Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Her Under $100!

As promised, here is the ultimate Valentine's Day gift guide for YOU, all under $100! You know what this means right? You can simply share this blog post with your man, kindly say "one of everything" and then carry about your business as such. We just made his life a heck of a lot easier and your life a heck of a lot cuter. From must-have candles, bubble bath, accessories for spring and rose infused gummy's, I think we have everything a girl could possibly want [other than Ryan Reynolds - we didn't know what his going rate was for a night and if it fell under $100 so we had to leave him off this time..sorry].

All links are below [you can also click on any of the photos above to be taken directly to the site to buy!] so knock yourself out and be ready to fall in love all over again, one gift at a time ;) 

1. Cashmere & Silk Wrap - Anytime you combine the words cashmere and silk, you are bound to have something amazing. This wrap comes in a ton of different colors and based on the reviews is as amazing as it sounds.

2. Coconut Mango Candle - I would buy this for the jar alone, I don't even care if there is wax inside the thing or not. It's beautiful friends, beautiful! This candle will bring alllll the girls to the yard.

3. BP. Bar Pendant Necklace - What's more versatile than a great pendant bar necklace? Absolutely nothing. Knock yourself out and wear this every day for the next 30 years.

4. Sole Society Athenia Satchel - I have this purse and love it! So chic, the perfect size, looks like designer and acts like it too. This soft feminine color is perfect for spring!

5. Red Velvet Lip Scrub - Rub a dub scrub, all over your lips. If you want the softest kissing lips for your man, here you have it.

6. Kate Spade 'Heart of Gold' Bangle - I love this simple gold bracelet with the cute little heart of gold memo tucked away inside.

7. Champagne Truffles - Remember the whiskey truffles for the men? Well, we have champagne truffles for the ladies! The box alone is gift enough, let alone the amazingness of the chocolate bits of goodness tucked away inside!

8. Champagne Is Always a Good Idea' iPhone Case - Because let's be real, champagne is always a good idea.

9. Muse Collection Candle - Another beautiful jar to make your home smell like the most amazing place on the planet! If I only received candles for the rest of my life I would be totally happy and content.

10. Rosé Infused Candy Box - If you haven't had Sugarfina candy yet, you haven't actually lived. These amazing gummies are infused with some legit Rose and are beyond delicious.

11. Coconut Mango Bubble Bath - By far the cutest bottle of bubble bath I ever did see. Have your man start the water, pour a little bit of this in and see where the night leads...#owwww

12. Monogram Mug - Probably the safest gift on the list because what girl doesn't love a cute brand new mug? You know what they say, one mug a day keeps the doctor away..

13. BP. Crossbody Bag - Own it, love it. The perfect size to throw all of your crap while small enough to avoid having too much crap.

14. Kate Spade Tumbler - Nothing spells love more than gold polka dots. Stay hydrated in style with the cutest tumbler on the planet!

15. Sole Society Oversized Tote - We're girls, we come with baggage. This oversized tote is perfect for throwing your laptop, a few bottles of wine and more into!

16. Sam Edelman Yardley Sandal - These are so comfortable, the perfect amount of sexy/sassy and can be easily dressed up or down with jeans and a tee. Add in the majorly discounted price and we have ourselves a major Valentine's Day win in the shoe department!

17. Cluse Watch - Never loose track of time with this chic flirty blush leather strap watch! The perfect accessory to any outfit!

18. BP. Square Scarf - I am rather obsessed with this scarf as we head out of winter and into spring. The bold color block pattern mixed with the soft feminine colors make for such a fun piece to accessorize with!

19. Naked2 Palette - Once you go naked, you'll never go back. At least that's been my experience with this palette. So many great color combinations you can construct + it stays put all day long! It's the least intimidating form of nudity on the planet.
20. Carrine Earrings - Kendra Scott just spells romance. These drop earrings are perfection - one in every color please!                                                          



  1. The lace-up heels are my favorite.

  2. Ooo I'll take one of each please!! <3

  3. Great choices! The satchel at the top is my fave :) Love your blog layout by the way!

    x Vanessa


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