Love, Yellow // All Twisted Up

shirt // jeans [true to size] // wedges similar [true to size]

I love when clothing companies are smart enough to make clothes that look cool without me having to do a thing. Insert the twist tee trend. You instantly look like you know how to achieve that cute little side tuck that everybody is doing but ta-da! You are still completely unaware of how to master this trend, yet nobody needs to know because your shirt did it for you! We call this faking it until you make it. Or as I like to think of it - fake it forever. It was a no-brainer to go with this cute striped twist tee [which is all sorts of comfortable] for this month's Love, Yellow choice! 

It works with jeans, white jeans, shorts, and if you're real daring - NO PANTS ;) One thing to note on the sizing of this - if you go between sizes I would suggest sizing down. We are both wearing in small here which still has a comfortable amount of flow to it! 

To complete the look we paired it with not one, but two pairs of silver stud earrings. If you are cool enough to have two holes [that sounds a little bit dirty..] you can wear them both at once which makes for a fun party on your ears. Stud earrings are seriously the only thing I wear 99.9% of the time so when we found this well-made pack of two, I said sign me up Scotty! 

So there we have it - a twist tee that you will wear day in and day out all summer long and two pairs of earrings to fulfill all of your holes desires. Sorry, I had to. You can snag the entire set for only $38, whaaaaaaaaaat! All details are below or skip the boring stuff and head right here to buy before it's gone!

Here are the details on how it works and how you can get it in your hands!

1. Pricing is easy--it's $38 for all pieces [shirt + two pairs of earrings!]

2. As far as sizing goes, I would recommend sizing down if you teeter between sizes. You can view the size chart here. I am wearing a size small in this top and Amy is also wearing a small. 

3. You have now through the end of the month to place your order. Limited quantities are available so you will want to order soon to ensure you receive your size! 

4. Your order will be shipped within three business days. 

5. Remember that if you receive the items and aren't happy with your order, you can ship all or part of it back! Instructions will be included in your order. 

6. Spread the word about your Love, Yellow items! Tweet, Instagram, put it up on a billboard, whatever you feel is necessary ;) Please use the #LoveYellowLook hashtag so that I can be sure to send a thousand kissy faces your way for doing so! 

7. Order now :)



  1. Hey Erin, love you blog and your sense of humor! Cut top! I'm kind of new, who's Amy?

  2. Oh, no! Are mediums really all that's left? You just posted this last night!! I really wanted this one...any chance you'll get more or something is wrong with the website? Fingers crossed! :)


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