5 Looks For Any Event Under The Sun

Ahhh, event season. You are so fun, but can also be so stinkin' mentally exhausting when it comes to preparing for you [mostly from the outfit home front]. I'm starting to think that attending a wedding is more stressful for the guests than the bride herself ;) That's a slight exaggeration, however, outfits for events can be tricky. Today I've partnered with Bloomingdale's to bring you five completely different looks that you can rock to your next wedding, bridal or baby shower, graduation party, or any other event under the sun! Whether you are a dress person, prefer skirts or feel more comfortable in pants - we've got you covered! 

If you haven't shopped online with Bloomingdale's before - a few quick pieces of exciting news! You can sign up [for free!] to be a loyalist which means one thing, free shipping, all of the time! Additionally, on every order, loyalist or not, you will receive free returns up to 365 days [some exclusions apply]! So yes, free shipping/free returns makes for the easiest shopping experience on the planet. They have a huge variety of items at all price points + run awesome sales regularly, including the 25% off clearance event they have going on right now [just use the code TAKE25] to get in on that action! 

K, let's get this party started! 

Look one // Chambray Bell Sleeve Dress + Ankle Strap Block Heel Sandals 

On the adorable scale of 1-10, this dress ranks at a 32. You put a bell sleeve on anything and I'm sold, but you add it on a dress that both doesn't require strapless bra and hits at a comfortable length and I'll buy twelve of them. Such an effortless, easy chic look for any event you may have! Add in a comfortable shoe and you're set! 

Look Two // Ruffle Striped Jumpsuit + Heels 

Now, this one may be out of your comfort zone, however, a great jumpsuit can be a fun way to stand out in a crowd [see all of the awesome jumpsuit options here!] among all of the other dresses and skirts that surround you. Finding the right cut is key and it may take some trial and error, but if I have one piece of advice for you, it is to try it! Your unicorn outfit may just be a one piece pantsuit. Who would have ever thought.... 

Look Three // Stripe Off The Shoulder Dress + Heels OR Sandals 

If you are a lover of all things stripes and off the shoulder pieces, this dress will be your best friend. It's fully lined so you don't have to worry about that sunshine peaking through your legs and super comfortable. This dress could be worn to about virtually ANY event and I love how easily it could be dressed up or down [flat sandals would be equally as cute with this]! 

Beltaine Chambray Gauze Top [true to size, wearing in small]  // C/MEO Collective Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt [size up, wearing in small and a little too snug] // Splendid Janet Crisscross Ankle Strap Block Heel Sandals [true to size]

Speaking of outfits that may be out of your comfort zone, this is another one for you to try! Ruffles are on everything these days and you can either run fast the other direction or welcome it with open arms. I've chosen the open arms approach. This is a fun twist on a traditional mini skirt. I love the mustard color and how well the chambray compliments it! 

Look Five // Floral Fit and Flare Dress + Heels 

AQUA Floral Fit-and-Flare Dress [size up if in between, wearing in small] // Michael Kors Denim and Leather Arden High Block Heel Sandals [true to size]

I love this for weddings or baby showers oh so much [pink and blue perfection!] I will say it may be a little better if you are a little smaller chested, but the dress in general is so comfortable and cute! It screams spring and the ruffle detail at the bottom ups its fun factor by about 10 points. Add in the regular bra option and you'll be dancing all night without any problems! 

So there we have it! 5 complete outfits for your next event -- which one do you like the best? Remember to check out Bloomingdale's for hundreds of more options and shop today's post easily below! 

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Currently I'm...

Every once in awhile I like to do these "currently I'm" posts, mostly because it involves basically zero creativity and brain power, which is apparently what I'm going for 24/7 these days when it comes to blog land. Gosh I suck. I think I've said it 1,383 times but I'll say it for the 1,384th time - I really do want to take this blog back to what it used to be. What was that you ask? Fun! And funny! And had real life moments contained in it! So much so that I would be able to look back a year later and know pretty much everything that was going on in our lives at that point in time. Come next year, I am going to be so screwed if I try to recall what was happening in the year 2017. At least I will be able to remind myself how to wear Converse ;)

In a very small effort to return to everyday life I'm going to bust this currently thing out right now and see where it takes us..let's begin! 

+ Crying about Ben and Lauren. 
yes, we were best friends - no, I don't want to talk about it right now #toomanyemotions 

You guys, not only was I going to be their flower girl in the wedding [the wedding that was never going to happen] I now owe a friend $100 for losing a bet that they would stay together forever. Here's the deal guys, Ben is legit. Lauren likes booty shots on Instagram. And I'm not saying there is anything wrong with booty shots necessarily, I'm just saying I think Ben prefers something a little different. Here's the other problem - I freaking loved Lauren when we met her. She was so real and nice and funny and stinkin' adorable. SO WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? Ben, come home to Indiana where you belong. Ugh, next subject please. 

+ Soaking up the best part of the day, which in my opinion is the morning. Preferably between 6:30-9:30 or so. We can all agree this part of the day is magical right? This may be because of coffee, but I also think because it feels like the world is still quiet and that nobody else is really doing much during this time so it's like a free pass to be as lazy/relaxed as you want to be. At least that's how I look at it. To celebrate this time, I'm sitting outside in a lounge chair drinking that cup of joe, dogs locked up in their playpen next to me and writing this post. It looks a little something like this... 

obsessed with these pants 

+ Nervous that my computer is about to die which means this perfect little situation will have to be taken inside where I can plug this bad boy in and then MY DAY WILL BE RUINED. That's a joke. Kinda. 

+ Thinking that I should probably get my crap together for tonight's pool party/cookout with friends. I have this thing recently where I like to wait until approximately one hour before any event to get prepped for it. Some call this stupidity, I call it ulcer inducing. Good work Erin! 

+ Setting a goal to use my regular camera more this summer. The iPhone has ruined me.

+ Listening to The Chainsmokers. So here's my question - do we think they are actually addicted to smoking?

+ Behind on literally everything in life. Emails, calls to friends, shaving my legs, Stitch Fix returns, you name it, I'm not doing it. At what point do you hit rock bottom and make a change? I've gotta be getting close...

+ Loving these dweebs like crazy. They may be awnry, but they sure are cute. They may also decide to vomit all over me [this happened yesterday and I will forever be traumatized] but they do have a few redeeming qualities, like when they sleep! Gosh I love them so much when they sleep!

+ Can't stop watching Thomas Rhett's IG stories with their new adopted daughter. Maybe this is why I am no longer getting anything done. Between her cuteness and Thomas's voice, I really just can't handle it. What I am trying to say is that I want to be his adopted daughter.

+ Excited about the macaroni salad I am about to go dominate [at 8:20 am]. Gotta get that beach bod ready one way or another ;)

And on that note, I'm outta here...those noodles aren't going to eat themselves! Peace out. 



3 Ways To Wear Converse // Summer Style

Ahhh, sweet sweet Converse. Virtually the only shoe I really wear these days. It's funny how you can be a heels everyday type of girl and swear that they are the only type of shoe that can make your outfits come alive but then, oh but then - you discover tennis shoes and your world is flipped upside down and you know in that moment that God really does love you. At least I knew. Gone are the days of believing that I have to walk around uncomfortable in order to have a cute vibe going on with that days outfit. 

Real quick before we dive in, allow me to educate on the two most popular types of Converse. First, we have the traditional style [these to be exact]. They function like any other shoe [put them on, tie them, yada yada yada] however, they do run on the large side. If going with the traditional route, I would suggest sizing down one whole size. 

Next up, we have the Shoreline model which is what you'll see in today's post, mostly because it is my favorite style of Converse. These are the shoes that show up and say "Hi! I want to be your best friend so I'm going to do everything for you!" This means you never have to tie them, they have an elastic back which means you get to just slip them on [side note - slip ons are LIFE] and they run true to size I have found. They work amazingly well with these no show socks and are beyond comfortable! 

If neither of these models fit your fancy, consider these [I'm ordering as we speak] that have a removable cushioned insole. 

One more note before jumping into the outfits - how to keep them clean. I love Converse for the fact that they can be thrown in the washing machine and BAM - good as new! Simply throw them in your washing machine [with nothing else!], turn on low cycle in cold water. Add in half a cup of laundry detergent [no bleach!] and let them go to town! Waaaa-la! 

Okay, now the fun part - how to rock the look! 

First up we have the classic bomber jacket [under $30!] and regular denim jeans outfit. 

jacket [true to size, wearing in XS] // tank [wearing in medium but need in small] 
 jeans [true to size, wearing in short for 5'4] // shoes [true to size] 

Super easy, super cute for running errands, heading to your child's baseball game, or on days that start out cooler and warm up [lose the jacket you scandalous little thing you]! 

Next up is probably my favorite look for either going to a sporting event or traveling. Just take your favorite white tee [which in my case, is this!] tie a cute little plaid shirt around your waist that can be thrown on if it gets cool, add in some fun distressed jeans and of course, the Converse of all Converse and go! 

shirt [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // similar plaid shirt // similar jeans 
shoes [true to size] 

Last but certainly not least, the white jeans/white shoes look! I love this for spring and summer oh so much! So crisp and so clean! Again, the perfect daytime outfit which can easily transition to cooler evenings with a denim jacket!

jacket [true to size, wearing in small] // tank [wearing in medium but need in small] 
white jeans [size down if in between] // shoes [true to size] 
[photos shot by Tina Herschberger Photography]

Now who is ready to bust out some Converse and get down with them bad selves? Curious for another way to wear these? You can do what I am doing today which is pairing them with this dress! The world is your oyster my friends...

Shop today's post easily below -

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Dear Maggie,

Hey baby girl, it's me - your mama. I wanted to write this a few weeks ago, but it was so hard to formulate my thoughts and emotions while trying to get used to the idea of you not being right beside me for the writing of the post. You were the best blog sidekick [heck, you were an even better writer - your posts here and here are some of my all-time favorites!] It has been a little over a month since we said goodbye to you which also means that it has been a little over a month that I have missed you like crazy. It's truly amazing how much you impacted our lives little one. Eleven years with you was not nearly enough, but it was a darn good eleven years you gave us. 

You were bite size when we brought you home and really, you kinda stayed bite size your whole life. You were either a ball of fluff or the skinniest little deer on the planet, depending on your last grooming appointment. Thank you for always holding on to your puppy spunk and indulging me in my desire to have a child that was a little bit Junie B. Jones like. Your bright eyes and cute little pink tongue had a way with our hearts that will always bring a smile to our face. Your signature trait was your ability to stand on your back legs for minutes on end, dance around and of course, always convince us to put those little treats in your mouth. We're suckers, you were smart. Good one. 

Speaking of smiles to our face, you sure brought one to your cousin Ellie's. You two were the best of friends and it was always so much fun to watch you two get all crazy together, chasing each other, cuddling with one another, etc. I'll never forget seconds before taking your last breath and watching your ears perk up for one final time when we said her name to you.

Despite my outwards distaste for your countless kisses, I secretly kinda loved it. As tears fall writing these words all I can think about is how badly I wish I could scour during one of those licks again. 

You were the queen of getting belly rubs from your dad [and really, anything else you ever wanted #spoiled] and always made sure to repay the love to us by snuggling up on our chests, laying on our legs or draping yourself over our necks during the night. You could never be close enough and I miss your cuddly little self in ways I never thought possible.

Thank you for all of the times you laid right by my side on sick days, for all of the walks you indulged us in, the excitement you would exude every time we walked through the door, for greeting me the second I got out of the shower every day, for making your dad love something so hard and for allowing us to experience the phrase "a dog is a man's best friend" in the most real way possible.

It is because of you showing us how much joy and love a dog could bring into our lives that we decided to get two little brothers, Max and Ollie. You would think they are crazy, mostly because they are. Also, I owe you a huge thank you for learning to potty outside within a week. I think I took your easiness for granted, actually, I know we did. Yes, we love them like crazy, but even amidst the crazy with them, waves of emotion will overwhelm me, tears down my face and I just want you. You were my girl Maggie. Oh what I wouldn't give to hold you again. 

Last but not least, thank you for showing me passion, unconditional love and childlike excitement 24/7. My goal in life is to love something as much as you loved boat rides. Gosh, you loved boat rides. This summer and every summer will always feel incomplete without you out on the water, but you better believe we will live it up out there in your honor. 

You have such a handle on our hearts, forever and always. You were the best of the best. We miss you girlfriend, love you little pickle. 


Your number one fan



Love, Yellow // Spring Tee

similar jeans [under $50, true to size] // sandals [true to size]

They tell me it's May and I'm having all sorts of trouble believing anybody. I swear it was literally just March yesterday. Maybe even an hour ago quite honestly. Time, you are messing with my head in allllll sorts of ways. The good news, however, is that summer is also literally right around the corner. One sharp right and we're there. With that in mind, we wanted to bring you an option for Love, Yellow this month that would be perfect for both the season we're in and the one right ahead!

Well, guess what party people, this tee is that option!

I know I use the word comfortable a lot, but I can't ever think of a word that is similar [I was never one to read a dictionary as a child] so here we go again - this shirt is beyond comfortable! It's that awesome stretchy material that makes you believe in unicorns and ponies. Throw in the splash of flowers and stripes and I think you have every girls dream right in front of you. Add in the longer length and tall and short girls finally unite! It's a tee for everybody! 

Grey jeans, regular jeans, orange jeans, wear it with whatever you want because guess what, you can! FREEDOM FRIENDS!!!! 

Additionally, because a floral tee is just a floral tee without an accessory, we added these awesome silver diamond shaped earrings that can be worn with not just one thing, but everything. Literally, try to find me something that you can't wear with these. Think of it as truth or dare and you just selected dare. I know, it's like you're in third grade all over again, you're welcome for those memories. 

ps. I totally whitened my teeth in this photo with a photo editing app. Just thought you should know.

So what do we think? If you think "oooohhhhh yes!" keep reading. If you don't think that..well, keep reading, maybe you'll change your mind ;) 

Here are the details on how it works and how you can get it in your hands and on your back!

1. Pricing is easy--it's $35.00 for the top and earrings! 

2. As far as sizing goes, I would recommend sizing up if you teeter between sizes. You can view the size chart here. I am wearing a size medium in this top and Amy is wearing a large. We both sized up because we liked a little more flow to it! Exciting news as well this month - we have a few XL available! 

3. You have now through the end of the month to place your order. Please note that limited quantities are available and these generally sell out quickly. You will want to place your order right away to ensure that you receive your size!  

4. Your order will be shipped within three business days. 

5. Remember that if you receive the items and aren't happy with your order, you can ship it back! Instructions will be included in your order. 

6. Spread the word about your Love, Yellow items! Tweet, Instagram, put it up on a billboard, whatever you feel is necessary ;) Please use the #LoveYellowLook hashtag so that I can be sure to send a thousand kissy faces your way for doing so! 

7. Order now :)



#RStheCon Recap + What I Wore

my dress [wearing in XS, if in between size down] // clutch // ankle strap heels [true to size] 

A week or so ago I set off for Dallas, TX to join 200 other online "influencers" [such a trendy word] to attend #RStheCon, which in layman's terms means the rewardStyle conference. To many of you this still means nothing. Lets back track the last year or so shall we? Actually, lets first jump back six years or so. I promise this is going somewhere... 

Alright, 2011. I started my blog not having a clue what I was doing, which is still the case on most days around this joint [can somebody PLEASE just take care of all SEO, HTML and every other abbreviated word for me?!] I started Living In Yellow with two things in mind - it was going to be kept a secret and it was basically going to be one big ole online diary for me to see. Well, fast forward one week and I had blasted it all over Facebook, told every person I knew and considered taking out a TV commercial to spread the word [the last part is a joke, but I mean hey if it works...] For the first several years it was what I intended it to be, a big ole online diary [shared with the world] that covered the ins and outs of my life, from the good times to the bad, to the awkward times to the "hey this is really cool!" times and I loved it like that. Sure occasionally I'd post an outfit or my latest Old Navy steals, but the goal of my blog was to never be a place for all things fashion. This is mostly because I am of the belief that it is okay to walk into the grocery store at 2 pm un-showered and in your pajamas, which I am going to venture to say is a big no-no in fashion blogger terms.

Fast forward even further to 2016 and a few people here and there [all of which didn't realize I did such a thing at the grocery store] were requesting more daily outfit photos. When deciding to give it a shot, I turned to Facebook to share my daily outfits with a simple mirror photo and the links to easily shop! I was curious to see if my 5,000 followers would take interest or not, as fashion wasn't ever really my thing. It turns out they did [dumb luck really] and within the past year 195,000 more of you decided to take an interest as well. The coolest thing of all? It's now a community of 200,000 women who yes, care about fashion, but care about a lot more than that. My favorite posts are where I get to connect with you all on deeper levels - struggles, real life happenings, and celebrations. It's not a place of perfection, but a place to be real with one another while sharing great sales and cute handbags along the way. The best part for me in doing this? It's the stories from busy moms who tell me how much time I've saved them because they aren't able to go shopping on a regular basis, the women who never felt confident in what they wore and have now discovered a new wardrobe that they feel awesome in, or simply the ladies who also love dogs and were right by my side as we lost Maggie recently with encouraging words and endless support. 

And this ridiculously long blog post intro leads me to the conference itself. Becca and I took off for Dallas without an expectation of what we were in for. Well, it turns out that we were in for was 200 of the most well dressed, long wavy hair, perfected makeup ladies [and a few gents minus the long wavy hair and makeup] on the planet. Girls from the good ole U.S. of A, China, Dubai, and everywhere in between. Did we feel absolutely out of place? Yes. But did we connect with a few other girls that we were able to have so much fun with? Yes! Large crowds of females can be intimidating, no doubt about that. Fortunately, there was always a smile to share with somebody around [and an extra glass of champagne to quickly chug to forget you were nervous]. However, by day three I think both Becca and I were ready to come home to be back in our comfort zone because let's be real, pretending that you wear heels every day all day can start to be a little tiring.

shirt [sold out] // jeans [true to size] // brown block heels [true to size] 
top [true to size, wearing in small] // jeans [if in between, size up] // wedges [true to size] // bag
dress [true to size, wearing in small] // ankle strap heels [true to size] // purse
Audrey // Kilee // Becca // Lindsey
dress [wearing in 3/4] // clutch 
becca's dress [30% off w/code friend, true to size]

rewardStyle did a fabulous job of putting the conference on - every detail was attended to, the hotel the conference was held at [Hotel Crescent Court] was every bit of beautiful as it looks in the pictures, the parties were full of cocktails and the speakers, mostly RS staff members, aside from the women founders from Bumble who were incredibly inspiring and awesome, were all interesting to hear from! A few takeaways from classes I sat in on and just general observations from attending: 

1. Having a platform, regardless of how big or small it is, is an enormous privilege and can be used for so much good if you allow it to. Becca and I sat and talked for awhile about ideas on how we can connect better with our audience, what we can do together to accomplish BIG things and what are the things that we are passionate about that we can weave into our content? We are ready for more real and less fluff. 

2. It's easy to paint the perfect picture online. The Instagram shots that I witnessed being taken during the conference were all sorts of #lifegoals, but how much connectedness is happening with those photos? I had to gut check myself often. If you are following somebody [this means even me] who makes you feel less than, unfollow. If you feel more jealously, comparison, inadequacy or unhappiness from following somebody, stop. 

3. Whatever it is you are doing [whether it be career wise, parenting wise, etc], don't be afraid to break the rules. Go against the grain, don't just do something because everybody else in your industry or peers are doing it that way. Find out what works for you and then kill it like you've never killed it before. You are fully capable of writing your own rules, go write them your way. 

So there we have it kids. A brief [extremely long] summary on my time in Dallas and everything you never wanted to know about my blog's history. Come back tomorrow for a lesson on why cramps suck. JK, I think you know. Cheers!