5 Things // From Must-Have Day Planners to Peeing In The Pool

I'm back for another round of "5 things" - the time in the week where I dump anything and everything on you. That almost made it sound like I am taking a dump on you and well, yikes. Sorry. I promise I will never do that to you. However, I don't promise that I won't accidentally go in my pants in front of you because that totally happened a couple of years ago AT WORK. It was as awful as it sounds. I was in the hallway walking, waved hello to a male co-worker and BAM, everything down my leg. In my defense I had been out of work all week with the flu so before you go thinking I don't have one ounce of pride left in my body, well...never mind you are right, I don't. 

I don't know how that all just happened. My apologies if you are even still here reading this. I feel bad for you guys sometimes. You show up expecting to read about butterflies and Cheetos and I drop some bomb on you that I pooped my pants at work once. I need to start thinking my blog posts out in advance. And maybe add in some tact with them. I think that's something I'll consider for my 40's. Which wow, that just drove home the reality that 4-0 is the next decade that I am headed towards. I have no words, just wrinkles forming on my chest. Truly. I AM SO GLAD I WENT TANNING EVERY SINGLE DAY IN HIGH SCHOOL. 

Okay, back to the matter at hand - 5 things in my life right now. Let me get into them or I feel like I could spend all day just sitting here typing words that should never be published on the internet with my name tied to them. It's actually amazing that I am married, have friends and a job. 

1. So what's new you ask? Well, for starters I need to stop pretending that you asked questions. But other than that - not much really. I've been eating the same hot chicken salad I made a week ago for every meal since so that's fun. I also haven't washed my car in a solid 3 weeks or so. I did just do laundry so you know, winning. OH! And I have a new favorite bright pink sweater. So yeah, lots of big things over here.

tunic [wearing in small] // black pants [true to size] // over the knee boots [30% off!] // purse

2. In case you were wondering (you weren't) but that pool we had installed is all done now. My nieces broke it in [which reminds me, they were in there for 3 hours and never got out once....hi, our new pool is full of pee] a few weeks ago. We may be that aunt and uncle who had it at 74 degrees for them to swim in [don't worry, their lips were blue for only 20 minutes of the 3 hours] and then cranked it up to 90 degrees after they left so we could swim. I'm pretty sure my favorite time to use this is going to be at night because it lights up and becomes a night club basically. To see what I mean, click here.

3. I'm starting to think that it's time to buy Christmas gifts and that thought alone is sending me into a panic. In all seriousness though, when I discovered this last night I felt like I was already breathing easier. If you think that I'm going to be putting together fun gift guides for her, for him and shoot maybe even for kids over the next month or so you would be absolutely right. 

4. If you are into oils or have any desire to learn more about them, there is going to be an interactive live learning session on my facebook page tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 8:30 pm EST so hit that up if you would like. It won't be my face doing the video [thank goodness, can you imagine just how many times I would touch my hair in a 30-45 minute video?!] Anyhow, it will be fun so be there or be square. 

ummm yeah. so I might use my stress away often. and if I can't open it, I bite it open. 

5. Welllllllll, we are Colorado bound soon and I am racing around like a chicken trying to get everything done before takeoff. So many nails that need painted, so many items that need packed, so many frickin' things to cross of a to-do list. JUST LET ME BE ON VACATION ALREADY. Oh you guys - I just ordered my 2017 planner [Day Designer for the win!] which really has zero point with what I was saying but who cares! Here's the palmy one I picked! I can't wait to fill that baby up with stuff. And by stuff, I mean notes to myself to not ever reference pooping my pants again on a public platform. If you are a write stuff down junkie like myself, this has been my favorite planner for the past 3 years now - I couldn't physically live without it at this point.

ps. I went to the bathroom during the writing of this post [don't worry, it was just number one] and my zipper is no longer able to go back up. This isn't a huge deal to those of you who wear underwear buuuuuut. yeah.

pps. the remaining blog posts for the week I have up my sleeve - tomorrow I'll be revealing my latest stitch fix box and by Friday a post should be up on different wine tasting outfits. or you know, just outfits. but wine tasting outfits sounds more fun and if I have time I'll sprinkle in something else. Don't count on the sprinkle. 



  1. I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your blog and your Facebook posts! I appreciate how real you are in everything you write. And I am now even more obsessed with Nordstrom, so thank you ;-).

  2. I currently use the Erin Condron Planner but I am interested in the Daily Planner you mentioned. Any way we can get a blog post going into more detail about this planner?! Their website doesn't give a lot of detailed pictures! Thanks so much! Love reading your blog!

  3. I am obsessed with writing EVERYTHING down. I am a to do list queen and can't live without my Passion Planner. These Day Designers are cute too!

  4. Erin your blogs are so real and make me laugh so hard sometimes. Just so you know don't feel bad I pooped on the side of the road one morning on my way to work because well, there was no other option and in doing so one of my co-workers who I happened to be working with that day was driving by as I was pulled over on the shoulder of the highway pooping and he recognized my SUV, pulled off the highway some ways up, backed up to my SUV and got out to check on me to make sure I wasn't broken down all to see me pooping. So yep, totally know what you're describing. Lol.

    1. Hahhaha oh my gosh, this is amazing. Thank you for telling this story and making my day! I can't even imagine...well I mean I kinda can, but not to this extent.

  5. Lord have mercy woman you crack me up!!! I totally had a shart experience at work one day that led me to wadding up my panties in toilet paper and stuffing them down in the trash and driving home while sitting on a sweater I found in my trunk. SUCH FUN TIMES.

  6. Oh man, this post (and the comments!) are hilarious! I love your pink tunic and have added it to my wish list. :)

  7. I just love reading your posts, keep em' coming! Excited to see what you have in store for wine tasting outfits. I've had a girls day planned for weeks and it's finally almost here, yay! And we're headed to the vineyard! 🍷🍷🍷

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  9. Stress Away is my jam. I'm diffusing at work right now along with Orange & Bergamot. Love that you are Young Living user!! I just did my first facebook Essential Oil class last week!

  10. I love that pink tunic, so pretty!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. Oh my Lord! You crack me up! I don't often do spit takes while reading blogs but dang, you got me!



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