Christmas Home Tour 2016

If there is one time of the year that I love our house the most, it is Christmas time. The magic and coziness that the lights, little snowmen, furry tree skirts and everything in between brings is sometimes too much for this snow loving girl to handle. I will always vividly remember when soon after we first moved into our "fixer upper" I was struggling feeling like I was living in our "home". The place just didn't feel like ours and I was having a hard time cozying up in this new environment. Until we decorated for Christmas. We put up our trees, I stood in the kitchen, looked around as I took it all in and finally said to Shawn "I love it. It finally feels like home." 

While our home since that point two years ago has now been my favorite place to be, putting up the holiday decor always adds that extra spark. This year as I went to put up my Christmas decor, I was feeling like I was ready for a little bit of a change from what we have done in years past. A couple of new trees, a few new pieces of decor and bam, we were ready to roll. Before I go crazy sharing one hundred and twelve million photos [approximately] I wanted to mention that several new pieces came from Horchow. I recently discovered this website which has an insane amount of home furnishings along with an insane amount of special deals and sales - including their decor and rug sale up to 30% off sale happening NOW. As an added bonus use the code HOLIDAY for shipping over $50. How's that for merry and bright? I ordered several things and within a few short days they were at our doorstep, cuter than I even hoped for. 

Okay, with all of that being said - are you ready for the tour? Grab that cup of cheer and lets go! Starting with the living room....

faux mink tree skirt - white // tan
miniature rainbow trees - how fun are these little guys?

We went with a flocked tree this year for a more whimsical Christmas look in our living room. Paired with the white faux mink tree skirt I love how fresh and lux it all looks. 

Add in a few other items [garland, stockings, etc] and the main living room is complete! 

Moving on as we head towards the "outdoor room"....

It is in this rustic little room that I tend to put a few more of the "vintage" inspired pieces so to speak, so that's what you'll see here. 

Now on to the kitchen and dining room where all of the fun happens. In our dining area is where we place the tree that holds all of the ornaments my aunt has given us over the years. If you want to have the coolest ornaments, have an aunt that owns an ornament shop. Each year ever since I was little, she has given me an ornament or two that is reminiscent of the year that I am in. I love hanging the ornaments every year and remembering all of the memories associated with them. From the John Deere tractor that represents my grandfather who was a farmer, to the pontoon boat to represent our family boat rides to the Titanic ornament symbolizing that time in my life when I was obsessed with all things Leo [weren't we all?!]

JOY light up sign - under $50!

A few other personal touches here and there and this house is covered in Christmas, just the way I like it. 

And that concludes today's Christmas home tour, as from me and this little one...we'd like to say thanks for coming along ;) Be sure to check out the huge selection of on sale Christmas decor at Horchow today white it's still available! Cheers to a very merry Christmas. 

disclosure: thank you to Horchow for partnering together for this post. While I am being compensated, all products were purchased and loved by yours truly. 


  1. Ummmm, I'm gonna need you to come over and decorate my house, please.

  2. What kinds of camera do you use?

  3. Your Christmas decor is so pretty. The Christmas tree is my favorite.

  4. Beautiful photos however all I will remember of them come tomorrow is that sweet doggie face, goodness what a doll!

  5. Love love love your house and all of your beautiful decor! I've been obsessed with your living room ceiling ever since I found your blog ages ago. And that cold shoulder blue sweater is perfection!

  6. I love your vintage touches! I posted my 2015 Christmas home tour last week--haven't quite gotten this year's decor "home tour-ready" yet. Hopefully soon!

    Thanks for sharing your home!

  7. Love all your decorations! But your sweater, all the heart eyes! How does it run? Thanks :)

  8. Your house is always goals, but your holiday house is the ultimate goals. Seriously, it's just gorgeous.

  9. Love it! Where is your flocked tree from?

  10. Your house looks so pretty and I love that sweater!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. Your home looks gorgeous, Erin! I love all the special details that remind you of childhood. That's what Christmas is all about!

  12. I love your sofa! Where did you get it? Truly beautiful home!

  13. Your house is always SO fun to look at - especially when it's all done up for Christmas! I love the idea of having two trees, one for the special ornaments, because I always feel like they get lost in the balls (heh) when you put everything on one tree!

  14. Beautiful! Where is your living room rug from? W the white coffee table on it?? LOVE LOVE LOVE your style!

  15. Love your Christmas decor, so fun and festive!

  16. The sweet furry friend!!! All kinds of cuteness!!! Oh and the house is beautiful too!


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