5 Things On This Fine Monday Morning [I mean Wednesday Afternoon]

Before we begin, it should be noted that I started this post first thing on Monday morning and well, here we are on Wednesday afternoon and I'm just now putting on the finishing touches. And by finishing touches I mean writing the thing. If you're wondering how my week is going, welcome.

Anyhow - I decided I'm going to start doing a weekly "5 things" post that allows me to just write about whatever random thoughts are floating inside my head. I miss getting to share all of the inappropriate, weird, funny, not so important things on this space and also want to squeeze in a few "hey look! we did this the other day and I don't ever want to forget about it so I'm putting it here!" type of moments.

To make sure I accomplish this regularly, I chose to go with the ever so clever 5 things type of post. Original, I know. I also plan on posting a goal or two along with what content I am hoping to post that week, mostly so I don't forget and you can keep me accountable by saying "hey, remember when you said you were going to do a fall home tour on the blog last week?!" and I can be all "CRAP! I need to decorate for fall now!" I'm also hoping that if I know I have one free post to write whatever the heck I want my mind will get creative and funny again. Right now it feels like a dead rabbit that ran out of batteries. Okay, enough talking [well that's a lie, I' m going to keep talking] Lets do it.

1. The other day Shawn and I were on a walk and I was informing him that my tampon was half in, half out, making the walk rather uncomfortable. He didn't understand what I meant so I had to go into more detail about how sometimes they can simply slip out a little or I didn't put it up far enough and that maybe, just maybe, the string was a little wet too because hello, pee. Just as I was mid trying to stick it back up there through the outside of my yoga pants our neighbor appears from behind her shrubs. To recap the story in full in case you missed something, my neighbor heard me say that I was "wet" down there, and saw me inappropriately touching myself. Okay, moving on.

2. Sometimes I wonder if I should drink more than coffee all day long but by the time I remember the answer my brain has moved onto something else. That means no right? GIVE ME ALLLLLLL THE CAFFEINE.

3. This past weekend not only did a new season of Shark Tank start [my Friday night coolness level just went up about 28223 points] BUT my girlfriend invited me to the Notre Dame football game. This was a lot of fun because instead of pretending to watch the game on TV I got to pretend to watch it from the stands! If you are ever trying to decide if you should go to a live sporting event, GO! DO THEY HAVE THIS GOOD OF CHICKEN AND MACARONI AND CHEESE AT HOME? NO! GO! Also, maybe don't ask who won. Mostly because I forget.

4. In other weekend news, my niece turned 5 which meant PAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTAAAAY. Do you know how 5 year olds party? By lining up Shopkins. It's safer than cocaine I've heard so go for it I say! I totally get the obsession now. Except that's a lie, I don't.

5. Does anybody else out there have extremely bad ADHD? If so, what do you do for it? Prescribe me something because this whole taking 2 days and 4 hours to write a freaking blog post just isn't cutting it.

Okay, well that was fun.

So this week's goal you ask? To actually work out more times than I did last week. What does this equate to? ONE TIME! I need to work out one whole time. Some of you are like "psssssssssssssssssssh get your life together, I workout every day" and to you I say "get over yourselves". Just kidding. Don't. You are a lot more awesome than I am and don't have nearly as many rolls on your stomach when sitting down. [update: I wrote that on Monday. It is now Wednesday and I haven't even considered working out. Here's to hoping Thursday has big plans in store for me].

Another goal? Actually complete my week's bible study "homework". I'm really good at signing up for bible studies and then not actually doing any of the study which somewhat [okay it does] defeats the purpose.

And for this weeks hopeful blog post content schedule? I'll be revealing my 52nd Stitch Fix box and giving a complete fall home tour. [another side note: again, I wrote that on Monday. It's almost Thursday. Will I get both of those items done? Ummmmmm. Here's to hoping!]

Gotta go, my coffee mug is low.



  1. I laughed way more than I should have at your number 1 about the tampon "issue". Oh was that good!! Love you and your honesty. So refreshing! And every single one of us can relate!!

  2. I too loved the tampon story...guys just don't understand what we women have to go through!! Thanks for the great laugh...I'm still smiling about it!!

  3. #1 - I hate that feeling, guys will never understand
    #4 - the Shopkins obsession is real, I have 2 girls with over 300 shopkins. I still don't get it.
    Have a great week!

  4. Omg! The tampon struggle is real-especially if it's uncomfortable 3.7 seconds after putting it in!! Also--football games are only for the food (BBQ nachos for the score!!), beer and wearing team colors if they're flattering. I never know what's going on and only grace my presence if it's shady and not 500 degrees.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I freaking love your #1 story and have totally been there, although there is no way my husband would have let me get that far into detail about tampon issues before telling me it was far to much information!!!! Hahahaha!! And I'm pretty sure there is no life without coffee, I even drink coffee as my pre-workout...so I'm right there with you.

  6. Hilarious! Do you have a regular job outside your home and if so what is it? Just curious:)

  7. That's the funniest story I've ever read on a blog!!! Girl...every one of us has had that experience sans the neighbor situation! lol

  8. Seriously lol'd multiple times while reading this!

  9. Haha! I literally LOL'd reading about your tampon story. Guys just don't get it. It also makes me feel a little better about myself that you don't have your Fall decorating done yet! I mean...it's not even October yet but I somehow still feel behind. Crazy! Next week...big things happening :)


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