Blog Life [A Look Inside My Daily Routine]

In my recent quest to figure out what in the heck to write about on this blog, somebody suggested that I show what a typical "day in the life" looks for me. While I have done this once or twice before since starting this blog 5 years ago, my days now look much different than when they did back then. This is mostly because I am now home much more than I ever was. Because I am almost positive that the majority of my friends, family and sometimes even my husband don't really understand what I do in my normal 8-5 I thought it would be fun to share. Before we break it all down, here's a brief snapshot of the jobs that I have [yes, it's plural. yes, my head is typically spinning in every which direction. yes, I don't keep it all straight and yes, I am usually always behind on everything, however I thrive on being busy and love the variety of my days - that is until I reach my breaking point in which case it gets ugly and my husband gets to experience a lot of tears which is fun ;)].

So what do I do? 

1. I work part-time [around 12 hours a week] outside of the house for a local credit union as their social media coordinator. While I have worked at the credit union for 9+ years, this position is brand new to me so I've been knee deep in learning how to make social media exciting for a credit union. A harder feat than some may think but a fun challenge. 

2. I work as a project manager for Pollinate Media Group. I have been doing this for a couple of years now and have recently taken on more of a "full-time" roll with them. This takes up the majority of my time and I absolutely love it. While I love being a blogger, it is so much fun to be on the other side of blogging sometimes. I work daily with bloggers and the work they are doing for campaigns we are running. This consists of emails, reading a lot of blog posts, writing campaign instructions and general oversight that everything is going smoothly ensuring our clients will be happy with our bloggers work. 

3. I also recently started being a contributor for Target Made Me Do It which means I write around 5 blog posts a month for the site. You can see a few of my favorite posts including this strawberry basil moscow mule and home accents under $25

4. Last but not least, I am the blogger behind Living In Yellow. This blog has been running now for over 5 years and has been the source of so many crazy, fun, overwhelming but mostly awesome memories. It has been so fun to watch it evolve over time but even more fun to look back at and see the thousands of words and pictures that hold so much of my life in this one space. 

Phew - now that you have an idea of what I do, lets bust out what my typical days look like. Because I only work outside the house for 12 hours a week, it means I have a couple of days every week where my home is my office all day. Today happens to be one of those days so I've been busy shooting photos to give you a glimpse into what it looks like. 

7:00 am - I typically wake-up around this time [I know, I'm a slacker - I used to be so good about getting up at 6:30 and have slowly started the descent into "but I don't want to wake up yet...."]

7:30 am - By about this time I am fully out of bed and ready to start the day, which means one thing - coffee. 

Maggie is my biggest supporter and sidekick during the days that I am home and loves to be right by my side at ALL times of the day, coffee time included. 

It is while I drink my coffee that I typically open up my daily planner [I swear by The Day Designer] and get a grasp around what I need to accomplish for the day and add anything else that comes to mind. I write down every single thing that I can think of as a small portion of my self worth comes in the moments that I get to scratch them off as done. You know the feeling, don't act like you don't. 

Candles are always lit, Pandora is always playing [the stations vary depending on my mood, today's station happened to be Back That Azz Up which holds true to my ghetto tendencies. in case you didn't realize I'm quite hood. except not at all].

Okay so maybe I am a little bit based on what my daily outfit looks like around the house. 

UGG slippers and workout clothes - really there's nothing better and a definite perk of working from home. 

Depending on the weather you can either find me propped up at the center island in our kitchen or if it's nice out [this morning was rainy] I will be outside on our back patio underneath the umbrella. 

9:00 - 12:00 -  This is probably my most productive work time. Mornings are my jam as I typically find myself distracted and too caffeinated in the afternoons to sit still. It is during this morning time that I work on all things Pollinate and if I have time I will try to squeeze in writing a blog post. Today consisted of reading through blogger's posts that were due this morning for a certain campaign, sending emails and shooting photos for this post. 

Like I said, Maggie refuses to leave my side so next to me she sleeps during all of this. 

let's stay in sign - made by my talented sister, joyfully said signs

While this is my prime computer work-time, I find a few things to get me up and moving every so often as the tingling feeling of my legs and feet falling asleep can be too much for me to bare sometimes [does that drive anybody else nuts?!] I am quite anal about keeping an orderly house so this morning's distractions included doing a load of laundry...

everybody wave hello to my bikini top and favorite strapless bra which are just chillin' while they dry

A little loading and unloading of the dishwasher happened along with a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up on toilet paper and dog food. You know, the things 30 year olds buy. 

Maggie and I get hungry [often] and our favorite go-to snacks are these overpriced Sargento Balanced Breaks that I can't stop buying. Just a heads up - I did find them at Sam's Club for a reasonable price so if anybody else is obsessed with these try shopping there to avoid fights with your husband over spending $5 on a very minimal amount of cheese and cashews. 

12:00 - By about this time I am getting hungry for real food so either a quick run to Taco Bell [it's true, I am the world's worst eater] or leftovers in the fridge are what I snag to eat. Because I don't have any other plans today over lunch back to work I go... 

"no where to go, no where to be" custom sign made for me by my sister, joyfully said signs

Except then I got distracted by some dirt on my floors so this happened. 

I'm about to sound real old, but this vacuum is everything. If you look closely you won't see any cords. That's because it doesn't have any. I use this baby on all of our hardwood floors and in the bedrooms on the carpet. It's the easiest thing to whip around everywhere as no plugging and unplugging is constantly needed. It's the Hoover Cordless Air in case you are wondering. Totally not sponsored, just Erin tested and Erin approved.

1:30 - 2:00 pm - Weekly conference call with my Pollinate ladies 

2:00 - 3:00 pm - Still in full work mode I jump back on my computer to tend to anything that needs done. Today that consists of sending more emails, editing photos for this blog post, writing today's post and anything and everything else that needs taken care of. 

3:00 - 6:00 pm - It's about this time in the day that I start thinking about potentially doing something with my appearance. Depending on the day I may or may not work out [this typically translates to may not] however today I have high hopes to jump on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes. Without about an hour to spare I will jump in the shower and get all dressed up in normal human clothes to trick my husband into thinking that I look like a reasonable human being and not like a piece of trash all day while he is gone. Key word being trick there. Because I have started taking more every day outfit photos for my blog and social media accounts I make my way to my closets and clothes racks [because lets be real, I might have a shopping problem and my closets can't hold it all] to put together something cute for the evening. After I am finally dressed and have make-up on my face I will run any additional errands that need run for the day before Shawn arrives home.

purse // shoe containers - currently on sale 

5:00 - 12:00 am - My evenings can vary greatly depending on what type of plans are in store. Typically it involves cooking dinner [we are still hooked on Hello Fresh meals - if you click on this link you will get $40 off your first box!] or going out to eat, a boat ride with a glass of wine, some possible blog/computer work [ie: tonight I have photos with my blog photographer], post and respond to social media comments, turn on the TV [I never ever have TV on during the day - just a little quirky fact about me] and unwind from the day. Usually I won't fall asleep until around midnight or so and then come 7 am I start all over again!

And that my friends, concludes a day in the life....it may not be the most glamorous of things but I sure love it.

+ all photos in today's post shot with my Sony a5000 camera and 50-210 lens.



  1. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog!

  2. Can I please have your life? I would kill to work from home. Well. Not kill. Because then I'd be working from prison. Or I probably wouldn't be working at all. Which that might be nice for a little while. But I'm sure I'd get bored. Haha, <3 this post!

  3. What I got from your blog post today....Hoover Cordless Air. For a stay at home mom of three boys (4 including my husband) who lives in a home with all hardwood floors, this is VERY important information! I am always looking for the newest technology in vacuuming hardwoods. Blogging seems like a greatly fulfilling gig. :)

  4. You're my go to girl for fashion - and now you're my go to girl for vacuum cleaners(: I need this for the fur our two labs leave around the house. I am a nurse/teacher but work from home now too. While there are perks, I struggle to get out of work out clothes most days. I am hoping to find some good use for those Nordstrom sale purchases(: Susan

  5. I need you're life. I am currently working for a Savings Bank and testing my luck with their marketing. Unfortunately, they refuse to take the social media leap despite my daily pleas lol. Your home is beautiful! I would like your life, your jobs and a couple signs I spy in your house! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Sounds like we have the same schedule ;)
    I downloaded the free printables on The Day Designer... IN LOVE!!
    Adding the planner to my Christmas list!!

  7. (1) I LOVE your house
    (2) Isn't it pretty amazing getting to work from home!?? I would not trade it for anything!


  8. Your schedule sounds absolutely fantastic and makes me miss staying at home a little. Also, your home is positively beautiful. Please come decorate mine ha ha!

  9. This sounds like a dream life! It's basically what I dreamed being a full time blogger would be like. Also, somehow I didn't know that you'd stepped back from your full time job at the CU! I've been amazed that you're still juggling all of that and wondering when you sleep! Your new schedule sounds MUCH better :).

    Thanks for sharing your sister's link. I'm just deciding what color I want to order one of her signs in!

  10. I love your blog! You should do a "inside my closet" blog post. I would love to see how you organize all of your clothes.

  11. I would absolutely recommend these tights to anyone looking to add to their active wear collection. So comfy & the perfect fit. I'm 5'6, 145 lbs, I have a big hips, thighs & booty for my size. I ordered the medium work out leggings & it's perfect! Great stretch. Moves with you.


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