52nd Stitch Fix Reveal // Fall Ready

cropped ankle jeans - true to size // ankle booties - available in 3 colors 

Do you ever feel like you suck at life? Or at least the work part of life. The going out to eat, walking through the aisles of Target, shopping online, sipping wine part of life however, nailed it. I feel like this week has been a whirlwind of things without accomplishing much. I take that back. I totally bought a cart for our kitchen so I don't know what this nonsense talk is about not accomplishing anything. In effort to keep the good streak going I figured a blog post was in store. Fortunately for me, my 52nd fix arrived at my doorstep last week just screaming "TRY ME ON! TAKE PICTURES! PUT THEM ON YOUR BLOG! GIVE THE PEOPLE SOMETHING TO SEE!" [it was a bossy little box] and so here we are. A brand new fix to reveal - if you happened to catch my Facebook Live video of the unboxing of this particular fix, the items may look familiar to you. However, on the video I was smart enough to hold up a few of the items backwards [except really I thought they were front facing - again, I'm smart] so some of them you may be seeing them with virgin eyes.

But before we begin here are a few words about Stitch Fix and how it all works if you haven't read this the 51 other times I've wrote about it ;)

1. You start by filling out your style profile - you will complete all sorts of questions on sizing, pricing, preferences, colors, etc. You can also write notes about likes/dislikes. Make sure to link your fashion board on Pinterest so your stylist can see what you like!

2. Order your first fix! Your card will be charged a $20 styling fee however, if you keep any item [one or more] you will be credited back the $20. Because of this I always recommend keeping at least one item or you are essentially giving away $20 for nothing in return. You will receive 5 items [made up of clothing, jewelry, and handbags, whatever you prefer]. I personally only want clothing in my fix so I just always let my stylist know! 

3. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back [in a postage paid envelope]! You have 3 business days to do so - use this time to try everything on, see what you have in your closet that pairs well with it and don't be afraid to say yes to something that you wouldn't normally. That's what makes Stitch Fix so fun! If you keep all 5 items you will receive 25% off your entire fix, winning! 

It should be noted that while I have chosen to receive monthly fixes, this is in no way a subscription service and you are able to decide when you want another fix, whether that be in 6 months or 2 years from your first fix! As always, if you ever have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Okay, here we go! 

1. Market & Spruce Gretal Sweater Dress - Small - $88 - Returned
over the knee boots - available in grey and wine as well! true to size

This always happens. I checkout online and then I take the pictures. I upload the pictures and I think "oh hey! that's cute! why did I return that?!" and well, that's kinda what happened here. I loved it when I pulled it out of the box because anything with a cowl neck is an automatic win in my heart. I also loved that it was longer meaning it would be great with leggings or tights for work in the winter. But then I put it on and I thought it felt a little big and seemed a little blah on me. Maybe I made the right decision on returning it, maybe I didn't. Regardless, bye bye sweater dress - mama will miss you.

2. Pistola Tory Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean - 2 - $88 - Returned
shirt [wearing in small] // ankle booties [wearing in greystone suede, true to size, available in 3 colors, so comfy!]

I absolutely love the length of these as ankle jeans are my jam these days, however the wash and zipper detail are a tad bit too 80's for me right now. Give me 2 months and I'll catch on to the trend but us Indiana folk are a little slow moving when it comes to what's hip. I love the amount of distressing they have [not too much, not too little] and they were comfy but back they went.

3. Loveappella Shasa Shoulder Detail Knit Top - Small - $48 - Kept
 grey cropped jeans - true to size // blush flats - available in 8 colors/prints

When I pulled this out of the box I thought "okay cool, a plain shirt - sending back" and then I tried it on and I knew instantly I would never part with this ribbed shirt of softness. I love the plaid detail on the shoulders and edging [if that's what it's called, I have no clue]. It's the perfect top alone or used for layering [which you'll see below]. Add this to your want list, you won't regret it!

4. Loveappella Jemie Crochet Hem Knit Top - Small - $58 - Returned 
cropped ankle jeans - true to size // lace up sandals - true to size, available in 9 colors, the best!

This sweater tricked me. I thought the front was the back and the back was the front and blah blah blah. For whatever reason however, it feels and looks a little grandma-ish to me. Albeit a cool grandma, but a grandma none the less. I don't know if it's the mauve color or doily looking lace but I decided to return it. I do think this could totally work on other people, it just doesn't scream me. 

5. Tart Skyros Quilted Wool Vest - Small - $78 - Kept
cropped ankle jeans - true to size // ankle booties - available in 3 colors 

Last but not least, the most fabulous vest in all of vest land in all of her glory. This baby is perfection. I love the color, the quilted detail, the gold zippers, the thickness [it's warm but not too warm] and well, I just really love it. This was an absolute no brainer for me from the moment I pulled it out of the box. Job well done Stitchy, job well done.

And that concludes my 52nd fix. Have you tried the service yet? Ooooooh wait, exciting news! Have we discussed that Stitch Fix is now available to men yet?!?! Well, surprise! It's available to men! There may or may not be a reveal of Shawn's fixes coming to a blog near you in October. He may not be thrilled but I sure am. I've always wanted to be married to a fashion blogger ;) Your man get start here. Or you can start there for him. We can let it be our little secret. 



5 Things On This Fine Monday Morning [I mean Wednesday Afternoon]

Before we begin, it should be noted that I started this post first thing on Monday morning and well, here we are on Wednesday afternoon and I'm just now putting on the finishing touches. And by finishing touches I mean writing the thing. If you're wondering how my week is going, welcome.

Anyhow - I decided I'm going to start doing a weekly "5 things" post that allows me to just write about whatever random thoughts are floating inside my head. I miss getting to share all of the inappropriate, weird, funny, not so important things on this space and also want to squeeze in a few "hey look! we did this the other day and I don't ever want to forget about it so I'm putting it here!" type of moments.

To make sure I accomplish this regularly, I chose to go with the ever so clever 5 things type of post. Original, I know. I also plan on posting a goal or two along with what content I am hoping to post that week, mostly so I don't forget and you can keep me accountable by saying "hey, remember when you said you were going to do a fall home tour on the blog last week?!" and I can be all "CRAP! I need to decorate for fall now!" I'm also hoping that if I know I have one free post to write whatever the heck I want my mind will get creative and funny again. Right now it feels like a dead rabbit that ran out of batteries. Okay, enough talking [well that's a lie, I' m going to keep talking] Lets do it.

1. The other day Shawn and I were on a walk and I was informing him that my tampon was half in, half out, making the walk rather uncomfortable. He didn't understand what I meant so I had to go into more detail about how sometimes they can simply slip out a little or I didn't put it up far enough and that maybe, just maybe, the string was a little wet too because hello, pee. Just as I was mid trying to stick it back up there through the outside of my yoga pants our neighbor appears from behind her shrubs. To recap the story in full in case you missed something, my neighbor heard me say that I was "wet" down there, and saw me inappropriately touching myself. Okay, moving on.

2. Sometimes I wonder if I should drink more than coffee all day long but by the time I remember the answer my brain has moved onto something else. That means no right? GIVE ME ALLLLLLL THE CAFFEINE.

3. This past weekend not only did a new season of Shark Tank start [my Friday night coolness level just went up about 28223 points] BUT my girlfriend invited me to the Notre Dame football game. This was a lot of fun because instead of pretending to watch the game on TV I got to pretend to watch it from the stands! If you are ever trying to decide if you should go to a live sporting event, GO! DO THEY HAVE THIS GOOD OF CHICKEN AND MACARONI AND CHEESE AT HOME? NO! GO! Also, maybe don't ask who won. Mostly because I forget.

4. In other weekend news, my niece turned 5 which meant PAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTAAAAY. Do you know how 5 year olds party? By lining up Shopkins. It's safer than cocaine I've heard so go for it I say! I totally get the obsession now. Except that's a lie, I don't.

5. Does anybody else out there have extremely bad ADHD? If so, what do you do for it? Prescribe me something because this whole taking 2 days and 4 hours to write a freaking blog post just isn't cutting it.

Okay, well that was fun.

So this week's goal you ask? To actually work out more times than I did last week. What does this equate to? ONE TIME! I need to work out one whole time. Some of you are like "psssssssssssssssssssh get your life together, I workout every day" and to you I say "get over yourselves". Just kidding. Don't. You are a lot more awesome than I am and don't have nearly as many rolls on your stomach when sitting down. [update: I wrote that on Monday. It is now Wednesday and I haven't even considered working out. Here's to hoping Thursday has big plans in store for me].

Another goal? Actually complete my week's bible study "homework". I'm really good at signing up for bible studies and then not actually doing any of the study which somewhat [okay it does] defeats the purpose.

And for this weeks hopeful blog post content schedule? I'll be revealing my 52nd Stitch Fix box and giving a complete fall home tour. [another side note: again, I wrote that on Monday. It's almost Thursday. Will I get both of those items done? Ummmmmm. Here's to hoping!]

Gotta go, my coffee mug is low.



Tunic Talk With A Little Booty Action. I Mean Boot Action.

tunic sweater [wearing in small, under $50, so comfortable and available in 4 colors! + see additional two color options here] // jeans [true to size] // over the knee boots [true to size, super comfortable and available in 3 colors]

If you thought that fall outfits were over here on the blog, boy were you wrong. I'm sorry, I know nobody wants to hear those words, however if you thought that fall outfit ideas may continue then good news, YOU WERE RIGHT! Glittery stars and confetti for you girlfriend. While I was going to wait to bring this next look your way, I figured that would be foolish and selfish of me because if you recall, it's triple points at Nordstrom now thru tomorrow, 9/25, so if there is a smidgen of temptation to jump aboard the tunic or boot train, now is the time to take action. Time out. Did you know that gift cards count for triple points? I'd either stock up on Christmas gift cards now OR get real smart about things and just buy yourself a gift card to use later on. Logic men, learn it. You can tell them I said that ;) 

Like the previous fall outfit I featured the other day, this look came entirely from my favorite website, Nordstrom. I know I said this before but the whole free shipping, free returns, getting to drink wine while shopping thing is where it's at party people. 

Now to the subject at hand - tunics. I am rather obsessed with this trend, mostly because it means two things - leggings [totally recommend this pair] and mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes mostly just because tunics and leggings will hide the massive amount consumed on Thanksgiving Day. The greatest outfits are those that feel as if you are wearing pajamas yet you sneakily trick people into thinking you put a lot of effort into getting dressed so chic-like. 

I recently purchased this Madison & Berkeley tunic [you can't beat the price or the comfort level - it's lightweight and oh so soft!] It does have a side slit so unless you want to show off your stomach [which mad props to you if you have that bod - you can disregard my mashed potatoes comment and read it as "mashed cauliflower"] but if not, you can easily pair it with your favorite tank or cami underneath. 

While I do love this, there are SO many other awesome tunics available currently. To make it easy on you, I brought my favorites right here. You're welcome. ps. all of them are under $100 and you can just easily click on the ones you want to view!

To spice up this particular look I added a berry colored handbag [because it's like eating berry cobbler without the calories]. While this one is currently out of stock [insert tear emoji] I've included several berry colored options below!

While I am a huge fan of pairing tunics with leggings, they look equally adorable with jeans if I don't say so myself. I especially love a little distressing as shown on this pair that feel very similar to leggings due to their comfort and flexibility factor, however I've also linked to a lot more inexpensive options below as well. 

Last but not least, lets talk about the item that pulls the entire look together - over the knee boots. I bought this particular pair of Vince Camuto boots when they were in the anniversary sale and girlfriends, do I love them. I know a lot of people are intimidated by the over the knee boot trend, however for this 5'4 girl [short to average height people there is hope for you too!] I can't get over how well they polish off a look. There are SO many cute options out [in all sorts of colors] - if you haven't ever tried a pair consider giving it a shot. You won't know until you try. Another thing I've learned with wearing these - a lot of times you just have to fake the confidence factor at first. Until you wear them a few times will you feel like you own this trend. It took me a couple of times out and about and now I wear these babies with pride. You got this. Your knees got this. 

Here are several other pair that I can't stop drooling over. 

So tunics and boots. Are you a fan? Give it to me straight. Or a little slouchy, that look is in too ;) 

disclosure: thank you so much to Nordstrom for partnering together for this post to bring you some top fall essentials. While I am being compensated for this post, all items were hand selected and purchased by myself and opinions on how great they are, are 100% factual. 




The day we have all been impatiently waiting for [or maybe it's just me] - is officially here! Fall just has a way with me. It also has a way with my waistline because of things like tailgating food, caramel apple spices from Starbucks, and you know - the whole cuddling up on the couch every evening under a fuzzy blanket thing. However, who cares because LAYERS. It's the season that hands you everything you could ever want on a gold platter with a few pretty colored leaves adorning the outside rim. Do you see what I just did there? I tried to paint a beautiful picture with words that I'm not sure even made sense. I need to stop trying to be a better writer than what I am. Remind me of that next time I try to make some stellar analogy or whatever that just was. 

Back to what I was saying though - while the food is great, the temperatures are perfection and the scenery is more than ideal, it's the outfits that really speak true to my heart. I don't know if it's the earth tone color pallete, the ability to layer all sorts of pieces on top of one another or because of ankle booties, but whatever it is I'm diggin' it. I recently ventured off to my favorite shopping website, Nordstrom, to load up on fall essentials. I know I get asked frequently if I shop anywhere else besides Nordstrom these days. Sure, I have a few other staple stores but girlfriends, I gotta say - when it comes to ease of navigation, quality of inventory, outstanding customer service, free shipping AND free returns [they even include the label for you!], it's a no brainer one stop shop for me. Add in the triple points that are currently happening [thru 9/25] and it's like they are paying you to shop ;) 

Because I don't have a local store near me, online shopping is about the only thing I do these days. This is more than desirable because last time I checked you can't carry around a glass of wine with you every where you go and well, shopping online at home has never scolded me for my beverage. Today I thought it would be fun to share with you a few fall essentials I have found - let's do this thing. 

You can't go wrong with having this staple item in your closet and this particular one will go with just about anything. Olives, navys, oranges, reds, yellows, burgundy - you name it, this is your scarf to pair with it. To see how I typically tie my triangle scarf you can view this quick little instructional video here

2. A great military vest or jacket 
[I would recommend sizing down one in this  - wearing an XS here]

Military vests and jackets are all the rage this season - I love the structured yet comfortable look these have AND the versatility they offer when pairing with pieces underneath. I love this one that I recently purchased [also available in dark grey which is awesome]. For a few other favorites be sure to check out this, this, this and this one

3. A comfortable long sleeve tee, perfect for layering. 
wearing white slub tee in small

I could live in a basic tee all year long and be content. These are essential in every wardrobe as you can wear them alone or under anything. For other affordable long sleeve tees be sure to check out this, this and my personal favorite - these

4. Cropped ankle jeans to show off all of those adorable ankle booties
wearing these - run true to size for me! // if you prefer slightly longer [28 inch inseam as opposed to the 26 I'm wearing here] these are a great similar option! 

You will find me in about one pair of jeans all fall long and they are these. Jeans that hit right at the ankle are my jam. Mostly because my shoes all fall long hit right at the ankle. If you don't own a pair of cropped jeans you may want to consider investing in a pair as they will up your ankle bootie game significantly. The PAIGE ones I am wearing here are truly the softest jeans I have ever owned, like butter I tell you. Except a little less messy and not as many calories. 

5. Speaking of ankle booties, ankle booties

You have probably noticed the ankle bootie trend by now, but they are certainly all the rage. I am particularly loving grey this fall for an awesome neutral that can be worn with just about anything. For other adorable grey options be sure to peep these, thesethese and these

michael kors medium collins satchel - see great in stock option below!
[all photos in today's post shot by the ever so talented tina herschberger photograpy]

And last but not least, the one accessory that keeps our lives together. Or at least holds more junk than we know what to do with. I think warm brown leather bags are a fall essential and will never go out of style. I recently purchased this vince camuto leather hobo bag in russet and it's perfection. I love knowing that a quality handbag will last for seasons and seasons to come. 

And there we have it folks - my top 6 fall must have wardrobe essentials. What's on your list this year? Drop a comment below and lets talk fall baby. I'm off to go jump in a pile leaves. 

disclosure: thank you so much to Nordstrom for partnering together for this post to bring you some top fall essentials. While I am being compensated for this post, all items were hand selected and purchased by myself and opinions on how great they are, are 100% factual. 



Life Lately [Ramblings From The Weekend]

Well this past weekend was an interesting one to say the least. What started out as a fun little girls night to go see Chris Lane, Kelsea Ballerini and Rascall Flatts turned into a night of me thinking that I was going to be a widow for the rest of my life. So here's a fun little lesson on males - apparently there is some condition that can cause them to pass out while peeing. WHO KNEW? Something about it drops their blood pressure rapidly and blah blah blah. I would also like to call this condition "send your wife into absolute panic, bawling, shaking, hysterical, will never be the same, can't sleep but can still eat because hello, nachos" mode. Thankfully Shawn is alive and well but I made him promise he will never go pee during the middle of the night moving forward [I welcome wet sheets] so I don't have to witness that again.

In all seriousness though, it does make you stop and think a heck of a lot about life when you experience a brief dramatic episode like we did on Friday night. I won't get into all of the details because I cry thinking about it, however even folding his white tee shirts yesterday made me so grateful that I have these tees to fold. While it ended up being nothing too serious, it was all I needed to send me into that "life is so precious" thought process and while we can get so caught up in the not so important details of our day to day lives, it is the people that we have around us that really matter. Being a believer in Christ, I sometimes think He sends little [or big] signs to take a step back and analyze where you are putting your trust, your priorities and hope for the future. Good call Jesus, it's like You knew I needed that. 

Moving on to lighter subjects though [sorry ladies and gents, I was totally planning on showing up today and writing a lighthearted post and then BAM, this whole dear diary thing got the best of me]. Back to what I was saying in the first sentence about the concert Friday night. It was a night of sing- alongs and major girl crushes. Is anybody else out there just in love with Kelsea Ballerini or is that just me? It wouldn't kill me if I had to be her for the rest of my life. 

The rest of our weekend was spent tailgating over at Notre Dame [lets pretend they won, it makes that statement cooler], going to the grand opening of HomeGoods to which I found a big ole mirror for $65 which means my countless mirror selfies just got a whole new life. I know, I'm sorry for you too. The weekend ended with a bonfire with friends which was the flame on the fire [think icing on cake but more relevant to the event at hand] to cap off the weekend that was. 

May all of your men stay vertical while peeing and may we all figure out how to be a cute blonde with a dynamite voice and spunky little hip shakes. I think the first option may be our easiest, just sayin'. 

ps. Is it just me or is it time for a complete blog redesign? Random I know, but true. 

pps. Speaking of time for something - have you melted shredded cheese on tortilla chips in the microwave recently? BEST BREAKFAST EVER. 

ppps. Supposedly there is some giveaway going on that a few [thousand] of you have decided to enter. I heard it ends tomorrow so maybe jump on that now before your chances are gone, gone, gone!

pppps. Remember when I used to take pictures with a real camera and not just post my IG photos in blog posts? Yeah, I hardly do either. #stepupyourgameerin




You read that right - a giveaway of my favorite things. And we're not just talkin' like 3 of my favorite things, but more 13 of my favorite things. If I could make it confetti all over this screen right now I totally would. I figured that I spend so much time sharing how much I love some of these items, maybe it's time for YOU to experience all of these for yourself. Below I'm sharing all 13 items that I have chosen as my absolute favorites [from shoes to jeans to sweaters to handbags and everything in between] so you can check them out for yourself first. 

To enter it's super simple. Just jump over to my Facebook page [you must "like" my page in order to be entered], comment on the Facebook giveaway post with your favorite item from below, and if you're really in the giveaway spirit, share that same Facebook post and comment saying you shared for an additional entry. Make sense? Awesome - here we go. May the luck of the Giveaway Gods be with you. 

[wearing in XS/Small in black here]

This cardigan is hands down the softest sweater you could ever own. available in many colors and runs true to size. you will never ever want to change out of this. added bonus? I've heard it doesn't pil and stays in great condition for years!

[wearing in small in white here // other items: plaid top, grey jeans, converse shoes]

I own this tee in five colors and it has never failed me. I love that it is not too tight and not too loose. Perfect alone or under any cardigan and jacket. So comfy! I do find this to be true to size, however if you fall in between sizes you may want to size down. You can't go wrong with a great basic!

[wearing in XS // other items: UGG slippers]

These leggings are somewhat life changing. You really can live in them, hence the name. Made of a slightly heavier material yet not too crazy heavy to where you'll sweat your balls off with every wear. A lot like the barefoot dreams cardigan, these last for years and won't pil after several uses. Perfect for lounging or wearing out and about. Winning. 

[smoke cloud featured here]

I have owned these sandals since early spring and have worn them way more times than I count. Beyond comfortable and adorable with shorts, dresses, jeans and I'm assuming totally naked if that's what you're into. These come in so many great colors. I do find them to be true to size [narrow feet order the medium width, you'll be golden!] You want these in your wardrobe. 

[other items - tunic (size down one) // distressed jeans // ankle booties in khaki suede]

This is the perfect scarf for fall [see above in first photo collage how cute it is under vests as well!] You can't go wrong with these colors with your other fall wardrobe items. Grab that pumpkin spice latte and go to town girlfriend. 

[other item details // twist woven shirt, leather strap sandals, purse]

These jeans are incredible. So soft [we're talkin' so soft], super flexible, great stretch but yet won't ever stretch out. I would recommend air drying these per the care instructions. I love where these jeans hit and are perfect for ankle booties, wedges, pumps, flats, etc yet can transition to winter under boots perfectly. I do find these to be true to size, however if you are in between consider sizing up. 
ps. if you are taller and don't prefer the 26 inseam I will grant you with the sightly longer version found here

[wearing sweater in small // other items: jeans, lace up flats]

I just received this sweater the other day and it's already a new favorite for all fall and winter long. So soft and lightweight, you may want to size down one as it does run a little big. You will never want to take this off, believe me. 

[featured in cactus flower]

It's no lie that I am obsessed with UGG products these days, but these slippers - oh these slippers. So soft and cozy you'll question ever wearing another pair of shoes again. Not only are the color choices awesome, they apparently last for years as well. Put these on your Christmas list if you aren't the grand prize winner. You're welcome. ps. If you are a 1/2 size I would recommend sizing up. I did order in true to size and while they fit snug, they do conform to your feet and stretch with wear. 

[handbag in cognac // other items details: tee, shorts available at Target, converse]

You know when you need a bag to run around on vacation with, or maybe go to a concert with, or really just need a bag in general but you don't want something ginormous nor do you want something that you are afraid you are going to set down and lose? Enter the crossbody trend. I love that this has plenty of space for all of my crap very important items yet isn't too large for me to add even more crap very important stuff to. 

[other items details: vest, long sleeve tee, jeans]

I have never been a flats lover until I met these. So comfortable, so stinkin' cute and total ballerina babe. I get so many compliments on these every time I wear them. Available in a plethora of colors [although I'm partial to the pink blush and calf hair]. I do find these to run true to size. Adorable. 

[wearing pants in size small // other items: tee]

If you follow me on social media at all, you have probably seen me in these often. Crazy soft on the lounge pants factor. If you plan on never getting off your couch over the next couple of months [hi! me!] you need these in your life. Just a heads up, I air dry these to keep their fuzzy softness. 


Life without a choker is really no life at all. At least that's what I learned in the 90's. This circle choker is the perfect accessory to any outfit all fall [and winter, spring, summer] long. 

[wearing vest in XS // other items details: long sleeve tee, plaid scarf, jeans, ankle booties]

I never knew I needed a vest until I bought this one. Now I'm questioning how I ever lived without one? You can wear this so many ways - with a basic tee, with a button up shirt underneath, throw on a sweater, heck - go crazy with it. Just whatever you do, own one. I would recommend sizing down in this!

And there we have it folks - 13 of my absolute favorite must-have it, gotta love it items. Now remember - head here to get to enterin'! I can't wait to make one of you the luckiest person alive [assuming you won't go to Ellen's 12 days of Christmas this year, stay away from Oprah's favorite things and are gifted a pet monkey from your husband for Christmas]!

*winner will be selected and announced on Wednesday, Sept 21st at 8 pm EST. If the particular item(s) featured above aren't available in your size, color preference or you flat out don't want it, equal value of credit will be given for you to use at your pleasure!