If you are anything like me, you are having a really hard time believing that Christmas is NEXT month. Not two months from now, not "oh we've got awhile" anymore, it's legit happening soon. In years past I have been the classic procrastinated shopper who is sitting her car sweating while drinking wine to deal with the anxiety and stuffing cheese down her throat to help remember that it will all be okay, even though it seems impossible to walk back in those overcrowded, picked over stores. Yes, I've been there. The wine and cheese thing isn't a joke. I try not to leave home without it. However, this year I am vowing to turn over a new life. You see, I just learned of this thing called "the internet". I know, it's this up and coming trend that's just emerging on the scene but it sounds pretty cool so I'm going to give it a shot. Apparently all you have to do is grab that same glass of wine and that same cut-up cheese, but instead of getting in your car and mildly tackling every person in store, you sit on your couch wearing next to nothing and you click a few buttons


It gets better though. Things will ship right to your doorstep [FOR FREE!] and you didn't have to move one tiny ounce to get it there. Long live the lounge pants my friends! 

With all of that being said, I have scoured that thing [internet] for the hottest 50 gifts under $25 for the female population this year. Whether it be friends, co-workers, sisters, your babysitter, perhaps a teacher, or that really cool girl in your yoga class that you are hoping if you buy her a gift she will want to be her friend. Whoever she is, I've gotcha covered today. All of the items below are less than $25, all of which ship for free and all offer free returns [just in case that yoga girl decides to not actually be your friend in which case you ask for the gift back and bye bye it goes!] 

Lets jump in and see is waiting for us to gift this year [side note: when you buy yourself something that is technically called a "gift" as well, so yeah - have fun buying gifts for those most important to you #wink].

For the girl on the go...

1. Ban.Do "After This We're Getting Pizza" Water Bottle - $20 // perfect for that girl who is dumb kind enough to hit the gym with you. 

2. Sunnylife Print Double Walled Tumbler - $14 // go bananas! hydrate! it's fun and it's cute. 

3. S'Well Hand Painted Satin Collection Water Bottle - $25 to $45, depending on size // these babies are so popular. I know this because I saw them on the end cap at Target one time. 

4. Slant Collections Multicolored Confetti Insulated Tumbler - $15 // it's raining Christmas! The perfect festive mug to make your girlfriend go Christmas crazy. 

For the beauty-full babe..

1. Drybar Detangler Hairbrush - $16 // Last I checked Drybar is all of the rage. Gift her with a brush and her hair will say thank you forever. 

2. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist - $16 to $32, depending on size  // Is it just me or if something says "rose hibiscus" I am going to respond with "add to cart". Give me all the face mist people.

3. Makeup Eraser Cloth - $20 // this thing looks pretty legit. Apparently it takes off your makeup over and over and over again [no but for real, it withholds up to 1,000 washes] and takes off EVERYTHING [besides your underwear] with just water. Here's where that gifting to yourself thing comes in play. 

4. Hello Crush Travel Mirror - $12 // we're girls, we need mirrors. How else are we going to know we look so fly all of the time ;) 

5. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo - $13 to $23, depending on size // Two words - Dry Shampoo. Enough said. 

1. Philosophy Christmas Cookie Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath - $18 // I've smelled it. You want it. In your mouth and on your body. That just got dirty - good thing this will clean you up.

2. C.O. Bigelow Lip Balm Trio - $19 // These lip balms are my favorite. Especially come winter. All of the yes's.

3. Philosophy March of the Sweet Treats Set - $20 // Back the smell good/want to eat it thing - we're talkin' Gingerbread, Frosting AND sugar sprinkles in this set. HELLLLLLO.

4. Butter London Nail Lacquer Duo - $15 // For those talented enough to paint their own nails, give them this and say "congratulations show-off"

5. Smashbox Light It Up Glossed to Go Set - $25 // If I can count correctly I see 5 lip glosses in this set. 5! Yup, add to cart.

6. bareMinerals Nude Lip Trio - $18 // We all like a little nudity don't we? Right, not around the holidays #mashedpotatoes so we'll just leave it to our lips to have all of the fun.

7. Philosophy Peppermint Stick Duo - $20 // Give me peppermint and I'm happy. This is the perfect gift for anybody who likes to be so fresh and so clean, clean.

For the wino [or caffeinated] that you know..

1. DCI Oversized Emoji Wine Glass - $15 // Hi again, adding to cart. It's a huge wine glass with the heart eye emojis. Just when you thought life couldn't get better...

2. Slant Collections Liquid Therapy Wine Glasses - $24 // It's cheaper than real therapy. 

3. Sunnylife Pineapple Cup and Straw - $14 // For the girl who lives her life around the pool.

4. Fringe Studio Polka Dots Monogram Mug - $12 // Last I checked girls love polka dots. Last I checked girls also love their initial. Last I checked girls love polka dots and their initial smack dab on a coffee mug. Winning.

5. Slant Collections Monogram Mug - $15 // See above.

6. Ban.Do Hot Stuff Thermal Travel Mug - $14 // Because everybody needs a reminder.

For the fashionable..

1. BP Foldover Tonal Stripe Clutch - $25 // I want this myself. A classic clutch without breaking the bank? Your girlfriend might take you on a date after this gift. 

2. BP Plaid Infinity Scarf - $19 // We all know infinity scarves are for the scarf wearing clueless. Which is why we love them and we buy them. BYE BYE SCARF STUPIDITY, WE FIGURED YOU OUT!

3. BP Heritage Plaid Infinity Scarf - $25 // See above. Also, I love this. End of story. 

4. BP Knit Beanie with Faux Fur Pom - $19 // For all of those hot heads. Or wannabe hot heads I should say. These beanies are adorable. Plus, who doesn't love a little pom on their head from time to time? 

5. Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote - $23.98 // Ummmmm, hi. It's a REVERSIBLE purse for less than $25. You realize that means you or whoever you buy this for is receiving 2 purses for the price of 1 right? HALLELUJAH. 

She's about to be-dazzled..

1. BP Square Stud Earrings - $9.98 // Studlier than most men, these babies are a beauty. 

2. Baublebar Nightfall Threader Drop Earrings - $19.20 // We've all got elegant friends, here you go! 

3. Rosana Porcelain Initial Trinket Tray - $16 // You mean I can have an initial on the tray I will set my rings in?! 

4. BP Square Stud Earrings - $9.98 // Same studs, just a different color. Maybe just buy all 4 sets. You're welcome. 

5. BP Tassel Necklace - $9.98 // The hottest necklace on the block. Snag it before it's gone. 

6. Fringe Studio Throw Kindness Like Confetti Ceramic Tray - $13 // You know what you shouldn't throw like confetti? Jewelry. Instead, put it here. 

7. Mantraband "She Believed She Could" Cuff - $25 // What I think it means is "she believed she should buy this so she did". 

For the girls who motto is "there's no place like home.."

1. Ted Baker London Colored Pencil Set - $22 // We all know those artsy, crafty people that we will never be like. Encourage their creativity with these beauties. And then encourage them to draw you something for your refrigerator. 

2. Era Home Pyramid Stud Round Frame - $16 // It's a gold frame. Last time I checked it's a state law to have a gold frame somewhere in your bedroom or office. 

3. Qaurto Nutella Recipe Book - $12.95 // Does this even need an explanation?

4. Crystal Art Gallery LED Marquee Letter Light - $17.50 // She lights up your life, now it's time for you to light hers up. 

5. Chronicles Books "Dogs Of Instagram" Book - $16.95 // A great coffee table book for dog lovers everywhere. 

6. Ban.Do Best Year Ever 2017 Wall Calendar - $20 // Just peep the inside of this. You'll be guaranteed to have the best year ever just by looking at all of that happiness it holds. 

Let her sleep, for when she will wake she will....eat candy.

1. Archipelago Botanicals Signature Soy Wax Candle - $24 // Really all we need in life is a great smelling candle, am I right or am I right?

2. Make + Model Knit Eye Mask - $25 // I don't even like cats and I love this. Good night. 

3. Sugarfina Rose All Day Candy Bento Box - $20 // If you haven't indulged in a little Sugarfina candy you haven't actually lived your life [this is awkward because you just realized you are basically dead, sorry]. They infuse these gummies with real life rose - and not the cheap kind either. 

4. Voluspa Prosecco Rose Two Wick Candle - $18 // You know when you envision Heaven? Well, I envision this candle. 

5. Butter Slipper Socks - $8 // Any time you put the words "butter" and "socks" in the same title you know they have to be good. I'd encourage these for every female on your list. 

And for anybody else who you still haven't found something beneficial for...

1. Pinch Provisions Fitness Kit - $22 // This little bag holds 15 different essential items from hair bands to ear buds and everything in between. A gift like this just might make me think about working out. 

2. Fringe Studio Get It Done Journal - $12 // Every girl needs a journal. I think we all know that. 

3. Simon and Schuster "Hot Dudes Reading" Book - $22 // I think the title alone gives us enough explanation as to why we all need this book. Now.

4. Chronicle Books "Letters to Open When - A Paper Time Capsule" Book - $14.95 // I absolutely love this. You write out 12 different letters with prompts on when they should open it. For good days, for bad days, for the "I can't believe I'm actually telling you this now" days. So fun and so meaningful!

5. Kate Spade "That's Bananas" iPhone 6 Phone Cover - $20 // This is majorly on sale right now so it would actually be bananas if you didn't buy it. Kate Spade told me so. 

There we have it friends - yes, that's right I just called you a friend. If you now need my mailing address to ship me any of the above, I understand. Happy shopping! 



I read and appreciate every one of your comments. Thanks for stopping by my space and sharing a piece of yourself on this huge ole internet. I meant that in the least creepy way possible. I'm just good at making everything awkward. Anyhow, thank you for your comments. They make me smile :)