I'm Officially 50 Years Old [In Stitch Fix Years] 50th Fix Reveal + Giveaway!

Well, well, well - look who just turned 50. I have noticed that with blogging, aging happens fast. Especially in Stitch Fix years. This means that 50 months ago I started receiving a monthly box and I haven't stopped since, proving the theory to be false that all good things must come to an end [take that Geoffrey Chaucer -- yes, this is the guy who originally said it apparently, google told me]. 

While I have much to talk about [hello, anybody else watch the bachelorette last night] I'm going to jump right into business. This fix was exactly what I wanted it to be - half love, half not so love. I say this only because I kept all 5 items in my last fix and well, the budget didn't really want me to keep it all this month. The unfortunate part is that there are a few items I really, really, really want to keep - I just don't know yet if I will or not. Oh the dilemma, be a gem and help me decide. Okay let's do this thing. 

Oh but wait, before we begin - did you notice in the title it says that one of you will be winning a $50 Stitch Fix gift card? You read that right sister friends - it is open to new and returning Stitch Fix customers so be sure to enter!

Here are a few words about Stitch Fix and how it all works for you virgins out there [it's okay, I won't tell anybody]. 

1. You start by filling out your style profile - you will complete all sorts of questions on sizing, pricing, preferences, colors, etc. You can also write notes about likes/dislikes. Make sure to link your fashion board on Pinterest so your stylist can see what you like!

2. Order your first fix! Your card will be charged a $20 styling fee however, if you keep any item [one or more] you will be credited back the $20. Because of this I always recommend keeping at least one item or you are essentially giving away $20 for nothing in return. You will receive 5 items [made up of clothing, jewelry, and handbags, whatever you prefer]. I personally only want clothing in my fix so I just always let my stylist know! 

3. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back [in a postage paid envelope]! You have 3 business days to do so - use this time to try everything on, see what you have in your closet that pairs well with it and don't be afraid to say yes to something that you wouldn't normally. That's what makes Stitch Fix so fun! If you keep all 5 items you will receive 25% off your entire fix, winning! 

It should be noted that while I have chosen to receive monthly fixes, this is in no way a subscription service and you are able to decide when you want another fix, whether that be in 6 months or 2 years from your first fix! As always, if you ever have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 

Okay now seriously, here we go! Remember - If you see anything that you like below, feel free to pin away and/or ask your stylist in the notes section of your next fix for something similar! I am the queen of copying other fixes! 

1. Fate Selita Strappy Back Top - Small - $48 - Kept

jeans // calf hair flats [all on sale!]

There is no denying that I love this tank oh so much - in fact, I wore it the first evening I opened this fix. The color is so pretty, I love the strappy back and I love even more how well it pairs with a brown leather jacket [shown above] so that I can transition into the fall with it. Hands down my favorite item in this fix. 

2. Crescent Mendoza Tassel Trim Top - Small - $48 - Undecided 
jeans // open toe booties [all on sale!]

This tank is super cute and unlike anything I really have in my closet. I love the boho / tasssel vibe it has going on and the blush pink color which drips with feminine touches. The only question that I keep asking myself is how often would I really wear it? If I don't know how to answer that question, I feel like back it should go. But it's so cute though. LIFE IS SO HARD. 

3.Michael Stars Mik Knit Crochet Detail Tank Dress - Small - $78 - Undecided
 wedges [currently on sale!]
cut out booties [currently on sale!] // similar dresses here

Okay so I get that $78 seems a little expensive for a 100% cotton dress because mostly it is expensive, however after trying this baby on and realizing how comfortable it is and how much use I really could get out of it [pair with a jacket for the fall] I think it may be a keeper. I love items that are easy and this dress looks adorable with wedges, booties, flats, sandals, etc. I feel like this is a great must-have item and the detail back doesn't hurt either. Probably keeping.

4. Street Level Maddox Fringe Clutch - $48 - Returned

I can totally appreciate the fringe trend [I've been wearing and digging these shoes lately!] but this seemed like a heck of a lot of fringe in a small amount of space. I don't love accessories that overwhelm the outfit and I felt like this clutch did just that. Sorry but back it goes. On the bright side, it does look kinda adorable with this top and heels

5. Tart Milla Crew Neck Knit Top - Small - $58 - Returned
 michael kors purse // jeans // flats [all on sale!]

I love this top, I really do - so cute, so soft, a great basic and the list goes on. The main reasons why I am not keeping it is because I feel like I have similar tops in my closet already and because I've been eating a lot of candy recently and it felt a little tight. Remind me to lay off the Jelly Bellys next month. Or don't because juicy pear and peach are where it's at. Nothing but love for this shirt, it's just not for me at this point in time.

Alright there we go friends - one definite keeper, one I'm most likely keeping, one undecided and two returns. Not bad if I don't say so myself. Be the decision maker for me - pink tank and dress, what do I do?

ps. wearing this strapless bra with the tanks and dress featured above! I love this baby and so many of you who have purchased have reached out and said the same! nice work supporter of breasts, you did us well.



  1. I'd go with the dress before the tank -- it's more versatile, and you'll be able to wear it into fall. The thing with the tank is that the tassels may make it look a bit dated once that trend fades out.

  2. Love! I vote the dress! My fix is arriving Friday and I can't wait!

  3. You are beautiful and look great in everything but I say keep the pink blouse and return the tank dress.

  4. Don't love the fit of the pink tank on your body. Keep the dress- the back is adorable! and leave the pink tank!

  5. Id definitely do the dress before the tank top. You look awesome in both, but you can get more use out of the dress I feel :)

  6. I am obsessed with that jacket. Also I need your tan. :)

  7. I love that Crescent Mendoza Tassel Trim Top on you!


  8. Keep the dress for sure! It's a more unique color than you usually see. What are the chances that they'll restock the MK purse? �� It was my first time shopping the sale and I have managed to snag all of the hard to get items I wanted except that one. I can't wait until it's over so that I can sleep again!

  9. I do love the tassel top, but if you HAVE TO send AT LEAST ONE of the "undecided" pieces back, send the top. The dress is a wardrobe must have!! so versatile and you can literally pair with anything else in your closet. (like you said) that dress can be worn 8-10 months out of the year! (at least in SC) ;p

  10. Keep the dress! Super cute in the fall with a jacket and booties! I am obsessed with your Stitch Fix posts!! Susan

  11. I don't even know how you can refrain and only keep one or the other! I don't think I could. They're both very cute. But if you only take one take the dress. The back of it is awesome!

  12. If you have to choose I would say keep the dress over the tank! I think it fits you better and is much more versatile through the seasons in the Midwest (plus the back is GORGEOUS). �� Also wanted to say how much I love your blog! You've inspired my closet!

  13. Definitely the dress!!! Love the back! Still shocked by the bachelorette ending haha!

  14. That tank is super cute. I would keep that one. The dress you can find elsewhere cheaper.

  15. Keep the pink one with the tassels!!!!!!!!! Super cute!!

  16. I LOVE the tassel trim tank! So cute! You should keep it. I feel like I see versions of that blue dress alot (at least here in the Dallas area) at little boutiques for much less. It's just ok.

  17. If you don't already have a lot of the peach color in your closet, I would vote to keep the tank. The color looks great on you, it's sweet and feminine. The dress looks good, too -- great color with your eyes and beautiful back detail, but on the other hand, even with a strapless bra, the bra strap still shows. Question: I'd love enter the giveaway and am a returning Stitch Fix customer -- what are we supposed to enter in the blank for the first entry? The box isn't labeled. Name, email address, S.F. referral number?

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  19. Love the calf hair flats. Where did you get those?

    1. Thank you! From Nordstrom, here you go! http://rstyle.me/cz-n/bu3x2cnwiw


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