Repeat Outfit Offender // The Comfiest Tunic Ever

fleece tunic [size down if in between] // jeans // boots [wearing in peltro distressed leather]

You know when you find those pieces that when you buy them you know deep down that it is probably one of the only things you'll be wearing for the next few months. You brainstorm all of the different ways you can wear it [like maybe if I wear it with regular jeans, they won't realize it's the same top if I wear it with grey jeans], plan your week around not seeing the same people and get comfortable with saying that all too familiar lie "it's okay - I washed it yesterday". 

Well friends, meet the tunic that I didn't wash yesterday which would be the same tunic I wore three different times this week. And accidentally slept in one night. Here's the thing - when you put the word "fleece" and "tunic" together, it's almost like you said the words "Keith Urban naked". It's that good. I mean basically. 

I recently picked this up on a shopping trip to Nordstrom when we were in Denver, along with its equally soft sister, fleece pullover. While I do 99.9% of all my shopping online with Nordstrom [the free shipping and free returns makes it way too easy], I always try to pop into one of their stores if I am in the proximity of one. I mostly like going just because it feels like you gain about 5 best friends with their workers while in there. I MEAN HOW ARE PEOPLE SO HELPFUL. When I grow up, I want to be a Nordstrom sales associate.

Back to the tunic though - while I'm wearing it in the blush/heather grey color, it's available in 6 other equally as awesome colors. Have I mentioned yet that it can be worn as a cowl neck OR as an off the shoulder sweater? I know, it's similar to how I felt when I woke up to snowflakes falling from the sky Saturday morning. To complete the look [although lets be honest, I'd be totally content in this tunic and tunic only], I paired it with jeans with plenty of stretch [because things like Thanksgiving] and some of the most comfortable yet stylish riding boots I've ever owned.

One of the easiest, coziest outfits one could ever come up with. 

For all sorts of other awesome women's apparel click here and because you can't go barefoot with all of your cute outfits, head here to pick up a pair of shoes [or four]. Oh and hey - in case you were wondering, this sweater will hold 12 stomach fulls of mashed potatoes. Erin tested, Erin approved. 

disclosure: thank you to Nordstrom for partnering for today's post. While I am being compensated for this post, all items were purchased and loved by yours truly. 



  1. I have had my eye on those boots! No nordstrom to see these in person though :(

    Do they feel soft or stiff? I have some Borne boots that have leather that are amazinglysoft.... how would you rate these in softness? I think I *need* these!

  2. Gahhhh this looks so cozy and I'm obsessed with cowl neck everything! It looks lighter than fleece though, is it a really thin fleece?

  3. I love the tunic, I remember when I was obsessed with them more than 10 years ago! Today, I would probably wear it with leggings.
    - Charmaine

  4. What beautiful photos, I love your plaid coat and all of the leaves. thank's for sharing with us.


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