Tunic Talk With A Little Booty Action. I Mean Boot Action.

tunic sweater [wearing in small, under $50, so comfortable and available in 4 colors! + see additional two color options here] // jeans [true to size] // over the knee boots [true to size, super comfortable and available in 3 colors]

If you thought that fall outfits were over here on the blog, boy were you wrong. I'm sorry, I know nobody wants to hear those words, however if you thought that fall outfit ideas may continue then good news, YOU WERE RIGHT! Glittery stars and confetti for you girlfriend. While I was going to wait to bring this next look your way, I figured that would be foolish and selfish of me because if you recall, it's triple points at Nordstrom now thru tomorrow, 9/25, so if there is a smidgen of temptation to jump aboard the tunic or boot train, now is the time to take action. Time out. Did you know that gift cards count for triple points? I'd either stock up on Christmas gift cards now OR get real smart about things and just buy yourself a gift card to use later on. Logic men, learn it. You can tell them I said that ;) 

Like the previous fall outfit I featured the other day, this look came entirely from my favorite website, Nordstrom. I know I said this before but the whole free shipping, free returns, getting to drink wine while shopping thing is where it's at party people. 

Now to the subject at hand - tunics. I am rather obsessed with this trend, mostly because it means two things - leggings [totally recommend this pair] and mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes mostly just because tunics and leggings will hide the massive amount consumed on Thanksgiving Day. The greatest outfits are those that feel as if you are wearing pajamas yet you sneakily trick people into thinking you put a lot of effort into getting dressed so chic-like. 

I recently purchased this Madison & Berkeley tunic [you can't beat the price or the comfort level - it's lightweight and oh so soft!] It does have a side slit so unless you want to show off your stomach [which mad props to you if you have that bod - you can disregard my mashed potatoes comment and read it as "mashed cauliflower"] but if not, you can easily pair it with your favorite tank or cami underneath. 

While I do love this, there are SO many other awesome tunics available currently. To make it easy on you, I brought my favorites right here. You're welcome. ps. all of them are under $100 and you can just easily click on the ones you want to view!

To spice up this particular look I added a berry colored handbag [because it's like eating berry cobbler without the calories]. While this one is currently out of stock [insert tear emoji] I've included several berry colored options below!

While I am a huge fan of pairing tunics with leggings, they look equally adorable with jeans if I don't say so myself. I especially love a little distressing as shown on this pair that feel very similar to leggings due to their comfort and flexibility factor, however I've also linked to a lot more inexpensive options below as well. 

Last but not least, lets talk about the item that pulls the entire look together - over the knee boots. I bought this particular pair of Vince Camuto boots when they were in the anniversary sale and girlfriends, do I love them. I know a lot of people are intimidated by the over the knee boot trend, however for this 5'4 girl [short to average height people there is hope for you too!] I can't get over how well they polish off a look. There are SO many cute options out [in all sorts of colors] - if you haven't ever tried a pair consider giving it a shot. You won't know until you try. Another thing I've learned with wearing these - a lot of times you just have to fake the confidence factor at first. Until you wear them a few times will you feel like you own this trend. It took me a couple of times out and about and now I wear these babies with pride. You got this. Your knees got this. 

Here are several other pair that I can't stop drooling over. 

So tunics and boots. Are you a fan? Give it to me straight. Or a little slouchy, that look is in too ;) 

disclosure: thank you so much to Nordstrom for partnering together for this post to bring you some top fall essentials. While I am being compensated for this post, all items were hand selected and purchased by myself and opinions on how great they are, are 100% factual. 



  1. So super cute! I have this tunic in olive and love it! I'm 5'4 also, so I've steered clear of the otk boots, but you make me think I *might* be able to pull them off! ;) ;)

  2. LOVE that purse! Can you tell me the brand so I can try to find it elsewhere online or stalk it until it is back in stock?? lol

    1. I zoomed in on the pic. Its Steve Madden. Look on Amazon.

  3. LOVE that purple purse! Can you tell me the brand so I can try to find it elsewhere online?

  4. I am definitely from now, in love with these boots!
    Great outfit.

  5. Dang girl, such a pretty look! I love these boots!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. Love this tunic! It looks great on you! I think you should take over for the Nordstrom models on their website! The pieces you share always look better on you than on the N website!


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