Stepping Up His Style Game // Stitch Fix For Men

Just when I thought I couldn't get any more excited about my monthly fix showing up at my doorstep, Stitch Fix went and proved me wrong. Since the announcement of their new offering of men's clothing our household has gotten not only a lot more stylish but a lot more exciting when the doorbell rings. I always thought that getting a fix for myself was fun [and it is!], but man [pun intended], there's just something about watching your other half open up a box of clothing that are going to step up his style game like no other. 

Shawn was a little skeptical when I told him about Stitch Fix now offering men's clothing, mostly because he has been a loyal Kohls shopper for years, however he had been itching for a little more sophisticated and stylish wardrobe recently. Well, ta-da! Stitch Fix has provided just that. He has now received 4-5 fixes and has had much success in keeping an item or two [or three] from each fix. From pants to tops to shoes, there is so much goodness just waiting for your man to step into. 

A small part of me feels like I have a whole new husband with this change in wardrobe. He's now wearing olive green pants [WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT] and shirts with things like polka dots on them [again, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT]. He has found jeans that are his absolute new favorite and has opened up his world to new styles that he would have never found at his go-to stores. I have also loved seeing the notes from his stylist encouraging him to pair things together that he would have never thought to otherwise. Thank you stylists, you are good good people.

From in the office to dinner with friends, he has never dressed the part more. If you'd like to sign up your guy or you are a guy [hi!] and want to get started, all you have to do is click here, fill out your style profile and schedule your first fix. Ladies - remember that if you already use the service, use your referral link and send it to your guy to get started. That's $25 credit for you to use on your next fix #winning. This could be such a fun birthday, anniversary, Christmas or a simple "you need to dress better, here!" gift.

  [all photos shot by Tina Herschberger Photography]

So there we have it - my new and improved stylish husband, decked out in all of his favorite stitch fix finds. What do you think? Are you going to give the gift of stitch fix to your man?

disclosure: thank you to Stitch Fix for partnering together for this post. While I was compensated for the writing of this, all opinions are my own. 



  1. I love this! I saw another box service for guys but I've been skeptical about ordering one for my husband because I haven't heard about anyone else using it. This is great because I know StitchFix is usually a winner!

  2. Are you going to post the style cards like you do for women? My husband has just signed up and I would love to have access to more style suggestions on his pinterest

  3. Can you post the style cards like you do for your own fix? My husband has signed up, and I would love access to more choices to pin to his Pinterest board. Thanks!

  4. Can you post the style cards? My husband has recently signed up and I would love more options to pin to his Pinterest. Thanks!!

  5. So cool that they have it for men!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  6. Just set up my hubs!! Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your man. It helps having a "man visual" and to sell this to my guy...who is skeptical of fashion! GG

  7. Ooh I'm going to set my husband up with this!
    Off the topic, where are your curtains from in the first pic?! I've been looking for ones like that! :)

  8. Waiting on my husband's first Fix as we speak. I can't wait to have a mini styling session with him.


  9. Totally 100% doing this!! My husband is much more stylish than me & I think he will LOVE this!! Thanks for posting & I would love to see more of his style. You two are adorable.

  10. I should get my hubby signed up for this. He's TERRIBLE with shopping! He basically just won't spend the time doing it, so this looks like a wonderful option :)

    Xo, Katie


  11. I love that you posted this. I just had my husband try it and he was very skeptical. We received the first fix this past week and he kept three items. Yeah!!! Question for you, are those jeans stitch fix that your hubby is wearing because my husband would definitely wear those.


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