Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Him Under $100!

We are officially one day away from February which means we are only 15 days away from that holiday that you either love or hate - Valentine's Day. Because you still have plenty of time to shop for that man in your life, we thought it would be fun to bring you 20 of the manliest gifts we could find under $100 for this Valentine's Day! The best part? Most of which offer free shipping and free returns!

It shouldn't cost a fortune to tell him that you love him so we're counting on these babies to get the message across [don't worry, a girl's gift guide under $100 will also be making an appearance soon so that you can send it to your special guy to make sure the love is returned ;)] Here's what we rounded up for all of the best items we think will bring a smile to his face and an extra kiss or ten thrown your way! Some practical, some fun, but all awesome. Here we go!

1. Michael Kors Boxers, 3 Pack - Get your man feeling the love in allll parts with this 3 pack of red boxers. He'll be looking hot while making you hotter. Too much? Moving on now...

2. Bleu de Chanel Cologne - What's better than a man who smells good? Nothing. You're welcome.

3. UGG Scuff Slippers - Once you go UGG, you can't go back. These fuzzy slippers will be sure to please while you lounge around sipping wine, feeding each other chocolates and giggling about the day's festivities. That is what every couple does every night right?

4. Hexwizz iPhone Folio - Keep his phone in prime condition so that he can dial your digits whenever he's thinking about you with this masculine phone folio.

5. Coffee Mug - Nothing spells love more than c-o-f-f-e-e.

6. Blocked Checks Cashmere Scarf - Warm him up with this lux cashmere scarf. Get ready to be able to say "I did that" when strangers compliment him on the streets for his fine eye in fashion.

7. Brass Tie Bar - Step up his sex appeal by throwing a few tie bars his way [don't worry, I had to google what this was]. The reviews are excellent and by the sounds of things, it will class up any tie in two seconds flat.

8. Brew Better Coffee at Home Cookbook - Your weekend mornings just got a heck of a lot better thanks to this better brew cookbook. Breakfast in bed anybody?

9. Crosley Cruiser Turntable - Probably the coolest gift of the guide, this baby is sure to turn any evening at home into a romantic time of dancing in the kitchen, or in the bed, whatever works.

10. Stackable Watch Case - If your man is a watch connoisseur, this is the gift for him. Rather than having them thrown all over the dresser, or better yet, dining room table, give him a place to keep his collectibles.

11. Monogram Growler - I lied earlier. Nothing spells love more than b-e-e-r. Probably my favorite gift on the guide, this growler will hold plenty of his favorite beverage while reminding him of his first name. Something easily forgettable after too many of these drinks...

12. Beard Oil - For the men with hair, here you go! Lather that bad boy up and watch his beard shine in all of its glory.

13. Carry-On Cocktail Kit - I'll take one of these please and thank you. Never leave home without a cocktail again, this set will make all flight passengers jealous.

14. MVMT Watch - Nothing beats a classic masculine watch. Never let him forget what time your date is again with this!

15. Whiskey Truffles - Just all of the yes's. Who doesn't want a box of chocolates? Especially truffles with a hint (or mouthful) of whiskey. I think we just made every man in America's dreams come true...

16. Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack - Keep him looking cool and organized with this backpack, perfect for a weekend away, study session at the local coffee shop or to hide all of his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition magazines.

17. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag - The perfect travel bag for any man in your life. Side note: I highly encourage booking a trip for you and him to Hawaii in addition to this gift to ensure it works properly.

18. 5-in-1 Grill Tool - Heat things up with this 5-in-1 grill tool. It's a wine bottle opener, beer bottle opener, baster, spatula and more! You'll never have to cook [or pour your own glass of wine] ever again!

19. Monogram Wallet - You may want to put your initial on this, just so remembers where all of his money is going.. ;)

20. Tie Bar Large Box - Not only does this come with several ties, it also has a couple pairs of socks, pocket square and more! You can't go wrong with this for any business man in your life.

And there we have it! What are you loving from the above list? For additional ideas, feel free to check this out and remember - 15 days! Jump on it [figuratively and literally,  it is Valentine's Day after all ;)]



  1. Omgoodness this came just in the nick of time because I was at a total loss! You have some great ideas on here! Thanks for the list!

  2. These whiskey truffles are everything! I saw this company in London but had noooo idea they were in America until recently. Yet alone I am yet to see the whiskey version!

  3. Thank you!!! just purchased two of these items for him! Thank you for the great ideas!

  4. these are all wonderful, love them!


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