I'm About To Light Up Your Life

Every once in awhile I think "there's gotta be a better way to do this" and then BAM, all of a sudden somebody does it. The bad news to this story is that it's never me. I am not the one being a genius, I am the one waiting for somebody else to be a genius. Thankfully, those smart people have never let me down. 

Let me back track for a minute - every night during the middle of the night, little Maggie has to go potty. Why we as adults call it potty when referring to a dog is still beyond me, but anyhow, I digress. It also just so happens that my loving husband never ever hears her jump down from bed which means I have to get up with her every night to let her out [and now the truth comes out about why we don't have any children]. The unfortunate part to this story is that, well okay it's a couple of things 1. It means I'm waking up during the middle of the night which hello, buzzkill. 2. It also means that I have to walk out into a dark house which not only semi frightens me because I am a wimp but also because 3. I walk into things which results in bruises and vases knocking over. 


Behold, GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights that are changing my life and saving my shins forever. I am hooked on these for a couple of reasons. For one, they turn on automatically any time you enter the room that they are plugged into. This has been awesome in our bathrooms for the middle of the night when it's pitch black and you don't want to stumble head first into the toilet but you also don't want to blind yourself by turning on the overhead lights. Just walk in, do your thing and exit - all while having a nice little glow guiding you along.

Secondly, I also plugged in two out in our kitchen and dining room area as this is where I have to go to let Maggie out during the night. I love that a little glow appears and I can suddenly see where I am going and Maggie can see which jar she needs to dance around as she begs for her treats because yes, we applaud animals for going to the bathroom. Again, trying to figure out why adults don't get the same treatment but whatever. 

[that's how easy installation is..don't blink, you may miss how to do it. plug in, done!]

Can we also talk about the security aspect of them? Lets just say somebody walks into your house who shouldn't. WAAAAA-LA! A light appears. Last time I checked intruders don't like lights. I love the different varieties that these lights come in - if you want something more traditional cool, they have that. You want something a little more modern and sleek? Awesome, they have that too. 

Lastly, I especially love that you get the benefit of having a night light, but only using it when you need to. No more annoying little glow all night long, but one that appears just when necessary.

Overall, I can't recommend these little life savers enough and our house just feels so much safer, lighter and more welcoming in the evening hours because of them.

photos shot by my favorite, tina herschberger photography

Maggie also approves. 

And now, your reward for staying with me until the end! A $200 Amazon gift card all for one of you! Super simple to enter, you don't want to miss out. 

So motion activated lights? We're a fan right? Where would you use yours? 

ps. I should probably let you know where you can find them - right here baby

disclosure: while I was compensated for this post, all opinions are 100% factual and my own. 
we love, love, love them in our household! 



  1. What a great idea!! I need one of these in the hallway for when my kiddos wake in the night!

  2. I would totally use these in our hallway. We have little ones that sneak into our bedroom at night. This would be SO MUCH better than the SUPER BRIGHT hall light that they turn on!

  3. I have tweeted a few times and the widget will not unlock anything beyond tweeting. Your baby is so sweet! I am with you on the bumps and bruises! I need some of these night lights!

  4. I just installed those a couple of weeks ago & you are SO right! Complete game changer when you have to get up in the middle of the night!! Couldn't love them more!!

  5. Fabulous concept! a must have (not only for pets) but for those of us taking care of the elderly

  6. How can we enter if we don't have twitter? It is not allowing me to choose a different option.

    1. You should be able to enter by logging in via facebook, instagram or email as well!

  7. Great in the hallway for the kid or the bathroom for the hubs!

  8. Can I ask a crazy question... where did you get your kitchen cabinet handles?? Just had our cabinets painted white and can't for the life of me make a decision on hardware. Yours are great!
    I'm ordering these awesome night lights too! Thank you!

  9. I have to get me some of these! I always have bruises on me from walking into stuff at night and sometimes during the day :)


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