The Meaning Behind Living In Yellow + How To Add Color To Your Wardrobe!

dress [true to size] // purse // heels

"What does Living In Yellow mean?" It's a question I hear often and while a lot of people assume that it's gotta have something to do with macaroni and cheese, it actually goes a little more beyond that. Hear me out - the color of macaroni and cheese is totally worth having an entire blog built around it, but for me, it actually had to do with clothing. It's alwaaaaaays clothing. On that random day in February 2011 when I was sitting at a blank screen trying to come up with the name that would eventually go down in history for this blog, I spotted a yellow sweater hanging in my closet and it clicked. YELLOW! For a few years, I had worn that yellow sweater on those gray Indiana days [if you are familiar with Indiana weather you are now sweating because you just realized that I most likely wore this sweater nearly every day for 6 months straight] or if I felt a little blah and needed a pep in my step, yellow it was. Somehow I came up with Living in Yellow and it stuck. If you were to translate what Living in Yellow means, I think of it as Living With Joy. I just lucked out because by going with Living In Yellow, I now feel like I am responsible for rocking yellow from time to time.

When I saw kate spade new york's new spring line, my heart started beating a little bit faster. THE COLORS! Oh so much color! Naturally, I was stoked to see yellow in so much of it. And that's when it happened, I spotted this handbag and it was game over. The most delicious shade of yellow leather that my eyes had ever seen. [ps. make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for a discount code!]

However, the color didn't stop there. It then dawned on me that so many of us are scared of color when it comes to our wardrobes for some reason. Blacks, whites, grays and tans take over our closets without us even realizing it. With spring on the horizon, it is time to cut that out and say hello to pops of color, wherever we can get it. Because I don't like to do anything halfway, I decided to give this striped dress a chance because hello, it's like a walking Easter basket and it's awesome.

But maybe you aren't okay with thaaaaaaat much color, well, I have good news for you friends! Accessories are the perfect way to add in pops - from your jewelry to your handbag, to even your coffee mug down to your office supplies. Yes, kate spade new york has home and office items and they are hands down the cutest accessories one ever did see.

Another great way to add a little color while still holding on to your dear black is to either wear color on your clothing or shoes and add in your black in the opposite spot. In this case, I went for the color in my dress and turned to trusty [yet fun] black block heels

dress [true to size] // heels 

Easter and spring are coming - let's choose to flaunt our colorful selves in any way we know possible! Life is so much more fun when we are living in color, or in my case, yellow ;)

ps. Good news! You can currently save 25% at kate spade new york with code DEAREST!

disclosure: Thank you to kate spade new york for partnering for today's post. I am so grateful for your colorful clothing and accessories!



The Day I Decided To Be A Blogger

top [wearing in small/medium, 15% off, cami underneath included!]

Today marks my first official Monday of being unemployed, a crazy sentence to write after working outside of the home for essentially the past half of my life. A little crazier because not working outside of the home has never been a goal of mine. For years people have asked "would you ever want to blog full-time?!" and without hesitation, my answer was always "no, I like things as-is". 

It's funny how sometimes you think you know what you want and that the crazy chaotic routine that you have found yourself in is the best thing for you when all of a sudden you hear somebody say ONE little thing and it changes your perspective forever. Mine changed on Wednesday, February 1, 2017. I was sitting in a classroom full of fellow bloggers and online entrepreneurs when Christine Lemieux [founder of Dwell Studio] was standing on a stage in front of me when somebody asked her if there was anything she would go back and do differently if she could do it all over again. After two seconds of thought, Christine said something to the extent of "I would have made one straight path for myself. For years I spent going in directions I didn't need to be going, I made it more difficult and stressful than it needed to be. I could have been on one straight path the entire time." With an exhausted exhale and tears in my eyes, I text my husband and said "I'm quitting my job(s) on Monday, I'm ready for a straight path". And so that's what I did and here we are now. 

A lot of you have asked what I did alongside blogging for the past several years - I had worked at a local credit union for 10 years, with my latest position being in the marketing department managing our social media accounts. Additionally, I worked as a project manager for a media company that brings brands and bloggers together. Both jobs I adored, honestly. The people that I was able to work alongside are now some of my best friends and truly, some of my favorite moments of my life have come from those jobs. Never will I regret my time spent working for either company [and yes, lots of tears have been shed letting go], but it was time for a change. A time for one straight path. 

Another question I have been asked a lot frequently is "how did you get to where you are? how can I do the same thing?" A lot of my answer to that question is to work really, really hard and then pray a little good luck falls your way. For me, it all started right here on this page. Every day for several years, I would go to work from 8-5, come home and eat dinner, then spend hours in my office writing a new blog post about anything/everything to publish that evening. After a few years of doing the daily grind by pouring nearly all of my "free time" into this space, I was fortunate enough to build up a following that caught the eye of different brands and small businesses who agreed to pay me monetarily to share a small part of this space from time to to time. In the blogging world, we call this sponsorships and collaborations. Additionally, last summer on a whim I decided to start hanging out on my Facebook page more than once every two weeks like I had been doing, and a few of you started hanging out with me. I never planned on creating a community there that would literally take up hours and hours and hours of my days, but I am so grateful. It's a strange look you receive from people when they ask you what you do and you respond with "Oh, I hang out on Facebook all day. Not but seriously, I do." Life is weird, I get it. 

wrap gingham top [wearing in small, 25% off]

Somehow in doing so, I transitioned from what was a true lifestyle blog [I can't think of a more lifestyle blog than sharing way too much information on bodily functions, what I ate for dinner that night and my struggles with anxiety] to an accidental fashion blog. It's weird when you become known for something that you don't consider yourself to be. I'm still not convinced I know how to dress myself nor do I grasp all of the trends [or want to grasp for that matter] that are out there, but I do believe that there is value in sharing my silly little daily outfits, good sales on great products [like for instance, the items I'm wearing in this post from the ever so reasonably priced Chicwish] and trying to help some of you gain confidence back in your wardrobe while feeling like the beautiful souls you deserve to feel like!

I'm sure over the next while I will start to post more behind the scenes and "day in the life" type of posts so you can get a better feel for what I will actually fill my days with now [I promise it's not all drinking coffee and eating mac and cheese, although that is definitely a large part of it]. I can't wait to see what can evolve from little ole Living In Yellow just by investing more time here. Time and time again I am blown away by the opportunities that the internet is bringing to this generation and I am so fortunate to be able to sit here in my pajamas at my kitchen counter on a Monday morning, not stressed because a new work week is upon us, but truly excited about the work ahead.

It wouldn't be fair if I pretended that I get to do what I do because of what I have done - it is only because of you YOU, the readers, and supporters who have allowed this to become my full-time job. Without any of you, this would be a big ole giant diary that is locked in a nightstand with nobody but myself tuning in to see all of life's happenings. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for making this all happen.

Long story short, this whole straight path thing, I think I'm going to like you....

ps. If you haven't ever shopped at Chicwish, they offer a huge variety of some of the most unique, fun clothing pieces on the planet. Always free shipping and great affordable pieces to add to your wardrobe. Both of the tops I am wearing in today's post came from there and I love how different they are! See more options I'm loving below!

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Your Boobs Will Thank Me For This [Bra Talk]

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is "what is your favorite go-to bra?!" It's evident that we care more about making our boobs look good and feel great, rather than what we should make for dinner that night. I'm not sure why bras have been such a tricky thing over the years, but I think we can all agree that finding the perfect bra that fits great, makes your ladies stay where you want them to stay and are so comfortable you don't even realize you are wearing them is virtually impossible.

At least it was until a year or two ago when my girlfriend introduced me to ThirdLove and my bra game changed forever. Initially, she told me about the 24/7 t-shirt bra because of how incredibly comfortable and smooth they are. I decided to give it a shot because I am allllll about the betterment of my breasts and girlfriends, it did not let me down. It is one of those bras that makes me want to walk around saying "look mom! no lines!" or of course, the classic Christmas Vacation reference of "can't see the lines can you Russ?" Basically, I'm a ball of fun when strapped in. Being able to find my true fit before ordering helped a heck of a ton [that was an inconspicuous way for me to tell you to make sure you take the true fit finder quiz before ordering, you're welcome].

After a year of swearing by the t-shirt bra it dawned on me that ThirdLove most likely makes other incredible bras and without tooting my own horn, I was right. It happens very infrequently, I have to call attention to it when it does. When I saw their new racerback bra I couldn't stop with the "oooooh, I think my boobs would like you" mostly because is the prettiest bra I've actually ever laid my eyes on. The lace detail in the back makes it for the perfect bra to pair with either open back tops or dresses and the front clasp closure provides a new challenge for Shawn [this is a joke, we don't do those things children who are reading]. If you need a bra for all of your cute summer tops, look no further than right here.

Speaking of bras for the summer, yes, they do have a strapless bra and yes, I own it and wear it! Finding a strapless bra that stays put is like finding the piece of macaroni noodle that you just dropped in your furry dog's hair. It's hard, believe me [it actually happens often, don't ask]. Other favorite bras you ask? Well you see, on days when you feel like feeling a little bit like a sex pot, they have the perfect contour plunge bra that allows you dive a little deeper on your clothing options while not revealing the parts of your chest that are supposed to remain a secret.

Long story short, if you come to me and ask about my favorite everyday bras, my answer has been and will always be ThirdLove. If you're into panties [underwear, undergarments, whatever the appropriate term is for those things] they also make sexy little undies that are super comfortable and cute for your pleasure as well! The best part of all? You can click over to ThirdLove to read up on the breast shape dictionary, bra styling guide, and take the Fit Finder quiz to find your perfect fit and style. Bonus: once you finish the quiz, you can even try a ThirdLove bra for free for 30 days! I have a good feeling you won't be disappointed, but hey - your boobs, not mine.

Anybody else out there swear by these beloved bras? If so, I'd like to think our boobs are celebrating together ;) Okay that was weird, on that note - gotta go...yaaaaaaay for boobs.

disclosure: Thank you to ThirdLove for partnering together for today's post. I love working with brands that I have worn and sworn by for years!



10 Ways to Bring the Runway to Your Closet

Hey everyone, this is Becca! [In case you missed it, check out Erin’s intro to me here]. Don’t worry, the majority of blog posts will continue to come from our favorite girl Erin, but I’m excited to have the opportunity to hang out with you here today!

I don’t know about you all, but I love to follow along with the latest styles and trends. I get excited to see the latest photos from Fashion Week. But let’s be real for a second — there is NO WAY I am going to walk the streets of northern Indiana sporting the looks of the runway. They are far too wild for this Midwest girl!

But that doesn’t mean I discount them all together! There are definitely things to be gleaned from the runway if we can look past the dramatic makeup and mile long legs [which let’s face it, I unfortunately don’t have] and tone down the flashiness just a little bit. I have compiled 10 practical ways that the everyday girl can incorporate the latest Spring Trends from the runway into her closet!

Also, a quick heads up - all of the items below you can simply click on in the graphics to be taken to directly to the website where you can shop! See a trend you love? Click away girlfriend! 

1. Stripes
This spring, expect to see stripes — LOTS and LOTS of stripes! There are three major trends regarding stripes - seaside stripes, banker stripes and bold stripes. This is an easy spring trend to try out from t-shirts to dresses. You might even already have some striped items hiding in your closet that you can breathe new life into this season!

2. Yellow
This may just be our favorite spring trend here at LIY because, well it’s in our name! Every shade of yellow made it’s way to the runway this season! This sunny color is sometimes one that people shy away from in their wardrobe, but since all shades are on trend from fluorescent lemon to deep mustard, its easy to find one that works with your skin tone! Pro tip: If you feel like a yellow top or dress is too bold a move for you, try a little pop of yellow in your accessories or shoes, like Erin did here.

3. Sleeves Slits & The Single Cold Shoulder
Last year we had Bell Sleeves. Those are still in, but with a new twist! Sleeve Slits are the new rage! They were all over the runway, and have now hit the stores. I even noticed our new Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay wore a gorgeous jumpsuit with sleeve slits on After the Final Rose! [Check it out here.]

This spring, we’re still giving the cold shoulder! But I guess we were getting a little too chilly with both our shoulders out and decided that we should cover one up! This flirty asymmetrical look is a fun way to incorporate the latest look into your closet.

4. Trench Coats
Trench coats are in and I couldn’t be happier! These lightweight jackets are an effortless way to add style and class to your look. They work perfectly with just about any outfit, from casual to work attire. Pro tip: If you are worried that wearing the khaki color so close to your face will wash you out, add a scarf in a color that compliments your skin tone! 

5. Flatforms
Now this is a look I can get behind! As a woman who stands at a whopping 5 foot nothing, I can use all the help I can get! This twist on the platform shoe was walking all over the runway and I can’t wait for a cute pair of these to walk right into my life!

6. Statement Tees
Wear your heart on your sleeves this season with tees that send a message - literally! This day and age, you can find a t-shirt that will say just about anything! Find one that speaks to you and make a statement without saying a word!

7. Athleisure
Ladies & Gentleman -- I am happy to report that athleisure is still in! For those of you who are like me and plan to wear leggings from now until eternity, we can rest assured knowing that [at least for now] it is still socially acceptable! The athleisure look that was all over the runway had an extra sporty edge reminiscent of the 90s - so we can all channel our inner Mel C [yes, that was a Spice Girls reference].

8. White Shirt Dress
Crisp and clean are the words I would use to describe this trend. The white shirt dress is such a classic look, I am excited to give this one a try — but not until I get a spray tan because seeing my legs after this long winter would blind everyone within a mile radius! 

9. 80s Glam
The 80s are back in full swing! There are three major 80s trends that were all over the runway - dramatic ruffles, big sleeves, and the Flashdance Shoulder. I for one can’t wait to try these out and pay a little homage to the decade that brought us Full House and Saved by the Bell!

10. Statement Earrings
The three B’s of earrings this spring? Big, Bold and Beautiful! Try rocking some statement earrings with a casual t-shirt for a stylish “I just threw this on” kind of look. Pro tip: Buying a few trendy accessories is an easy way to freshen up your style without buying a whole new wardrobe each season. 

There we have it friends - ten runway trends that you can officially rock in your everyday life! Which one are you loving most? We'd love to hear! 



St Maarten Vacation Recap

The time has arrived to finally recap our full trip to the Caribbean! A few months ago when Shawn and I were deciding where we were wanting to travel to, I do what I always do - hop on Expedia, start plugging in random destinations, sort the results by highest property class first [a girl has gotta be picky when it comes to where she is laying her head at night ;)], then narrow down the choices by price [because a girl also has to be money conscious on where she is laying her head at night ;)], scour Trip Advisor to read every review possible for all of the potential candidates and then days, weeks and almost a month later, make our final decision. Booking a vacation can be a full-time job for this girl as I take the job very seriously and make sure that what we decide on fits within our budget while still offering a 5-star experience. Not an easy task, but one I love tackling. 

For this adventure, after much research, we decided on an all-inclusive option, Sonesta Ocean Point Resort in St Maarten. St Martin/St Maarten is owned by the Netherlands (just East of Puerto Rico) and is split up into two sides - Dutch and French. We stayed on the Dutch side, with our resort being only 5 minutes from the main airport on the island. From Indiana, we flew to Newark, New Jersey and from there it was about a 3 1/2 hour flight to the island. Not bad at all when you know you have this to look forward to upon arrival...

If you're okay with it, I'm about to break down the entire trip as many of you have had questions and if you are considering this for your next vacation, I'd love to be as helpful as possible! Let's jump in!

Like I mentioned, we flew into the main airport (SXM), were able to get through customs pretty quickly, and then walked out to the taxi area and were able to flag one down immediately to shuttle us the five minutes [if that] over to the resort. Sonesta Ocean Point shares a property with Sonesta Maho Beach Resort, which is the kid-friendly, older resort. Ocean Point is adults only and is much newer. Upon check-in, they provided us with a glass of champagne and cool towels and whisked us away to our room where cheese and fruit were waiting for us!

When booking our room the only category that was left was the Sunset Butler Suite so we bit the bullet and did it. The size of the room was awesome with a separate sitting area with a couch and chairs, comfortable king size bed, balcony large enough to eat our breakfast at every morning, a huge bathroom with probably our favorite walk-in shower [the water pressure was excellent] and the largest bathtub I've ever been in. The room also had a mini-fridge, a wine fridge, etc. The only thing it was lacking were outlets next to the bed [maybe that's just a pet peeve of mine]. While it made you feel slightly fancy to have a butler, we actually didn't use them really for anything. The resort provides you with a cell phone that you can reach your butler at any time during the hours of 7 am - 10 pm, but other than asking for a bottle of Captain Morgan and booking our massage, we didn't utilize them for anything else. While I wouldn't pay for the butler aspect of it again, I would pay for the location of the room again. We had an amazing view from bed of the ocean and it also overlooked one of the resort pools and the main resort restaurant, Azul. We could sit and watch cruise ships float on by, airplanes fly overhead, and even witness a proposal! The resort also offers several swim-up rooms on the ground floor, however, it didn't appear that many people actually used them. If I were to advise you on a room I would recommend a higher floor so you can have more of a view!

We were on the second floor, two in from the left

Being that the resort is all-inclusive, we did the majority of our eating at the resort itself. The nice feature of sharing a property with its sister resort meant that you were able to eat at any of the restaurants between the two buildings. For breakfast, you have the option of ordering room service [the pancakes with the whipped cream and coconut syrup were my jam] which we did often, along with a buffet style restaurant and a sit-down restaurant option. For lunch, you also had two different buffet option restaurants, a sit-down option and room service. For dinner they had a buffet option, a fine dining Italian option [we didn't get to eat at this as it was booked every night], a Chinese restaurant [we didn't like this at all, I would avoid!], a "lava rock" restaurant where you cook your meat on a hot plate at your table [this was fun and delicious!] and Azul, which is Ocean Point's finer dining option with a menu that changes daily. We ate there three different nights for dinner and absolutely loved our meals every time. We really did like our food 99.9% of the time and would recommend it! I was surprised that there weren't really any snack options during the day, so other than meals, we didn't eat much [which let's be real, worked to our benefit]. I loved the pizza at the buffet and then hated it when we got it for room service. Alcohol was on point and readily available at several bars on the property and also poolside.

Resort Amenities: 
Aside from the restaurants and bars, Sonesta Ocean Point also has two different pool areas, one is sandy to make you feel like you are on the beach, while the other is more in the heart of the action and faces Maho Beach and the airport so you can watch the planes fly in and take off. The pools were a little colder than our preference so we didn't spend much time in them. We did love all of the lounge chairs and cabanas that were around the pools. It was especially nice to not have to pay anything to use the cabanas. You can walk directly to Maho Beach from the resort which was fun to walk the beach. There is also a big restaurant and a couple of bars on the beach that you can eat or drink at!

Additionally, there was Sunset Lounge which was a fun place to watch the sunset from and grab a drink, live music on certain nights, a casino across the street and a spa on property. We opted to have a massage at Serenity Point, which is where you can get a massage over the ocean on the property. It was perfection and reasonably priced [$300 total for a couples one hour massage]. My other favorite part of the resort was the hammock area which was situated next to the main pool area but underneath a bunch of shade trees. Another highlight of our trip was watching the airplanes fly in right overhead. Some have asked if it was a distraction, but it never felt like it as they didn't fly during the night and during the day, it was so fun to watch em' come in and leave.

This one was a little iffy for us. Half of the employees were very friendly and upbeat and the other half were quite the opposite. Nobody was ever rude to us, however, you just didn't get that welcoming vibe from everybody. It was never a bother, just a little confusing sometimes. One nice thing was that there were security officers all over the resort, not because they were ever needed, but because on this island they take security and safety very importantly. Tourism is their only industry so they do everything in their power to keep the island a safe place for people to visit. This was very appreciated!

Things To Do: 
The resort has a concierge service with a ton of different options for tours and excursions you can do. We opted to do two hour jet ski tour around the island with Water Boys which would have been so much fun if it wouldn't have rained the entire time. By doing this tour we were able to see many sides of the island while also getting a good glimpse of the island on the drive to get to the tour. We felt totally safe outside of our resort which was wonderful!

The other excursion we decided to do was a ferry day trip over to the island of Anguilla. It was a short twenty-minute boat ride over to Anguilla where we then went to Shoal Bay Beach which was hands down, the most beautiful part of our trip. The water was unlike anything I had ever seen and the sand was the prettiest with tiny shells. We hung out at a reggae grill on beach chairs all day and enjoyed a big ole lobster fest, music, and drinks. I would highly, highly recommend this tour!

Would we return?
Judging by our faces I'll give you one guess....

Yes, we definitely would! I think, however, on our next trip to this area we would choose to stay on Anguilla as we loved the beach and would love to have longer there! We checked out Zemi Beach and The Manoah and both look like great contenders! If you are looking for a vacation that you can do as little or as much as you want with perfect weather, this is the place for you!

And there you have it - our St Maarten trip in a loooong nutshell. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to reach out!

ps. For a complete look at all of the outfits that I packed on this trip, see this post!