Every year there is a big deal made around what the PANTONE colors of the year are. Until now I've always been one to always just browse through the fashion magazines while I was impatiently waiting in line at the grocery store to see what was considered "on trend" for the season. Well folks, I'm turning over a new leaf and am vowing to be ahead of the game this year. When I saw that PANTONE released their fashion color report for fall 2016 I was anxious to see what colors they were saying will be huge this season. My biggest shock? Olive green wasn't on there. All I've been buying recently has been olive green but you know what they say "screw it! wear it any way!" or at least that's what I am choosing to say ;) I do absolutely love the shade of green however that they chose and couldn't be happier to see a few of the other colors listed. 

I thought I would do us all a huge favor and browse some of my favorite websites to find items in all of these colors. I broke them all down below and made it super easy for you to shop. You'll notice when you hover over an item it should show you the price [it does take a little bit to load so patience girlfriends] - you can quickly click on it to be taken to the site where you can buy. Any questions, holler at your girl - I got you. 

Let the drum roll begin...annnnnnd, go. 

Riverside - Cool and calming, strong and stable

Airy Blue - Light and full of serenity 

Sharkskin - Pair-able with any fall color, bright or muted 

Aurora Red - Bold red, exciting and dynamic 

Warm Taupe - Trusted, organic and timeless 

Dusty Cedar - Dustier rose toned pink 

Lush Meadow - Rich and elegant, bright and sophisticated 

Spicy Mustard - Spicier, zestier yellow 

Potter's Clay - Russet orange with a neutral earth tone 

Bodacious - bright rich purple with hints of a sophisticated pink

And that's a wrap people. Which color are you loving the most from this year's fall trends? Any that you were surprised by or are excited to try? 



  1. Lush Meadow, Dusty Cedar, and Bodacious are some fun fall colors. Looks like we'll all be spicing up our wardrobes this fall. I'm especially excited to find some Lush Meadow colored pieces. Every year I tend to cling to a color. I think that'll be the one this season.

  2. Oh my gosh so many great items!! I love all of these colors! I have always wondered if I am cool toned or warm toned. I can never figure that out! I would love to see you do a post on colors to suit different skin tones and how to figure out my skin tone! Happy weekend! Susan

    1. I have recently been obsessed with seasonal color palettes. There are several websites that walk you through to determine your season. Fortunately mine was easy, however, I've been trying to figure out my 14 yr old daughter and have struggled. I have an annual getaway w 3 girlfriends and we alway exchange our favorite thing. This year I had a color analysis done for each of the girls. It's so fun knowing your color, takes all of the guess work out of shopping!

  3. I'm new to your site, found you during the #nsale, I love everything you post! I have always been a black and white gal but trying to embarrass color. I recently figured out my seasonal color palette, I am a deep winter. Now that I know what colors look best on me, I can't stop buying them. I see a few pieces here that will be perfect...thank you!

  4. Could you be anymore awesome? I think not!
    What a wonderful job you do with this blog...upon waking each morning I cant wait to check my iPad to see what new ideas you have in store for me! You are definitely an inspiration--
    DFTBA-don't forget to be awesome!!!

  5. That spicy mustard color is my FAVORITE to wear... I'm actually wearing it today! Glad to know it's going to be "in" this fall! I'm loving the rust, too.

  6. Excellent post!! I love the colors! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the green mood board, so pretty!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. The Riverside and Airy Blue shades are my favorite! So pretty.


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