Life So Far As a Full-Time Blogger

I am officially four weeks into this whole working for myself thing and a question a lot of people have been asking is "so how is it??!" Well, it's everything really. Has it been all rainbows? No. Has it felt like the best thing ever occasionally? Absolutely. Has it been a hard transition? To put it lightly. So back to what I said, it's everything [aka all of the emotions]. 

The past few weeks of my life have went a little bit like this -- quit two jobs, hire two new employees, lose a dog, get sick with bronchitis, buy two new dogs, rent an office space, try and furnish the office, clean up doggy accidents more times than I care to count, get all sorts of crazy anxious, take anxiety meds, calm down, start working out of the office, yell "stop chewing that!" ten thousand times a day, get excited about the future, spend a few days in Texas, plan a trip to New York, cut the number of showers I used to take by about 50%, lose 5 pounds from stress and here we are ;) 

Basically I'm just excited about the 5 pounds. 

Every day that passes, however, I am loving it more and more and am quite happy with my decision to pursue this whole blogging thing [I should probably start referring it as a job rather than a thing]. The hardest transition for me has been going from working three jobs with a constant feeling of "crap, I've got to rush to get to work and from there I have to rush to get home and then I have to get this done then that's gotta get done and AHHHH HOW CAN I GET IT ALL DONE?!?!" to "Okay, nowhere I need to be today - what do I want to accomplish?" This has been both equally wonderful and detrimental to my spirit. I know that being a little less chaotic is good, but man it's hard to make the change from always being busy to like 40% busy and still feeling valued and fulfilled. It's also hard to not be super needy from your husband the minute he walks in the door from work because OH MY GOSH IT'S A HUMAN!!!!! 

On the reverse though, It's truly incredible to me that I get to do what I love on a daily basis. No more waking up to an alarm [you guys, this is worth it alone], having a glass of wine at 4 o'clock on a Thursday just because or meeting up with a girlfriend at HomeGoods on a Tuesday morning to do a little retail damage. I guess it's also great because I get to do some work occasionally that I enjoy as well ;) 

An internal question that I've been struggling with over the past month though is "Why aren't you blogging more now that you blog full-time?!" Well Erin, for starters, read paragraph above and then extend a little bit of grace to yourself. Additionally, I spend much of my day on Facebook, probably more than I care to admit, but that's where a lot of you are. So when I get sucked into all things FB I forget about this space. No bueno, I know. Ultimately I'm hoping to create a schedule for my life. Planning things like working out, getting groceries, writing blog posts regularly, meet with my team on certain days and maybe, just maybe, consider making dinner from time to time. It's amazing how the less you have to do with your days the less you get done. Trying to not just sit around and waste time [ie: watch IG stories] when not having a strict schedule is a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e. 

Now that life is starting to feel a tad bit more calm again, I can't wait to take the next steps here. To officially own my career as a blogger and hopefully be a valuable resource and friend to many of you. I saw this quote this morning and there was so much yes that resounded in my head when reading it..

"Maybe it won't work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever." 

Here's to finding out... 



Sam Edelman Flash Event!

That's right party people - one of my personal favorites, Sam Edelman, has taken over HauteLook today for a flash event which means two things - awesome prices and awesome prices. Sam Edelman shoes are incredibly comfortable [seriously some of the best], incredibly well made and extremely cute. All must-haves when talking about shoes in my personal opinion. Today there are tons of styles up to 50% off! You heard me right friends! It's a flash event that's too good to pass up! From flats to heels to booties to wedges to sandals and everything in between, there is a shoe for every style for an amazing price! If you know how HauteLook works, click here [or above on your favorite shoe(s)] to start shopping immediately! If you don't, read below! 

If you aren't familiar with HauteLook and how it works, here are a few things to know: 
1. The flash event is for a limited time only! You have 3 days from today [4/18 8am PST to 4/21 8am PST] to shop this event and then it will say peace out and your great chance to save will be over. All of this to say, hurry! 
2. HauteLook membership is completely free and everybody is welcome! 
3. Free shipping over $100 and 90-day returns which can be made to Nordstrom Rack! Yaaaaaay!
4. Every day at 8 am PST HauteLook releases new daily flash events on some of the best names in fashion (women's, men's, kids, etc] beauty, toys and home decor up to 75% off! 
5. If you refer a friend to HauteLook you'll receive $20 just like that. Free money, I'll take it! 

Now that you know a few of the ins and outs, it's time to get to shopping! Click on any of the shoes above to be taken directly to the site to shop, or simply click here to see the entire Sam Edelman sale! Happy saving! 

Disclosure: Thank you to HauteLook for partnering for today's post! I am an avid HauteLook shopper and couldn't recommend it more! 



The Sleep Of Your Dreams // Part Two

A few months ago, I had posted this blog post where I confessed my love and a little bit of awe and wonder for our new it™ bed by Sleep Number. Now that we have actually slept on it for a long period of time [as of recent I have spent too much time on it] I thought I would report back on our thoughts. Well, the good news is our thoughts are as strong as they were several months ago and we are sleeping like the babes we've always wanted to sleep like. Babes is short for babies in case you are confused right now. We realize we aren't babes. Or babies. But we can dream...

It's amazing what a good night of rest can actually do for you and how you don't realize you weren't receiving good sleep until you actually do. Do you know how wonderful it is to NOT wake up with a sore back every morning these days? With the it™ bed by Sleep Number we are able to adjust our own sides of the bed to the comfort level of our choice. Shawn likes a little less firm mattress [his Sleep Number® setting is 50] while I like it a little more on the firm side [mine is 65]. If I'm ever feeling like I need some more support [I always feel like this emotionally, it's the dramatic side of me] I can simply crank that baby up and the firmer it gets. Magic really.

If you were to ask me if you should buy this mattress, I would absolutely say yes. We have had 100% success with it so far and love that we can check the app in the morning to see how we actually slept. The price is affordable, it is delivered within 5 days of ordering and you have 30 days to try it! If you don't like it, simply send it back for $99 [however, I can almost guarantee you won't be doing so]. It has been so nice to find a mattress that we both love and feel good sleeping on. Miracles do happen, the proof is right here people.

So there we have it - the mattress that changed our sleep lives forever. Do any of you have this it™ bed by Sleep Number? If so, what are your thoughts?

[photos shot by tina herschberger photography]

ps. Maggie was still with us during the shooting of this post...I still can't believe that little pickle is gone, but she did love this mattress for the time she got to enjoy it! Maggie tested, Maggie approved. We miss you girlfriend :( 

Disclosure: Thank you to the it™ bed by Sleep Number to partnering for today's post. While we were gifted the mattress, we have been using it for a few months now and the results are my honest opinion.



Currently I'm....

striped tee [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // vest [size down, wearing in XS petite]
jeans [true to size, wearing in short for 5'4] // purse // booties [size down .5] 

+ Sitting outside in the sunshine. I don't know how Indiana got the memo that it was time for it to step up its game, but the memo was received and it's killin' it today. It's the stuff seasonally depressed people dream of. SUNSHINE, WELCOME BACK! 

+ Loving our new pups. Yes, that word is plural. They are two brothers, Max and Ollie, who are two of the cutest little Poovanese [half Poodle half Havanese] I ever did see.

Max on the left // Ollie on the right 

We picked them up yesterday and they are full of puppy life! After Maggie passed away we knew we were going to get another, we just didn't know how soon. Well, we apparently aren't good at staying dog free so here we are, missing Maggie like crazy, but excited to provide these two little dudes a good life and vice versa. Let the poop all over the house begin! YAAAAAY PUPPIES! 

+ Afraid of the swan swimming in front of me right now. I am 99.9% convinced that a swan will be the cause of my death. Those things be cray. I can see the headlines now..."Swan attacks blogger and takes off head". RIP. 

+ Listening to Ed Sheeran. Mostly because he is the only thing I EVER listen to these days. If I could give you one piece of life advice it would be to go to one of his concerts. It will be the most fun you'll ever have with ten thousand sixteen year old girls at once. 

+ Not showering. It's just one of those non-negotiable things today.

+ Eating string cheese. Have I ever mentioned my deep, deep love for cheese? It's honestly a miracle I go to the bathroom more than once a year. 

+ Excited about our new [errrr, old] office space! Once I made the decision to work from home I knew I didn't actually want to "work from home" every day so an office was deemed necessary, mostly for my sanity. We are currently working on painting and furnishing the space and once done, I'll be able to spend a few days a week there with the LIY team [it sounds official so I say it]. Any excuse to buy some new furniture is an excuse perfect enough for me! I'll do a full reveal once that space is complete!

+ Reading The Happiness Equation. Not going to lie, I needed some happy desperately the last few weeks as I was dealing with losing Maggie and bronchitis at the same time. So far, I'm kinda loving the book and has made me think a lot about what I am doing and why I am doing it.

+ Wearing these leggings [it's really the only thing I'd ever need to wear to feel fulfilled in life] and and a tee. But according to the photos in this blog post I'm dressed cute so, psssssssych. Jokes on you suckers.

+ Traveling to Dallas next week! Anything I need to know about what to do, where to eat and all of that good stuff? Granted, I will be there for a conference so the amount of time that I will have available to do all of the fun stuff is next to never but in case I have like three minutes to run out, tell me where to run [joke, walk] to.

+ Scared to start videoing myself more on Instagram stories. Why is video a thing? Ugh. But it is [hi 2017] so I feel like I should do it and try to conquer my fear of on screen talking. It's just so awkward, buuuuuuut I kinda live and breathe awkwardness so maybe it's natural I take this next step. The goal is to share more of my every day "behind the scenes" of what this whole work from home and blogging thing looks like. I'm sure it's going to be super glamorous and stuff. Not.

+ Thinking I should probably cook dinner tonight. When I say it's been weeks I think I actually mean it's been months. I am the worst wife in the history of ever. UNTIL TONIGHT. Totally redeeming myself with store bought pasta salad and canned baked beans, watch out.

+ Saying peace out homies. It's been real, until next time...more outfit pics because whhhhhhy not?!

striped tee [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // vest [size down, wearing in XS petite]
jeans [true to size, wearing in short for 5'4] // purse // booties [size down .5] 



Life Lately

It's no secret that life around here recently hasn't been the easiest. In fact, the past week of my life genuinely feels like one of the hardest I have ever endured. With the unexpected passing of our sweet little Maggie, my emotions have been absolutely insane and all over the place. While I will talk more about Maggie at a later date, I want to share just a brief summary of the feelings that I have been going through and the stress that my body is under. For somebody who already deals with anxiety, quitting two jobs and losing your dog in the same week is not a good combination. Much of the past few days I have felt paralyzed like I am walking around in a fog and physically sick. Every day I hope to wake up with a renewed, energized and excited spirit, but rather it's been a defeated, tired with a lack of zest for anything, including food, which you know is a big deal for me. I want to stay very close to my couch at all times and my poor husband has to deal with a wife who hardly speaks and has little desire to get anything done. 

I know that technically speaking it's only been six days since her passing and that I need to have patience and offer grace to myself that I am not expected to be okay immediately. Losing Maggie was losing our child. Shawn and I have never been married without her as we bought her a few months prior to tying the knot, so adjusting to it being just the two of us is weird. Our house is the quietest that it's ever been and now that I have no workplace that I need to be I am feeling insanely lonely. It's just me at home. No little girl to share breakfast with, nobody to take on a walk, nobody to lay on my lap as I write this blog post, nobody to say a word too. I am not used to this and I don't like it one ounce.

It will get better, I know it will. It has to. Day by day, lots of deep breaths and desperate prayers I know I will survive. Right now my biggest fear is that this big life shake-up will send me down a panic attack cycle and if there is anything that I hate more than panic attacks, it's nothing. Trusting that Jesus has his hands all over the situation and this won't happen. I also believe that once the sunshine and warmer temps arrive that will help to bring a renewed spirit (with the potential of a new puppy as well)! 

I know that people are going through much, much harder things and I want to be sensitive to that, but phew - this has taken everything and more out of me. It's no secret that dogs do take up a special place in our hearts and there are no better companions than a loyal and loving pet. They are crazy special little creatures and we are so lucky that we got to spend eleven great years with her. 

Here's to positive thoughts, busy minds and time, it all just takes time. 

Thank you to all of you who have expressed your love and support, it means so much and I am so thankful for you. It's amazing what the internet can do for you during hard times, so thank you. Your comments have not gone unnoticed! 



All Occassion Spring Dresses Under $100!

dress [true to size, wearing in small] 

I get it, April starts the dress madness. From Easter to graduations, weddings and literally every other "oh crap I need a dress for this!" occasion start happening as soon as April hits. A lot of you have been asking for options that aren't going to put a huge ole dent in the bank account and fortunately, today we've got you covered thanks to Chicwish, starting with this unicorn of a dress right here

When I saw it online and noticed the instagram photos of real women wearing this dress [I love that Chicwish does this on all of their products!] I knew I was sold. Another unique option that they offer is the ability to customize the length if you need the dress longer for a small fee. I personally ordered the dress in the normal length for my 5'4 height and adore where it falls right above my ankles.

The vibrant blue color will catch the attention of anybody at those events without overpowering important people [like brides and other MVPS] and the chiffon flowy fabric really does make for the most picturesque of moments when the wind catches it just at the right angle. Think the main character in Sound of Music as she twirls through the fields singing her pretty little heart out. Yes, this can now be you. 

Because you may not all be into this style [I'll forgive you this once], we've rounded up 8 other options from Chicwish that are budget friendly and all unique in their own ways. To check them out, all you have to do is click on each of the photos to be taken directly to that dress to shop! Easy peasy! From minty greens, soft blushes, purples and even bright whites with lengths falling to the floor, above the knee and right in between...here you have em!

Are you ready for your events ahead? If not, hopefully you are now officially one step closer!

disclosure: thank you to Chicwish to partnering for today's post.



Love, Yellow // Spring Has Sprung

top [wearing in medium] // jeans [25% off. true to size] // block heels [true to size]

Hello April, nice to see you too. With all things warmer temps, sunshine and flowers on the brain, we knew we wanted something full of spring for this month's Love, Yellow choice. I don't know what screams spring more than florals, off the shoulder cut and two of the prettiest pastels on the planet. Whether you are looking for a little more casual option for Easter, a cute go-to for a night out with the girls or simply an extra addition to your wardrobe [always reason enough], this top will help you achieve all of those goals! 

If you're familiar with Love, Yellow you will know that we have always offered a clothing piece + coordinating accessory and this month we're switching things up a bit! For April we have taken out the accessory portion and are bringing you one clothing item! We'd love to hear your feedback on this, which you can leave for us right here! Back to the subject at hand though...this beauty. 

First in blue...

And next up in blush. Both of which don't require anything underneath [besides a bra of course, unless you aren't into that sorta thing which hey girl, do your thang] and both look great with a tassel necklace, choker or nothing at all! Add in the detail of the ruffle sleeves and really, what more could you want out of life? White jeans, regular jeans, shorts, you pick girlfriend! 

So there we have it! You pick whichever color you are loving most and it's allllllll yours. See below for all of the details! Happy spring little chickens!

Here are the details on how it works and how you can get it in your hands and on your back!

1. Pricing is easy--it's $31.50 for the top, your color of choice! 

2. As far as sizing goes, I would recommend sizing up if you teeter between sizes. You can view the size chart here. I am wearing a size medium in this top and Amy is wearing a large. We both sized up because we liked the length a little better on a size up! 

3. You have now through the end of the month to place your order. Please note that limited quantities are available and these generally sell out quickly. You will want to place your order right away to ensure that you receive your size!  

4. Your order will be shipped within three business days. 

5. Remember that if you receive the items and aren't happy with your order, you can ship it back! Instructions will be included in your order. 

6. Spread the word about your Love, Yellow items! Tweet, Instagram, put it up on a billboard, whatever you feel is necessary ;) Please use the #LoveYellowLook hashtag so that I can be sure to send a thousand kissy faces your way for doing so! 

7. Order now :)



The Meaning Behind Living In Yellow + How To Add Color To Your Wardrobe!

dress [true to size] // purse // heels

"What does Living In Yellow mean?" It's a question I hear often and while a lot of people assume that it's gotta have something to do with macaroni and cheese, it actually goes a little more beyond that. Hear me out - the color of macaroni and cheese is totally worth having an entire blog built around it, but for me, it actually had to do with clothing. It's alwaaaaaays clothing. On that random day in February 2011 when I was sitting at a blank screen trying to come up with the name that would eventually go down in history for this blog, I spotted a yellow sweater hanging in my closet and it clicked. YELLOW! For a few years, I had worn that yellow sweater on those gray Indiana days [if you are familiar with Indiana weather you are now sweating because you just realized that I most likely wore this sweater nearly every day for 6 months straight] or if I felt a little blah and needed a pep in my step, yellow it was. Somehow I came up with Living in Yellow and it stuck. If you were to translate what Living in Yellow means, I think of it as Living With Joy. I just lucked out because by going with Living In Yellow, I now feel like I am responsible for rocking yellow from time to time.

When I saw kate spade new york's new spring line, my heart started beating a little bit faster. THE COLORS! Oh so much color! Naturally, I was stoked to see yellow in so much of it. And that's when it happened, I spotted this handbag and it was game over. The most delicious shade of yellow leather that my eyes had ever seen. [ps. make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for a discount code!]

However, the color didn't stop there. It then dawned on me that so many of us are scared of color when it comes to our wardrobes for some reason. Blacks, whites, grays and tans take over our closets without us even realizing it. With spring on the horizon, it is time to cut that out and say hello to pops of color, wherever we can get it. Because I don't like to do anything halfway, I decided to give this striped dress a chance because hello, it's like a walking Easter basket and it's awesome.

But maybe you aren't okay with thaaaaaaat much color, well, I have good news for you friends! Accessories are the perfect way to add in pops - from your jewelry to your handbag, to even your coffee mug down to your office supplies. Yes, kate spade new york has home and office items and they are hands down the cutest accessories one ever did see.

Another great way to add a little color while still holding on to your dear black is to either wear color on your clothing or shoes and add in your black in the opposite spot. In this case, I went for the color in my dress and turned to trusty [yet fun] black block heels

dress [true to size] // heels 

Easter and spring are coming - let's choose to flaunt our colorful selves in any way we know possible! Life is so much more fun when we are living in color, or in my case, yellow ;)

ps. Good news! You can currently save 25% at kate spade new york with code DEAREST!

disclosure: Thank you to kate spade new york for partnering for today's post. I am so grateful for your colorful clothing and accessories!



The Day I Decided To Be A Blogger

top [wearing in small/medium, 15% off, cami underneath included!]

Today marks my first official Monday of being unemployed, a crazy sentence to write after working outside of the home for essentially the past half of my life. A little crazier because not working outside of the home has never been a goal of mine. For years people have asked "would you ever want to blog full-time?!" and without hesitation, my answer was always "no, I like things as-is". 

It's funny how sometimes you think you know what you want and that the crazy chaotic routine that you have found yourself in is the best thing for you when all of a sudden you hear somebody say ONE little thing and it changes your perspective forever. Mine changed on Wednesday, February 1, 2017. I was sitting in a classroom full of fellow bloggers and online entrepreneurs when Christine Lemieux [founder of Dwell Studio] was standing on a stage in front of me when somebody asked her if there was anything she would go back and do differently if she could do it all over again. After two seconds of thought, Christine said something to the extent of "I would have made one straight path for myself. For years I spent going in directions I didn't need to be going, I made it more difficult and stressful than it needed to be. I could have been on one straight path the entire time." With an exhausted exhale and tears in my eyes, I text my husband and said "I'm quitting my job(s) on Monday, I'm ready for a straight path". And so that's what I did and here we are now. 

A lot of you have asked what I did alongside blogging for the past several years - I had worked at a local credit union for 10 years, with my latest position being in the marketing department managing our social media accounts. Additionally, I worked as a project manager for a media company that brings brands and bloggers together. Both jobs I adored, honestly. The people that I was able to work alongside are now some of my best friends and truly, some of my favorite moments of my life have come from those jobs. Never will I regret my time spent working for either company [and yes, lots of tears have been shed letting go], but it was time for a change. A time for one straight path. 

Another question I have been asked a lot frequently is "how did you get to where you are? how can I do the same thing?" A lot of my answer to that question is to work really, really hard and then pray a little good luck falls your way. For me, it all started right here on this page. Every day for several years, I would go to work from 8-5, come home and eat dinner, then spend hours in my office writing a new blog post about anything/everything to publish that evening. After a few years of doing the daily grind by pouring nearly all of my "free time" into this space, I was fortunate enough to build up a following that caught the eye of different brands and small businesses who agreed to pay me monetarily to share a small part of this space from time to to time. In the blogging world, we call this sponsorships and collaborations. Additionally, last summer on a whim I decided to start hanging out on my Facebook page more than once every two weeks like I had been doing, and a few of you started hanging out with me. I never planned on creating a community there that would literally take up hours and hours and hours of my days, but I am so grateful. It's a strange look you receive from people when they ask you what you do and you respond with "Oh, I hang out on Facebook all day. Not but seriously, I do." Life is weird, I get it. 

wrap gingham top [wearing in small, 25% off]

Somehow in doing so, I transitioned from what was a true lifestyle blog [I can't think of a more lifestyle blog than sharing way too much information on bodily functions, what I ate for dinner that night and my struggles with anxiety] to an accidental fashion blog. It's weird when you become known for something that you don't consider yourself to be. I'm still not convinced I know how to dress myself nor do I grasp all of the trends [or want to grasp for that matter] that are out there, but I do believe that there is value in sharing my silly little daily outfits, good sales on great products [like for instance, the items I'm wearing in this post from the ever so reasonably priced Chicwish] and trying to help some of you gain confidence back in your wardrobe while feeling like the beautiful souls you deserve to feel like!

I'm sure over the next while I will start to post more behind the scenes and "day in the life" type of posts so you can get a better feel for what I will actually fill my days with now [I promise it's not all drinking coffee and eating mac and cheese, although that is definitely a large part of it]. I can't wait to see what can evolve from little ole Living In Yellow just by investing more time here. Time and time again I am blown away by the opportunities that the internet is bringing to this generation and I am so fortunate to be able to sit here in my pajamas at my kitchen counter on a Monday morning, not stressed because a new work week is upon us, but truly excited about the work ahead.

It wouldn't be fair if I pretended that I get to do what I do because of what I have done - it is only because of you YOU, the readers, and supporters who have allowed this to become my full-time job. Without any of you, this would be a big ole giant diary that is locked in a nightstand with nobody but myself tuning in to see all of life's happenings. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for making this all happen.

Long story short, this whole straight path thing, I think I'm going to like you....

ps. If you haven't ever shopped at Chicwish, they offer a huge variety of some of the most unique, fun clothing pieces on the planet. Always free shipping and great affordable pieces to add to your wardrobe. Both of the tops I am wearing in today's post came from there and I love how different they are! See more options I'm loving below!

disclosure: thank you to Chicwish for partnering for today's post