Transform Your Home From Christmas To NYE In 5 Minutes Flat

Well Christmas, you were sure over quick. Am I the only one who finds December 26th to be equal parts depressing and exciting? Mostly depressing because you're all "but that took SO much time and energy and poof! it's over!" and mostly exciting because you're all "but that took SO much time and energy and YAY! it's over!" The buying, the wrapping, the meal preparing, the hosting, the cleanup, and the list goes on. I think New Years Eve was put in place so closely to Christmas because sweet baby Jesus knew we would all be ready for a glass or six of champagne. 

While I will share our Christmas festivities soon, I wanted to bring you this quick post on how you, yes you, can transform your home from Christmas to New Years in a matter of minutes with the help of sparkles [lots of sparkles] and all things gold and silver from Horchow. You may recall in our Christmas home tour how I turned to Horchow for our Christmas decor and because I was so pleased with the products [and because the items ship ridiculously fast and my planning ahead skills are that of a cat] I quick placed an order for some NYE touches to scatter around the house. The good news is that you can order them and have them in time to party too! Here's what I did, starting with the bar cart [shown below first as "before"] 

As you can see from below, I simply swapped out my ornament wreath and other seasonal decor and placed these fun countdown champagne flutes, gold starburst stems inside a gold dipped vase and waaaaa-la. Pour yourself a glass and have fun! 

So super simple and sure to be a hot spot for any NYE bash [even if that bash consists of you and your better half]. Moving to the living room and the beloved fireplace mantle. Starting with the before shot. 

Annnnnnd, waaaaa-la! 

A few more gold and silver touches and this mantle is done, done and done. When I ordered these starburst stems I wasn't sure what I would do with them but after placing them in clear glass vases I already had on hand, I couldn't love them more. They add so much fun and sparkle to any space. 

Add in these gorgeous silver mercury glass swirl trees [now on sale!] and it's the perfect blend of winter without being too Christmas-y. 

Now pour that glass, put on that party hat and ring in the new year like you've never done before. 2017, we're ready for you! 

[photos shot by the very talented tina herschberger photography]

Remember to stock up quick for the big night at Horchow now! Shop all of my favorite NYE items here - 

disclosure: thank you to Horchow for partnering for today's post. while I am being compensated for this, all product was selected, purchased, and loved by yours truly. 



  1. Where is the "kiss me at midnight" and "2017" banners from?

  2. I'm a big fan of your "Let's Stay In" art! That's perfect winter decor.

  3. very nice and festive! Happy New Year! I hope to get to work with you in 2017

  4. I loved this post! Your NYE decorations are so cute. I feel like you can leave them out for a little while too since they are gold, it works for winter! For myself though, I am totally not ready to say goodbye to my ornament wreath!



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