The "It" Sweater

Do you know what's a difficult challenge? Finding a warm winter sweater that you can look sexy in. Ask a guy what his preferred outfit choice on a female is and odds are 100% his response won't be "oooh, a sweater!" Unless the sweater is completely see-through in which case, sweater may come out of his mouth. Regardless, you get where I am going with this. With the cooler temps and all things holiday parties coming up, I've been on a mission to find a sweater that provides just the right amount of sexy with an even more perfect amount of warmth. Well friends, I think I finally found it thanks to that oh so trendy, cold shoulder look going on these days.

sweater [true to size, wearing in small]// jeans [under $60, size down one] // open toe booties

I found this sweater at the mother load of all sweater land, Nordstrom, and immediately went into a frantic panic on which color to order - black, grey, or light blue. I panic about really important things. I took my normal Nordstrom approach of "order, evaluate and send back [for free! gosh I love you sticky little return labels included in my order..not that I use you often, but you know - in case I needed to, I love you] if I chose wrong." Well, it arrived and the only conclusion that I came to is that I now need it in black and grey as well because, well because compliments that's why. You know it's a good item when you put it on and within 10 minutes of being in public you've received two compliments on it. 

Paired with a simple pair of skinny jeans and booties, this look is effortless chic and will keep you looking cool while staying warm. Didn't think it was possible? Sorry - we were all wrong. 

Is it the shoulder cut-outs? The mock turtleneck part? The ribbed design that is all sorts of perfection? Whatever it is, I dig it.

[all photos in today's post shot by tina herschberger photography]

For a ton of other similar options in the cold shoulder trend department - here's several under $100, all at Nordstrom which means free shipping and free returns!

disclosure: thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on today's post. While I am being compensated, all products were chosen, purchased and loved by yours truly. 


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  1. I wore a sweater similar to this (but black) to my class reunion this past weekend! (I just did a blog post about it today actually.) I found it for $40 at a store called Versona and loved it!


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