Denver Adventures // Part Two

We made it day two folks! If you're just tuning in to our Colorado adventures, you can peep day one here. Otherwise, sit tight, grab whatever is in your cup and let's tackle day two. Our first morning in Denver we woke up from a great nights sleep at The Art, walked down to a cute little house for breakfast [but seriously though - best bacon ever. it was so thick and juicy.... #thatswhatshesaid] and then did something super adventurous that we've never done before....

went shopping.

We just really like to take in all of the sights and sounds of new areas when we can. Plus we are really adventurous outdoor people so you know, a mall seemed like the perfect Denver activity. All good in the hood, I ventured into Nordstrom [shocker, I know - oh and hey, I just found out their Black Friday sale starts Thursday, AHHH!] and found a few goodies [all of which you can see here, here, here, here and here].

Obviously shopping wore us out and made us all sorts of hungry so we ventured off to Torchys, also known as my favorite meal of the entire trip. If you haven't ever eaten their queso, you haven't truly lived. My mouth is drooling just thinking about it. It's a good thing I don't live near one because I guarantee you I would weigh 4 times the amount I do now. Holy cow, that was good stuff. 

Later that evening we got all gussied up and took the recommendations of several people and stopped by Union Station for a drink at Terminal Bar before dinner. The place is legit.

For dinner we also went with a highly recommended option, Linger, which was an amazing atmosphere outside up on a roof over looking the city. The bar was an air stream and the overall vibe was spot on.

The cutest ice cream stand in the world of all ice cream stands was right outside and while I would have loved to wait in line for some. the Cubs were playing so you know, priorities. Next time fo' sho'.

And there we have it friends, day two of Denver in the books!

the majority of photos in today's post were shot with my sony a6000 with a few iphone photos scattered in 



  1. Um excuse me there is a Torchy's in Denver?!?!?!? YASSSSSSSSSSS! I go there in December I thought they only were in Texas I go there all the time in Austin!

  2. Looks lovely in the pics.. The places are beautiful. keep sharing pics and posts. Click here


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