The Cutest Clothes For Kids From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This is what happens when your aunt is a blogger. You see, my two nieces somewhat understand that I take pictures often and that I post them on the internet. While they don't fully grasp what a blog is outside of "a dog with a blog" they are fully aware of what YouTube videos are of Shopkins, so they assume my blog is almost as cool as that. If only they knew, they would be oh so disappointed. 

Obviously I have been shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like a madwoman and at some point in time I made my way over to the children's section [not because we are planning on children anytime soon but because of these cute little girls above and below] and informed my sister immediately she had to do some back to school shopping for them. Well, the clothes all arrived today and these girls asked if they could model because "they've been practicing their best poses" recently. Except I'm not kidding. One outfit in they were gold, four outfits later they were sweating and saying in exasperated six year old tones "modeling is hard work, can we have a lollipop now?!". Welcome to the real world ladies ;)

Without further ado, I present to you the most adorable girls clothes from the #NSale ever. They are almost good enough to make me want to birth a child. Almost. Remember that the sale ends Sunday and all prices go back up to normal retail price so if there is anything you want to snatch up, to do it now. I'm not going to say a whole lot more but rather dump a crap ton of ridiculously cute photos and outfits below - all links are listed so click away and ask any questions in the comments. I'll be sure to have them report back on their answers ;)

1. Take One // The cutest dresses I ever did see...
Truly Me Mixed Print Dress [under $50 - comes with sweater] // TOMS mary jane shoes

my favorite item -->  Truly Me Mixed Print Dress [under $50] // TOMS mary jane shoes

2. Take Two // Cool, Casual and Comfy 
Tucker + Tate Sadie Jeggings [under $20] //  Skechers high top sneakers [under $30] <-- she is OBSESSED with these

3. Take Three // Cover Me Up 

4. Splish Splash // Puddle Jumping Necessities 

5. Take Five // Cardigans and Sweaters for Dayyyyyys [how cute is this sisterly love?!]

6. Take Six // The "I'm actually only 6 but I look like a 20 year old" outfit, #idie.

 7. Take Seven // Bundle Me Up Scotty
 Hooded Microfiber Parka [under $50]

8. And that's a wrap - now give me that lollipop woman. 

I gotta say - they nailed this whole modeling gig. Proud of you girlfriends but maybe, just maybe - consider college still though. You know, just in case. 



  1. Love this! Could you offer a size reference on the pink sweater? Thanks for the great suggestions for adults and kids!

  2. I would consider sizing down one as my sister ordered her regular size but as you can see it was a little long (although I guess it gives them some room to grow!)

  3. Ahhhh mermaids don't sleep. That explains my daughter's nap boycotting. So glad I didn't see this post earlier. Shopping for little girls' clothes is DEADLY! So cute!

  4. I've got a challenge for you! Would you consider a post on trying to coordinate a family photo (what to wear!)? I really want to schedule a professional photographer, but it overwhelms me to shop for our family of 6 (in some sort of coordinating ensemble). I don't want matchy-matchy and pinterest is full of ideas. blues and browns, denim and splashes of red or yellow. I can picture what I want, but what I can't do is actually FIND the outfits I imagine! Thank you! I've never followed a blog before, but LOVE yours! We adopted our youngest daughter from China, over a year ago, and we have no family photo for the wall!


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