Bundle Me Up Scotty [Must Have Winter Accessories]

Oh hi, it's me again just hanging out at a Christmas tree farm. I can't help it, it's just so warm and relaxing here. Speaking of relaxing, I decided to fly to Alabama on Friday night and turn around Saturday evening with my best friend, newborn baby and 20 lb dog in tow to drive 9 hours home. More on that later, but I do feel like it is worth noting that the tiny little baby did not cry ONCE during that 9 hour drive. And yes, the child is alive [we were slightly concerned too]. While we made it home safe and sound, I am slightly exhausted and slightly frozen. It's amazing what going from 70 degrees and humid to -16 and ridiculous in a matter of 24 hours does to ones bones. 

Now, if you live somewhere that doesn't try to kill you during the months of November - April, you can most likely ignore the remainder of the post. However, if you do live somewhere that leaves you questioning every life decision you've ever made, this post may just be for you. We're talking winter accessories today baby. From boots to scarves, gloves and everything in between - I'm sharing all of my must-haves when it comes to staying warm and looking hot. Before we begin, it should be noted that all of the items in today's post hail from the great land of Nordstrom. I love that no matter the season, they are going to have EVERYTHING I need to make it through the season, hot or cold. With their enormous selection, free shipping and free returns, great price points and even greater customer service, it's a no brainer when knowing who to go to for bundling up. Okay, let's begin. 

1. The scarf 

Ladies, our necks are a precious thing. Make the mistake of neglecting it once and you'll never make that mistake again. When I spotted this chunky two tone cowl scarf I knew it would be the perfect accessory to keep me warm while looking cute. I love cowl scarves for the simple fact you truly do NOTHING with it other than put it on. No figuring out how to fold, wrap, or any of that other crap [I really just wanted to rhyme just then]. Put it on and go.  

I had been on a hunt for the perfect dressy, yet not too dressy, warm but not too bulky, tech friendly fashionable gloves and I finally found it with these touch-zip boucle pair! Because a girl has got to be on her phone [amen and amen], it was necessary to get the tech touch kind. I love the zipper detail as well. Throw snow at me and I'll throw it right back. My hands aren't scared. 

I swear by Andrew Marc coats when it comes to all things warmth. Give me a down jacket with all the fur and I am satisfied. I love this one which comes in four colors and is currently on sale. 

When I was in California a few weeks ago, shopping away at Nordstrom, I spotted these SOREL Tofino boots and fell in love. I know, weird state to find snow boots, but I guess those SoCal people gotta look cute and stuff too during their fake winters. I think I said it before, but I'll say it again. I feel like the Queen of Antarctica when wearing these bad boys. So warm, waterproof and freaking adorable, these are all that they are cracked up to be and more. 

And there we have it. Are you warm yet? Be sure to click here to check out all of the other cold weather must-haves! 

disclosure: thank you to Nordstrom for partnering for today's post. while I am being compensated, all products were purchased, worn and loved by yours truly. 



  1. I'm SO loving these photos and these boots!!

  2. I live where the air hurts my face! Thank you son much for posting keep warm ideas. :)


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