Oh baby, bootie season is in full effect. Not to be read as "booty season" - major difference there people. Although now that I mention it, I am sure that season would be equally as exciting. Back to the PG matter at hand though - shoes. I recently purchased what I am deeming my favorite pair of closed toe booties I've ever owned [that's a big title for one pair of shoes to hold, but this pair is doin' it]. You see, a few months ago I purchased my favorite pair of opened toe booties [see them here] and well, when I discovered that my boyfriend Vince [as in Camuto] came out with a very similar style that I could wear not just in the fall, but in the winter as well, I was sold hook line and sinker. 

Real quick before we get started - when it comes to shopping for shoes, I have found Nordstrom to have the largest selection of high quality, absolutely adorable, comfortable shoes for all seasons. They carry a ton of brands that I love [hi again Vince! And then there is Halogen, UGG, Lucky Brand, Sam Edelman and more]. Because I don't have a Nordstrom close to me, I do 100% of my shopping with them online. Thankfully because of their free shipping and free returns [they even include the label for you!], it makes it super simple to order, try on, and decide if they work or not. Add in their sizing recommendations for each item and well, 9 out of 10 times it's a perfect fit. All of that to say, if you need some new shoes [I think that covers us all] be sure to check out their full selection of women's shoes

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few different ways to wear and style booties this season. Some people can be intimidated by booties but girlfriend, embrace em'. Find a pair that's comfortable, cute and durable and wear the heck out of them. Jeans, leggings, tights, bare legs, your options are unlimited. Here's 3 easy to achieve looks...

1. The ultimate "look, it's fall!" outfit - cardigan, scarf, floppy hat, coffee in hand, check, check, check!

I love everything about this outfit mostly because it just oozes cozy and makes me feel like a walking billboard for fall. To achieve this look I simply threw on a pair of distressed jeans, white long sleeve top, and high-low cardigan. I then proceeded to top it all off with a floppy hat, geometric scarf, handbag, and of course, ankle booties. Because these jeans are a little too long for me to wear regularly [I'm 5'4 for reference] I simply cuffed them up twice as you can see. Grabbed my beloved caramel apple spice and look complete! 

handbag - available in 3 colors [love this bag!]
high-low cardigan - available in 3 colors, wearing in XS

floppy hat - available in 5 colors
scarf - for tutorial on how to fold and wear this, watch here

2. The effortless dress 

mock neck shift dress - available in 5 colors/prints, wearing in small

Fall is the perfect time to soak up any lingering warmer temps that summer has left behind before the frigid temps that winter has right around the corner hits. I love the dress and bootie look as it's easy, yet looks like you put a lot of effort into your outfit [jokes on them]. This is perfect for a fun daytime activity, an evening concert or any other excuse you can think to wear it! Ankle booties look awesome with bare legs spring, summer and all fall long. Note: if you can't bring yourself to do the whole bare legs thing [I get it, shaving is annoying], tights can be equally as cute.

3. The KISS look - Keep It Simple Sweetie 

If there was ever an outfit that spoke to me, it is this. Cozy sweater, comfy jeans, cute shoes and done. No frills, just good basics all together. I especially love the over-sized sweaters that don't require sucking in 24/7. Ain't nobody got time for that. I could just sit on random people's doorsteps all day long in this outfit...and I would have. Except they came home. oops.

jeans - true to size

ribbed mock neck sweater - available in several colors, size down - wearing in XS
[all photos shot by tina herschberger photography]

And there you have it - 3 looks to rock all season long. Now what are you waiting for - go find the booties of your dreams ladies!

disclosure: thank you so much to Nordstrom for partnering together for this post. While I am being compensated for this post, all items were hand selected and purchased by myself and opinions on how great they are, are 100% my own.



  1. I love a good pair of booties and these are fab! That dress is perfect too!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. Love all these looks! I ordered the booties the moment you posted them on Facebook. I love them too, but kind of preferred suede so I found a super similar pair in suede on VC website. To my surprise (and disappointment), they don't fit anything like these, and I'll have to return them (at my expense!). I won't be straying from Nordstrom for shoes ever again! Lol

  3. I don't comment often, but I have to say that you have become my absolute favorite fashion blogger. I love your banter, love your style, and love your range of priced items. Just had to confess my LIY obsession lately. ;) Love these booties too! Super cute!

  4. booties are my absolute favorite. mainly because they're adorable and I can still wear socks. WIN WIN in my book. Loving that Socialite dress on you - I keep eyeing it and I think I need it now.

    xo, Maddy

  5. I can't find a good pair! I tried the vince camuto cut out booties and the Toms flat booties and neither fit quite right. My heel lifts completely out of them when I walk. I want a flat pair of booties because I already have the heeled Toms ones that I love. Suggestions?

  6. Love the looks you put together. THanks for the inspiration.

  7. These are beyond adorable. Family Center Farm and Home has adorable cowgirl boots that are pretty similar: http://www.familycenter.us/

  8. All these looks are so cute. I absolutely love the Vince Camuto hobo. Great color.



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