5 Things // Weekend Away + Create and Cultivate

It's funny when you become a blogger who hardly blogs. Are you even considered a blogger anymore? I'm literally starting to wonder how to answer people when they ask "what do you do?" Is it okay to say "Well, I spend most of my day on Facebook, sometimes I'm on Instagram and every once in a while I write a blog post". I remember the days when I was a 5 posts a week type of girl. It's funny how that took place when I worked 40 hours outside of the home. Now I'm home nearly all of the time and I can't get my crap together enough to publish more than 2 posts a week. I'm not sure if that means I'm spending too much time in front of the refrigerator or what, but I need to try to get my act together. Spoiler: probably not happening.

Regardless, here I am blogging and stuff! HOOOORAY! To acclimate myself back into this process, I thought I would turn to my trusted "5 things" post so I can dump anything and everything on here. LONG LIVE THE ABILITY TO RAMBLE! Let's do this. Warning: All 5 things may pertain to my weekend away recently. 

1. When the Backstreet Boys make an appearance at the country concert you are attending, you will scream like a little girl and pee a tiny bit. It's okay though because everybody else around you did the same.

There we were [and by "we" I mean me and this girl] singing along to Florida Georgia Line as they did their thing and then all of a sudden, 5 boys appear on stage belting out "BACKSTREETS BACK ALRIGHT!" So yeah, that was fun. Because we needed more excitement they threw Jake Owen [gosh I love that man in all of his barefoot glory] and Nelly out on stage too. It was hands down one of the better concerts of my life.

2. Speaking of concerts, my time in Nashville/Franklin was less than 24 hours but have no fear - I managed to not just pee my pants in that time but also shop at the cutest place ever [where's my Factory at Franklin lovers at], eat at Pieology, hang out on the most amazing screened in porch ever and so much more.

my shirt - wearing in small

3. Unfortunately as they say - all good things must come to an end so we had to say peace out to Tennessee after very little sleep, hop in the car and road trip it down to Atlanta.

If it appears that we parked our car on the side of a road with semis flying by at rapid speeds, had to run in stones and weeds [while wearing these shoes] just to get to the sign to snap a quick photo than you would be right. Back in the car we went and were welcomed to Atlanta with the world's worst traffic ever. Seriously though. It took 39 minutes to go 4 miles or something ridiculous like that. HOW DO YOU GEORGIA FOLK DO IT?

4. Saturday was the main event of the weekend - Create + Cultivate. I am becoming mildly obsessed with attending conferences for women entrepreneurs, especially in the online space. It is SO much fun to connect with like-minded women, meet those who you have admired for awhile [looking at you Belong Mag and Evy's Tree], learn from those who are doing it and doing it well [and by doing it I'm not talking about in the bedroom but more so pursuing their goals and dreams, but you know - whatever works], and coming home feeling motivated and inspired with a few new nuggets of wisdom to put into practice. I think the thing that stuck with me the most from what somebody said [it'd be cool if I could remember who] was that if you aren't willing to give something 5 years, don't give it 5 minutes. It's a piece of advice that I could totally afford to hear so if you're in the same boat, well there you go!

vest [wearing in small] // long sleeve tee [wearing in small] // black jeans // booties

5. The rest of the time was spent eating Mexican food [because duh], putting on charcoal face masks in the hotel room [I just tried this one and loved it! totally ordered for myself along with this cleansing balm], playing dress up, shopping at the coolest place on earth [visit Ponce City Market if you are in the Atlanta area!] and doing whatever else our hearts pleased for the 48 hours that we were there!
roomies // brooke + alissa
 dress [wearing in medium] // heels - SO comfy!

And there we have it - my time away in a long, long nutshell. Next conferences on the docket? Alt Summit in California and Thrive Conference in Texas. Will you be joining?

ps. fall is KILLING it right now in Indiana....



  1. OMG Pieology!! I haven't had that in over a year and I'm tempted to drive all the way to the closest one for lunch (which would be.....6 hours away. Yikes.)

  2. PCM is THE absolute coolest place! Glad you got to see for yourself!

  3. BSB as a surprise performer!! OMG, how awesome! Love the black dress you wore too!

  4. So Love the target dress but it's a junior size and I need to know how it fits through the chest also I have stupidly broad shoulders for my size. What do you think about the upper situation ?


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