Life Lately-ish

this picture appropriately portrays the only thing I've been wearing recently

Man, it feels good to write a post just to write a post right now. The snow is falling outside, the husband is outside snow blowing [major perk of having a man in your life], a fabulous chick flick is playing on TV, I have zero intentions of showering today and I'VE GOT THE WHOLE BLOG TO MYSELF! Excuse me while I shout that last line, I just get really excited about being here sometimes. 

So life, lets talk about it. November was somewhat crazy due to being away from home for more than half of the month. Also crazy? The state of my house due to being gone. It's cool though because the sheets are being washed after a month or two of being neglected. A step up from washing them more than once a year like I did at the beginning of marriage, because I didn't realize washing your bedding was a regular thing. Our bedroom had to smell awesome. 

Speaking of smelling awesome, did you know that there is a spray for your lady part down south? I may have bought it yesterday at the grocery store and the boy who was ringing me up didn't know what it was so he scanned over the entire can while I hung my head in embarrassment. To make matters even more wonderful, he handed it off to the person bagging my groceries who was also a young male who also didn't know what it was. In order to know how to properly bag said vagina spray, he had to read it over as well. The moral of the story is now two young gentleman are aware that such a product exists and will most likely never want to touch a woman again. You're welcome parents of boys. ps. save yourself the embarrassment and order it online here

What else you ask? My best friend had a baby and I get to see that nugget soon, my Christmas shopping hasn't technically started [I keep getting distracted on cute items to buy for myself. I suck as a human being], we had a friends Christmas party last night which consisted of a lot of karaoke and a lot of choreographed dances. It also included a nice little photo booth with a "ho" banner as the backdrop because that is festive and sweet. 

Aside from that I've just been hanging out with Mark Walhberg in my free time and you know, normal things like that. 

And that concludes today's very informative blog post on my life which really just consisted of talking about vagina spray. My life needs an upgrade. 

Stay tuned for more posts this week concerning our recent travels, cute shoes [because duh], the mattress that is changing our life and more! It's going to be a fun one ladies and gents, strap in and join the ride. 

 ps. do you think leftover mashed potatoes from November 20th are still okay to eat? asking for a friend.


  1. Those pajamas are so cute and I am so jealous you met Marky Mark!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Ha about the mashed potatoes! I just threw away our Thanksgiving leftovers on Thursday and asked my husband if he was proud of me for throwing them away so much earlier than last year... They may have been in the fridge for a full month last year. Possibly.


  3. I have had a huge crush on Mark Wahlberg since he was Marky Mark(: Susan


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