I'm not exactly sure why I placed the dashes up there in the title between the numbers, but it looked a little dramatic and if there's one thing I am into, it's drama. Hence my deep passionate love for The Bachelor. Which leads me to my first item that won't happen in 2017. Becoming more cultured, intellectual and deep. I'm starting to believe that there are enough of these people in the world. Does it mean that I feel dumb talking to 60% of the population? Of course. Does it mean that I want to go through the trouble of getting on their level though? I'm busy enough, no thanks. Just give me my two hour sessions in front of the TV on Monday nights and I'm good.

On a real and serious note for the year ahead, I do have a lot of goals and ideas. Will they all get accomplished or come to fruition? If I was a betting person [which I am! I just won $100 at the casino on New Years Eve! Roulette anyone?] I am going to go with no. Am I going to try harder than ever? For at least 3 days obviously. 2016 taught me a lot. Mostly that looking down at your phone 24/7 will cause a saggy and wrinkly neck. That and not caring what you eat with a lack of absolutely no physical activity. Working on all of that. 

So the main goal for the year? Accomplish more while doing less. To get a little deeper with that [look at me already doing what I said I wouldn't do], accomplish more of the things that I really want to be doing while doing less of the things that I don't. When typed, it sounds pretty simple actually. When processing how to do accomplish this, it's quite overwhelming and confusing. I filled my life with a lot last year. If awards would have been given out for the number of emotional breakdowns I had, you better believe I would have been standing tall [or bent over crying, whatever] on that medal podium. 

Before you take pity on me, it was one of the best years of my life. Completely out of balance and priorities scattered all over the place, yes, but still great. Translate my goal to this blog and you get one thing - write more of the stuff I want to write. The stuff that makes my husband cringe and say "did you really have to put that in there?" Like for example, in my first newsletter [oh yeah, so that happened] when I may have mentioned bowel movements. I believe his exact words were "that's a little aggressive for your first newsletter, don't you think?" I then had to kindly remind him that everybody poops husband. Silly Shawn, he can forget things easily. 

I'm excited to see what 2017 has in store and just how intentional I can get with this whole more vs less thing. Or in my husband's words, how aggressive I can actually become ;) Cheers to whatever the next 363 days bring. May they be full of empty wine glasses and a little less bronzer.



  1. My sister-in-law introduced me to your FB page this past fall and I'm hooked. I work from home as a graphic designer/self-employed but am curious about your job and how to land a gig like it. Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated. Can I contact you via PM on Facebook?
    Thanks, Tricia

  2. I subscribe to your blog post emails - does that automatically sign me up for the newsletter? Please point me in where I need to go if not!!

  3. I absolutely adore you... haha thanks for the giggles! Cheers to a new year!

  4. I absolutely love your blog!!! Unfortunately, my shopping has definitely gotten out of control! haha But I'm curious where you got this furry vest that's in the picture? :)

  5. Happy new year! Your blog is still my favorite after all of these years! I dont know how I got dressed without you! And now I have two signs from your amazing sister!! I have a question about the Nordstrom short sleeve tees you posted in your newsletter. Do you order true to size or size down like their site indicates? I need to update my tees! Thanks! Susan

  6. I love your blog...I can always count on a good laugh when I read...how do I sign up for the newsletter?


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