page. The error says it has timed out! Just wanted to let you know in case you hear the same thing from others! :)

  4. I love the lace dress.


  5. Where did you stay in St Maarten? Deets!

  6. Found you by default, glad I did! You're adorable!


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