Denver Adventures // Part One

Oh hey guys. Remember how I used to write about actual life events and not just what I was wearing? It's okay, I don't really remember either. In effort to infuse more real life back into this space [it is my online diary after all], I wanted to make sure I document our recent travels to both Denver and Vail. In a quick summary, I loved the trip and couldn't think more of Colorado. We hadn't ever been to that great state so we figured we would switch things up and hit the mountains rather than the beach. With super inexpensive flights and incredible off-season pricing for hotels, we were off. Going into the trip we had absolutely ZERO plans. Not one thing we wanted to make sure to do or see. My idea of a vacation is to eat good food, drink good drinks, lay in bed a little longer than I get to at home and if I get real lucky maybe get a massage or something while I'm there. Fortunately, we crossed all of those items off the list and even did a few "adventurous" things - no I'm not talking sexually. But like climbed up the stairs at the Red Rocks Amphitheater so yeah, we basically died.

Today I'm going to recap the first day of our travels and will continue on with the rest of it over the next week or two....ready, set, lets go! To kick it off, we'll start with a ginormous picture of us so you can remember what we look like. You're welcome.

I think I packed approximately 1,273 outfits for the trip so you can imagine how much fun that was to pack for the night before. I get this really fun thing where when I'm super stressed I hold all of the tension in my neck and throat and then I gag a lot. I know, it's hot. Needless to say the travel day was a struggle.

sweatshirt currently out of stock // black pants // nike shoes 

Real quick side note on this luggage - we recently purchased this and have loved it oh so much. For only $130 [and free shipping!], there are a variety of colors and you get not one, not two, but three pieces. Great quality and durability. You can't beat it - fo' reals.

We eventually made it safe and sound to our hotel in downtown Denver, The Art Hotel, which is a really cute boutique style hotel that is full of you guessed it, art. That and candy which is awesome. Any hotel that has a free candy bar in the lobby is a hotel for me. I couldn't find one thing that I disliked about this place. The outdoor seating area, the big ole bathroom with a huge walk-in shower and the complimentary beverages and snacks in room, it was the perfect spot for our stay.

because anywhere I go, my slippers follow...

After getting settled into our room, we did what we do best and got a cocktail at the hotel bar/restaurant. There's nothing that says "welcome" like a glass of vodka with a splash of grapefruit.

For our first night out on the town, we threw on some fresh clothes....

tunic [under $30!] // jeans // booties // purse // engraved bar necklace

and ventured off to the cutest place in the world, Larimer Square, [those string lights though] and enjoyed the world's best [so I'm saying] crispy Brussels Sprouts at Toms Urban along with a nice side of a Cubs win.

Denver, you did us well day one. Stay tuned for day two...hopefully coming to a blog near you before 2017.

the majority of photos in today's post were shot with my sony a6000 with a few iphone photos scattered in 

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  1. Lovely photos. I miss Denver. I hope to be there next week.

  2. Love it! I was in Denver a couple weeks ago and stayed at the ART too. It was SUCH a fun trip!

  3. I was just in Denver last weekend!! It's such an awesome city, it sounds like your trip went well!!

    xo, Sarah

  4. And ow I officially want to go on vacation just for a hotel that has a candy bar in it. I feel like that has been a dream of mine that now could officially come true.

  5. We live in Denver- LOVE IT HERE! The seasons.. the people.. the food.. the drinks. ALL of it! Glad you had a great time!

  6. I clicked on the luggage link, as I am in need of some new ones. Low and behold, it was only $98.99. Now....how to decide what color to purchase?

  7. I have never been to Denver but this post makes me want to add it to the list!

    xx Kelly
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