It's Raining Babies + Other Labor Day Shenanigans

You know how some weekends are just better than others? And then sometimes you have a weekend that trumps any other weekend you've ever had? That's a little bit how our Labor Day weekend was. I think it was mostly due do the fact that it consisted of three days rather than two, but also because the weather was freaking fantastic [hands down, best 3 day stretch we've ever had] and also because my bestie from Alabama was home. Combine all of the above and you've got yourself a winner folks.

Saturday morning the sun was shining, the temps were cooler and a baby shower brunch was held outside on our patio for that little Southern Belle and her baby to be. We ate, we drank [mimosas for us non preggos], opened gifts, played some games, did all the typical baby shower stuff and it was wonderful. You know the best way to host a brunch? Purchase everything from a deli already made meaning you don't have to make a darn thing. Aside from cheesy potatoes, definitely make those. Okay and maybe make the cocktail wieners too. Wieners are necessary for baby showers. And also for making babies so there's that. Another suggestion? You want decor - buy a couple of blue flowers and stick them in the face. That's all I did and called it a day. And to that I say screw you Pinterest, the KISS method is in town. Here's a few photos of that great little morning.

patio furniture from hayneedle
ombre maxi dress [also, my body looks dysfunctional here. also how cute is that baby bump?]

The remainder of the weekend was spent out on the boat, watching the ND game lakeside [lets not talk about the outcome], planted some trees because that's what adults do and spent the rest of the time eating, drinking and somehow pulling a muscle in my neck/back. You know what's funny about having a pulled muscle? Nothing. It sucks and you will go to bed with open bags of frozen corn only to accidentally spill the corn all over the sheets but you can't laugh super hard about it because it hurts. Regardless, it was a spectacular stretch of days and as much as I hate to see summer go, I am ready to take on fall one pumpkin cookie at a time. Weird now that I say that because I don't even like pumpkin, however it's amazing what something will do for you when it comes in cookie format.  

It's been real Labor Day weekend, it's been really really real. 



  1. Such a wonderful post. Love your dress.


  2. Your weekend sounds amazing! I also want you to decorate my house ha ha ♥

  3. I thought you were gonna say we are having a baby when I saw the title and the heart hands! Dang!

  4. What a cute cute shower! Great job!

  5. This is a random question but what color is on the wall in the kitchen? I really like it and am looking for colors to paint my house

  6. Just curious what color is on the walls in the kitchen!? I am looking for colors for my house!

    1. it's benjamin moore wedgewood grey :)


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