Remember Those Times When We Used To Be Cool.....[weekend snippets]

In effort to keep my diary alive and well, I thought it was time to share our weekend shenanigans on this very private blog of mine ;) Sometimes I think about the future and if we ever have kids and how said kids will be able to pull up their mom on the internet and read about how she used to pee her pants even before birthing their little heads out of that hole and how her and their father enjoyed a cocktail in silence often pre their existence. All I know is they better read and realize how cool their mom's life was before wiping butts and cleaning spit up off un-fancy outfits. 

This past weekend was a great mix between pleasure and pain. Pain only because this pulled muscle or whatever it is in my back is still kickin' so that's awesome. My brainiac self decided to get a massage Saturday morning and then go immediately over to a friends house to help clean their basement floors bent over with a squeegee [long story] so I think that helped a lot the situation. Not at all.  However, the pleasure way outweighed the pain so that's what we're going to document today. 

Saturday evening involved time spent with our little niece and nephew which meant cookies, dance parties out on the boat, building the coolest fort ever, playing games, coloring and of course eating every possible snack we could get our hands on. I don't want to brag and claim that it was "THE BEST NIGHT EVER" but their words, not mine. Aunt life is pretty legit, I'll give ya that.

Come Sunday we were ready to spend a little time out in the sun [with sweaters on] and then head out to see Chris Stapleton live at a county fair. 

[outfit deets // cardigan [40% off!] // tee // jeans // choker]
[outfit deets // jacket [40% off!] // plaid top [under $25!] // tee // jeans // shoes [30% off] // choker]

I've been a huge fan of his ever since him and Justin Timberlake killed it together at the CMA Awards last year [watch it here]. He's been on my bucket list of people to see so excited was a slight understatement. With beer in our cups, friends by our side and his crazy good vocals on blast it was certainly a night to remember. The thing that I love about country artists so much is that they always sound either exactly like they do on the radio or in some cases, even better. Chris was definitely not an exception to this [see a video of him performing at the our concert on Facebook here]. 

 See kids. Your parents - cool. Or at least that's what we will keep telling ourselves....


  1. Eh...don't worry because your kids won't ever think you're cool. Just ask my 14 and 12 year old boys! ;)

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! You guys seem like the coolest Aunt & Uncle! :)

  3. Wow, I really bet you enjoyed with your family and friends.
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