As I woke up to frost covering the ground and roofs this morning, I figured there was no better time to dive head first into all things warm and cozy [typing as I'm currently bundled up in pants, sweater, slippers and buried under my favorite blanket]. Whether it be for yourself [because lets be real, Christmas shopping for others doesn't typically happen until the last minute] or for somebody on your list, giving the gift of warm, cozy and cuddly is never a bad idea. I've rounded up all of my favorite picks to keep you toasty during the winter months. Without further ado, I present to you the coziest gifts on the planet....

Lets start with sleep sets. Maybe it's just me, but every year I find it necessary to get a new pajama set for the season. Anybody else feel me on that? I have seen all of these items in store [the jersey sleep shirt is incredibly soft] and you can't go wrong with any of these cute little looks.

Next up, the item I live in during months November - March. Sleep and lounge pants. I own all three of these and can't recommend them more. The middle pair is my year round go to [so, so comfy] while the fleece on the far right are a new favorite. If you like soft, you can't go wrong with any of these. 

Because it gets a little awkward after awhile if you walk around with pants and no shirt [been there, done that] it might be a good idea to add the perfect lounge and sleep tee to the mix [this is my go to]. If pants aren't your thing [looking at you Florida girls], cozy shorts may be a better bet. Add in a sleep mask and a cute little beanie and BAM, you may never need to get out of bed.

Oh robes, sweet heavenly robes. I'm just waiting for my work to add robes to the dress code. I ask for a robe every year for Christmas and this year, this UGG one on the far left is on my list. If you like a little more lightweight option, the middle one may be your ticket. But lets be real - how can anybody say no to the print on the right?

Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippers. Also known as the only thing my feet see all winter long. I'm bringing you a variety of different price points below, from $30 to $50 and $100 - any of these are awesome picks for you or somebody else. Personal preference? UGG all the way

I don't own any fleece lined socks and yes, I am questioning every life decision I've ever made now. If you are in need of a stocking stuffer, the middle pair are only $8 and get rave reviews. Buy em' for everybody on your list but most importantly, don't forget yourself. I'm stockin' up as we speak. 

Girlfriends gotta cover up every once in awhile. Wrap up in any one of these cardigans [I felt the far left in store recently and OH MY WORD, I don't even have words for the happiness that were in my hands when touching it] and own the barefoot dreams circle cardigan [every woman should own this at some point in her life]. 

I don't know what's more important - having access to your phone or not getting frost bit? Fortunately, we don't have to choose. I bought the North Face ones on our trip to Colorado and as much as I'm not ready to wear them, I'm ready to wear them. If that makes sense. Never mind, my brain is frost bit right now.

Last but not least, every girl needs the worlds softest blanket in her life. I went on a touch test in store recently and can attest to each of the below. The far left may have won softest [although the middle is a very very close second and hello, it's monogrammed. we have it in our living room and absolutely love it]. For less than $40 for both of those options, you can't go wrong. Throwing in this Barefoot Dreams option on the right because it's currently 40% off! 

There we have it ladies. Are we warm yet? What are you loving on this list the most? Cheers to cuddles, coffee and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

ps. to see even more cold weather gifts [including ideas for him], click here!



  1. I love cozy pajamas, the fleecy soft ones are my fave! and fleece blankets ugh yes! xx Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

  2. All three of those pajamas look amazing, as do the socks, yes please!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. Thanks for this post! I get pajamas and slippers for my daughter every Christmas, and I have been struggling to find cute ones this year. I already bought the Ugg slippers you posted a while ago. Now I am getting the red striped pajamas and the cashmere gloves for her! Perfection! Thanks!

  4. Ok, now I need all of the Christmas pjs! I love that sweater robe too!

    By Lauren M

  5. I love the pjs and fuzzy socks! I think I need all new pjs now.

  6. So much coziness in this post! I think I need to do some splurging :)


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