Traverse City Adventures [Hint: It Involves Wine]

Over New Years weekend Shawn and I headed off to Traverse City with my parents and sister's family. Every year my mom is kind enough to book a little getaway together and I will forever be grateful for the memories that are created during these times together. If you don't have family, you don't have dysfunction anything, isn't that what they say?

This year we opted for Traverse City, Michigan - the land of endless wineries, craft breweries, and some of the most beautiful scenery in this part of America [or so I think]. It's almost like you're in the Caribbean except absolutely freezing and not drinking pina coladas in the sand.  But you know, basically the same. The most excited about the breweries? This guy.

Side note - I might be a little biased but dang, my nieces and nephews are cute. After we got settled in at our hotel for the weekend, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, the kids took off to their favorite hangout spot of the weekend [no, not the night clubs] the giant pool area while us adults sat around and watched [the definition of "watch" means sip on rum and diets]. We then made our way to an old mental hospital [it's where we feel most at home] and found ourselves wine tasting [it's literally against the law to not wine taste while in TC. at least it's against my law].

The next day us girls took to downtown to do a little shopping damage, something I'd like to consider myself well versed in. I may not have a college education but I sure know how to work a credit card.

A filling macaroni and cheese dinner at Blue Tractor and a dance party with my nieces to end the night, we were ready to hit the casino and wineries full force on the last day of 2016.
 faux fur vest [20% off, wearing in grey] // sweater [size down] // jeans // heels // purse

Our first stop, which ended up being my favorite stop, was Bonobo Winery which was huge and decorated to perfection. Tons of great, cozy sitting areas, beautiful scenery and delicious wine. I could have up and moved in but they acted a little odd about it. Next year, new goal.

From there we made our way to Jolly Pumpkin for a delicious lunch full of beer cheese and bread [the only two food categories I'll ever need]. Onward, we traveled back down the Peninsula for a stop at another favorite winery of mine, 2 Lads

To close out the year we had an epic game of Yahtzee, dance party to the Trolls soundtrack and fell asleep by 10 pm. Wild bunch, we know.

To end our time together, we had an awesome New Years brunch at Aerie [awesome view] and then packed up and headed home to wallow in our sorrows that it was all over with.

If you haven't been to Traverse City, I highly recommend it. Unless you hate wine, beer or fun. In which case, never mind. It was really TC, it was real.



  1. Bonobo Winery looks absolutely beautiful! We went to TC several years ago when our friend was stationed there for the Coast Guard. Absolutely awesome place, glad you had fun!

  2. I grew up in TC and was just up there for Thanksgiving! Glad you enjoyed Michigan's little paradise!

  3. Great pic. How do you stay so fit!!!! You need to share your secret & blog about it! I love the statement necklace.

  4. Looks like you had lots of fun! We visited TC over the summer and they have so many great places to check out. Bonobo is one of my favorite wineries as well!

  5. I'm sad that Black Star Farms is closing their Commons location. I loved the Bloody Mary bar :(


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