A Blog Post Brought To You By Facebook Fans - From Kid Talk to How to Wear Over The Knee Boots, It's All Here

this picture serves no actual tie in to today's post however it's been awhile since Shawn's face has graced my blog and I figured it was about time. you're welcome Shawn. 

In my desperate and trying times of figuring out what to write about I took to my Facebook page to ask you, the readers on what you want to hear. As much as I could sit here and talk about the annoyances of how my weight gain is going straight to my boobs causing my bras to no longer fit, it's probably not something my dad wants to know a whole lot about. Sorry dad! Fortunately, several of you came through in the clutch and tossed out ideas on what to talk about. Today I'm going to make my way through a couple of those...

While on the subject of gaining weight and growing boobs, we will start with my mom's request - sharing my thoughts on having one child vs two. And probably what she means is "are you and Shawn ever having kids and if you do, how many are you having?!" so let's get to the bottom of that right now. I have no freaking clue if we are having kids or not - and believe me, we get asked often. I would like to think that yes, eventually we will either buy or birth one. I think we are both still waiting for us to develop a deep desire to have those cute little creatures - we are both really happy with our life right now and we really [no but like really] love our peace and quiet around the house. Not to say that we wouldn't absolutely love the chaos and fun that comes with little ones but for now we get our fix of that from our nieces and nephews. Unless I have twins the first go around or we adopt multiple right off the bat [chances of that are zero] I definitely think we will be more in the mindset of "let's start with one - see how it goes and if we get real wild and crazy we will add a second to the mix". All of that to say, wait and see what happens. And by that I mean report back in about 9 years or so.

Moving on, another special somebody wanted me to talk about a super healthy macaroni and cheese recipe. While I am sure such a thing exists [although it pains me to think about removing the butter and the cheese] I am not the source for such a thing. If you want the 1,000 calorie per scoop recipe - hit me up, totally your girl for that one. About that weight gain.... 

Last but not least for today's blog post purposes - several of you asked to talk about how to wear over the knee boots. While I may do a more in depth post [and by that I mean not just crappy mirror selfie photos] on my favorite over the knee boot outfits, I have a few ideas for you today. Keep in mind that I think you can wear OTK boots really with just about anything that you would wear with ankle booties, flats, riding boots, etc. My only one piece of advice is this - make sure when wearing riding boots or over the knee boots that the jeans or pants you are pairing them with are skinny. It doesn't look the best when you have denim all bunched up over the top of your boots. I prefer skinny jeans or leggings with my boots. Also, don't be intimidated by over the knee boots. I know they can be frightening if you haven't worn them before but girlfriends, rock that look. I think they are sexy, confident and really make a statement with any outfit. If you don't own any I will highlight two of my favorites below [along with cheaper options!] Here are a few easier than easy looks to pull off. 

1. Day of Running Errands - a simple tunic + skinny jeans + boots = easy peasy! 
tunic [size down one, wearing XS in purple potent] // skinny jeans [true to size] // boots [true to size]

2. Date or Girls Night Out - Cute top + skinny jeans + boots = sexy woman! 
peplum bell sleeve top [true to size] // skinny jeans [true to size] // boots [true to size]

 3. Cozy Fall Saturdays - Sweater + Jeans + Boots = Dream Outfit! 
cardigan [size down one] // tee [true to size] // skinny jeans [true to size] // boots [true to size]
necklace from my favorite boutique, miss chic

About these boots - I purchased both of these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. While I love them both, the brown ones are my absolute favorite as I typically always reach for brown over black [why is that?!] They truly are so comfortable, the perfect height and so beyond versatile. I love that both boots are suede for a slightly more casual look

If you are looking for a less expensive version of these two boots, I would suggest either these brown DV over the knee boots from Target for less than $50 or these flat Journee Collection boots for less than $60, also from Target! You can't go wrong on a great deal. 

ps. if you just can't with over the knee boots, these riding boots have come highly recommended to me by several people recently along with these [which I own and holy moses, they are amazing]. 

That completes today's segment of "my brain can't think for itself right now - feed me with ideas people!" Thanks to everybody who contributed an idea, I will be sure to get to them all in the next few weeks! 



  1. Right with you on the child free life for now. I love the no-surprises, peaceful, do-what-i-want, when-I-want life with my husband and fur-kids. The house is clean, I get my sleep, I can go out and own my own life. It's glorious. I don't think it's selfish to not want kids.

  2. I put on the " summer 15" as I drank my way through summer while on break and I might add my 2 kids may have added to that drinking LOL. I'm so short if I wear OTK boots I look like I should be on the street corner👎🏻. Live your blog

  3. Preach it preach it on the kids. I LIKE my house peaceful and quiet, and while I love other peoples kids (truly! swears! for a little while...) I may be on the path to disappoint all the (wishing to be) grandparents ... and hey! any leggings recommendations? i know i know zella, but i REALLY have a hard time paying $50 for leggings?

  4. OTK boots are on my "really want to buy for Fall" list... and they may have just moved to the top.

  5. I'm all about that child free life right now and we get asked all the damn time!

  6. Right there with you on the whole weight gain thing, only mines not going to my boobs it's going to my hips/muffin top area and it's making me feel murderish. But not as murderish as not eating what I want when I want. :D
    Also, whyyyyy do people feel free to ask when/if you're having kids? As if it's not an extremely personal life altering decision! I get it all.the.time. And not from like family members who maybe have the 'right' to ask. From coworkers and barely adequateness.

  7. I love all the outfits but the last one is my favourite.
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  8. We decided to have our first babe when I was 28….we were married for 6 years and enjoyed our lives, careers, etc. Honestly, we never had this moment where we thought, "now's a good time to have kids" but we knew we wanted kids one day. I've heard lots of people say to me since that there's never a "good" time to have kids. When you decide to grow a family, you just gotta go for it. Good luck with your decision! : ) It sounds like you have a bonus having a great support system close by!

  9. Ha. Yes, peace and quiet go out the window with kids. And part of your sanity...
    Kids are a lot of work, but when the 2 year old crawls in your lap and kisses you on the nose and says "I wub you" it's worth it. We never thought it was the "right " time, but we had been married 7 years and decided it was now or never. Enjoy your quiet time while you got it. And if the kiddos come along, you will enjoy them too!


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