We did it guys, we made it through another week! Some of us [me] barely hanging on and able to keep my eyes open..things like periods and feeling like I got run over by a train, WOMANHOOD IS AWESOME, but here we are! A Friday night with no plans, mostly because at 4 pm I decided a bath was necessary and the only outfit I was okay with putting on consisted of a robe and slippers. I'd like to take a second to give it up to Papa Johns and their delivery folks. Fine, fine people. That Papa knew he was doing when he made that garlic butter dip. I'm pretty sure it's good for you, mostly because it has the word "butter" in it.

Enough about me and my awesome eating skills, this week was another week of you guessed it - dressing myself! My mom should be so proud. Mostly because I graduated from Michael Jordan jerseys, which took me a long, long while to do. And no I am not kidding. MJ fo' life. Below are all of the outfits complete with sizing info, sales happening and all that jazz. I'm off to bury my face into a blanket while lying in the fetal position. Happy weekend party people!

ps. I got myself a few hairs cut this week. Half of the post is my old hair and the shorter, more layered version is the new me. I didn't think it looked different until I put these pics next to each other and whoa, apparently I was a shag dog before. Thanks for telling me..

Zella sweatshirt [the best! wearing in small, true to size] // Nike leggings [true to size, wearing in small] 
Nike shoes [like air! available in many colors - some up to 50% off, you may want to size up .5 size!]

Top [10-33% off, breastfeeding moms, you'd love this one! It snaps open! wearing in XS, however, I should have went with small! Size up if in between] // Pants [I should have went with petite for my 5'4 height! Otherwise true to size] 
Heels [available in almost 20 colors! true to size, so comfy!]

Fleece Sweater [so soft, wearing in small - I would size down though if in between, this is loose!] 
Jeans [under $60, size down, lots of stretch!] // Shoes [size up .5 size!]

Sweater [size down, wearing in XS] // Black jeans [true to size]  // Heels [so comfy, true to size, wearing in hot pink] 

Sweatshirt [true to size, wearing in small] // Vest [50% off! true to size]  
Leggings [if in between size down, wearing XS]  // Boots [$60 off! true to size]

White Jeans  [size down, great stretch] // Crossbody Purse
 lace up sandals on right [30% off, true to size, wearing in smoke cloud]

Cross front top [more patterns/colors just added! true to size, wearing in small] // Jacket [size up one!] 
Black jeans [true to size] // Purse [similar, discounted by $289!] // Heels [true to size, available in tons of colors]

Sweater [my fav! wearing in blush/heather grey in XS] // Jeans [true to size]  // similar cheaper option 
Slippers [true to size, for 1/2 sizes go down]

long cardigan [available in many colors, wearing in tan cobblestone in XS - size down if in between]
ribbed henley [so comfy! wearing in XS] // jeans [size down, lots of stretch!] // OTK boots [44% off! size up .5]

 Sales happening this weekend: 

+ J. Crew - Up to 30% off when you spend $150 OR 25% off your purchase with the code HEARTYOU

+ LOFT - 40% off, no code necessary!

GAP - 40% off with code FORYOU

+ Forever 21 - Up to 30% off, no code necessary!

+ H&M - Up to 30% off beauty, no code necessary! 

+ Express - 30% off all dresses + up to $25 off with code 1655

+ Ann Taylor - $50 off dresses with code with code DRESS50

+ Pottery Barn - 20% off with code FRIENDS

+ JCPenney - up to 20% off with code 8SAVE

+ West Elm - up to 30% off, no code needed 

+ Lands End - 25% off with code TAKE25

+ FOSSIL - Extra 25% off with code MORELUV 



  1. I love the grey sweatshirt. I wish it was still for sale.


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