Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits & Misses // Loves, Likes, and Total Oh No's! [Your Ultimate Guide Before You Buy!]

Sweet mother of pearl, the time has come to reveal all of my buys from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which launches to everybody [including your mom and your mom and your mom too!] tonight at midnight PST. I'm not saying you should set your alarm, but I think you'd be a maniac not to.

You may remember when I showed you all here what I actually purchased, well now it's time to tell you exactly how I feel about everything now that I have received it, tried it on, photographed it, begged my husband to let me keep it and all that good stuff. I will say, while I had a lot of things that I absolutely loved, I also had some things that I absolutely hated. Strap on your panties [is that a thing?] and get settled, we've got a lot to cover folks. Before we get this party started - remember the following things:

- Anything that you love and want for yourself, add to your wish list and check out once the sale is live!
- Remember that Nordstrom always offers free shipping and free returns!
- Some of the items I mention may currently be out of stock, but check back often for restocks!
- Keep in mind that while the sale lasts until 8/7, things go quick so don't be like N*Sync and have to say "bye, bye, bye" to everything before it's gone - shop early!
- Last but not least, if there's anything I didn't cover and you still have questions, ask away below and I'll answer right here so check back!

Now seriously, lets get this party started. We're going to just take it item by item baby [speaking of babies, be sure to check out the cutest kids finds from the sale here and the best of what's left as the sale is nearing an end here!]

Sweaters and Cardigans

1. Leith Shawl Collar Cocoon Cardigan [$74 --> $49] LOVED!
cardigan // tee [wearing medium] // jeans // open toe booties <-- so much love // bracelet

Ordered in Rust, sized down one to XS and it fit perfectly! There is so much good about this cardigan, definitely a must have. Great quality, so soft, totally recommend.

2. Free People Crossover Sweater [$88 --> $58.90] NO THANK YOU!

[I was in the middle of a shoe change]

Ordered in Grey, size Small. I am not a fan of anything that is cropped in the front [give me a little length people] so I didn't like that - what I did love about it? The turtleneck portion and how soft it was. Sending back though, sorry Charlie. 

3. Dreamers by Debut Cowl Neck Boxy Pullover [$45 --> $29.90] ALL THE YES'S! 

Ordered in Olive, size Small and it fit perfectly [runs true to size]. It is so soft and I love the cowl neck. It looks awesome with these brown boots and ahh, I want it other colors, one of my favorite buys from the sale.

4. BP Open Front Cardigan [$48 --> $31.90] MIXED EMOTIONS! 

Ordered in Black and Burgundy Stem, sized down one to XS [suggest doing that!] This does look a little grandpa-ish to me. I do love it in burgundy, not a fan of it in black. It is super comfy so I'll give it that. Keeping one, sending one back! 

5. UGG Hayley Long Cardigan [$148 --> $87.90] ONE OF MY FAVORITES!

Ordered in Fresh Snow Heather, size XS/SM. This is my personal favorite cardigan from the sale as it is so cozy and I love the buttons and cable knit back. Definitely a must!


1. Lush Deep V-Neck Tee [$24 --> $15.90] NOT A FAN

Ordered in White and Heather Grey, size Small and runs pretty true to size. This top is a little too cropped in the front for my liking. If it's not tucked in at all it looks boxy and me and eh', not a fan. I do however LOVE the.....

2. Caslon Relaxed Slub Knit U-Neck Tee [$25 --> $17.90] FAVORITE TEE! 
tee // jeans // flats // purse

Ordered in Beige Rainy Day and White, size Small, runs true to size. I can't say enough good things about this tee, if you are looking for a great basic - this is the one to order. Not too small, not too tight, just perfect. Available in a ton of colors! 

3. Caslon Stripe Pocket Top [$39 --> $28.90] SO SOFT, CONCERNED ABOUT QUALITY

Ordered in Heather Grey, size Small, runs true to size. This is probably one of the more comfortable pieces I ordered and I do absolutely love it, however it did snag some after wearing it for a very short amount of time [it could have been my bracelet] but something to be mindful of. 

5. Pleione High/Low V-Neck Mixed Media Top [$48 --> $29.90] NOT A FAVORITE
top // jeans // boots // jacket

Ordered in Ivory Cloud, size XS - I recommend sizing down one. This top was a little too sheer for me [I'm sure it's better in the other color options] and I didn't love the shape on me when it was on its own. Under a jacket, not bad but not a must have for me. Sending back! 

Fun Tops and Dresses

1. Socialite Off the Shoulder Top [$45 --> $28.90] LIKE, NOT LOVE
top // jeans // flats

Ordered in White, size Small - runs true to size. There is a lot of cute about this top, including the bell sleeves - however it was a little too sheer for me so I don't think I'm going to stick this one out. Would be adorable in the rust option though! 

2. Socialite Cowl Neck Shift Dress [$38 --> $24.90] I THINK IT'S A YES!

Ordered in Black/Taupe Rib, size Small - runs true to size. I mean, the dress does have pockets so it should be an automatic keeper. I was pleasantly surprised by the length as I thought it was going to possibly be way too short. This is super comfy and I love that it has a cowl neck, so yes - yes, I'm going with yes. 

3. Pleione Bell Cuff High/Low Blouse [$68 --> $44.90] ABSOLUTELY A MUST BUY!
 top // jeans // flats // purse 

Ordered in Pink Smoke, size Small - runs true to size. This is one of my absolute favorites from the sale and I'm planning on ordering it in other colors as well. Fits perfectly, the bell sleeve is adorable and just yes to it all. Add this to your cart! 

4. Lush Strappy Long Sleeve Woven Blouse [$48 --> $31.90] ANOTHER SALE FAVORITE

Ordered in Black and Peacoat, size Small - runs true to size. I was worried this would be too low in the front and show off my girls to everybody in sight, but surprise - it doesn't at all! It's so cute alone or under a jacket [see below]. It is slightly shorter in the front but I think it it such a cute fit and I love how it feels on. You want this top too, believe me! 

5. Make + Model "Hello Friday" Crewneck Lounge Sweater [$49 --> $31.90] CUTE, NOT FOR ME

Ordered in Grey, size Small - runs true to size, however it is cropped which again, I'm not a huge fan of. This baby is beyond soft though so if you are looking for something crazy comfortable this is your ticket. Pair it with my favorite pair of lounge pants and you'll never leave your house. 

Michael Kors Medium Collins Leather Satchel [$398 --> $237.90] AHH, I DON'T KNOW!

I only ordered one handbag but man, she's a beauty. I absolutely love the size, color, quality - everything about it. It all comes down to budget on whether or not this thing is staying or going and well, right now I just don't know. I do know however that I love it. 


1. Vince Camuto Feina Bootie [$159.95 --> $99.90] CUTE, TOO BIG FOR MY ANKLES

Ordered in Khaki Suede, size 8 [my typical size]. While I do like these a lot [super comfy] I feel like they are a little too big around my ankles making it look a little goofy I love the slit in the front - these would be great for a lot of people! 

2. Hunter Original Refined Rain Boot [$195 --> $129.90] EHHHHHH

Ordered in Black, size 8, runs true to size. While I know a lot of people love these, they are just a little too rubbery for my liking. I don't see myself wearing them all that much so back they go! 

3. Vince Camuto Melaya Over the Knee Boot [$239.95 --> $159.90] MY FAVORITE BOOT!
top // jacket // jeans // boots // sweater // purse

Ordered in Bark Suede, size 8, true to size. I can't get enough of these - everything about them is spot on. Love the color, the height, the fit, the comfort. If you need an over the knee boot these are your jam! 

4. Tory Burch Ashlynn Riding Boot [$495 --> $299.90] NOT A HUGE FAN

Ordered in Almond Leather and Black, size 8, true to size. I had high hopes for these, however I didn't find them to be super comfortable, especially after trying on the Frye boots below. I do love how the brown look and they are a great basic boot - I just think if I have to choose [which I do] I am going to choose the Fryes. 

5. Vince Camuto Peera Cutout Bootie [$149.95 --> $99.90] LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Ordered in Khaki Suede, size 8, true to size. These are so great - I love the cutout sides. While I probably won't wear socks with these you may be able to with the real little ones. So comfortable and fun! 

6. Frye Melissa Button Leather Riding Boot [$367.95 --> $246.90] THE BEST RIDING BOOT

Ordered in Cognac, size 8 regular calf, true to size. Apparently everything amazing that I heard about these babies was accurate. If you are looking to buy a high quality riding boot, I recommend these 100%. The genuine leather alone smells like Heaven and they are BEYOND comfortable! Total yes. 

7. Born Poly Riding Boot [$239.95 --> $159.90] LOVE THESE, BUT DO I NEED THESE? 
tee // jeans // boots

Ordered in Pelto Distressed Leather, size 8, runs true to size. I ordered these because I wanted a pair of grey boots - these are also beyond comfortable and I love the look and feel to them. If I could keep all of the boots this would be a no brainer. I have nothing but good things to say about these, just trying to decide if I can get away with them or not ;) 

Other Shoes and the best thing of all...SLIPPERS!

1. Ugg Aira Knit Scuff Slipper [$109.95 --> $72.90] THE BEST THING I RECEIVED! BUT SERIOUSLY. 

Ordered in Cream Knit, size 8, run true to size. I'm not kidding when I say these are my absolute favorite purchase from the entire sale. I knew I loved slippers, I just didn't know I could love them this much. So soft, so warm, so comfortable, so everything. Buy these for you and then everybody you know. Okay thanks bye, gotta go lay on the couch forever. 

2. Vince Camuto Barsha Lace-Up Pump [$129.95 --> $79.90] THEY REMIND ME OF WINE, SO YES. I LOVE THEM. 

Ordered in Cabernet, size 8 - I would suggest going up 1/2 a size if you are in between as they do fit a little snug. I am absolutely in love with this color and I'm a huge fan of the lace up trend. These heels are super comfortable and I think they are perfect for fall. I love that they look cute with jeans or can be all fancy with a dress or skirt. It's amazing the difference quality heels make on a foot.

3. Halogen Owen Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat [$89.95 --> $59.90] I'M OFFICIALLY SOLD ON FLATS!

Ordered in Chestnut Suede, size 8, true to size and available in 6 colors. I haven't typically been a flat person, until now. These babies are amazing. Super cute, very comfortable, a fun lace up look and yes - I'm keeping them and the ones below. Sorry husband, I have to. 

4. Halogen Owen Genuine Calf Hair Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat [$89.95 --> $59.90] UMM HI, YES. 
tee // jeans // flats // top // purse

Ordered size 8, true to size. Exactly what I said above - they are the best flats I've ever owned. I love this animal print - so cute to pair with any solid color. I've already worn these a few times in the last 2 days and have received several compliments on them! 

5. Lucky Brand Rozina Cutout Wedge Sandal [$118.95 --> $69.90] FAVORITE WEDGE OF THE SALE

Ordered in size 8, true to size. These babies are incredible - I absolutely love the black leather cutout pattern, the darker wood for the wedge and that these aren't stiff at all but move with you. They also come in brown and I am oh so tempted - you won't be sorry with these! 

Coats and Jackets

1. Lauren Ralph Lauren Stripe Wool Coat Blend [$340 --> $219.90] THE CUTEST COAT EVER.  

Ordered in size XS, so yes I would consider sizing down one! This is my favorite winter coat I have ever owned because holy cow, it's adorable. I love the simple clasp and stripes at the bottom. This is probably my favorite coat of the sale as I love the look of it oh so much!

2. Michael Kors Mixed Media Hooded Zip Front Coat [$168 --> $109.90] PERFECT FOR NOT CRAZY COLD WEATHER!

Ordered in black, size small, runs true to size. I was pleasantly surprised by this coat as it just feels super lightweight and looks so sharp on - not to mention I think it's an excellent price for what it is. I love all of the mixed materials and gold details going on. I wouldn't recommend this in the dead of winter when it's colder than balls outside, but if you live somewhere that isn't ridiculous in the winter, this is your coat!

2. The North Face Miss Metro Hooded Parka Jacket [$320 --> $239.90] I LIKE THE MARSHMALLOW LOOK

Ordered in black, size small, runs true to size. I have never owned a North Face piece of anything and now I know why people do. You become like a freakin' oven cooker in this thing and it's awesome. Well at least it would be awesome in the winter. I love that it's a little more fitted and doesn't look like a creepy parka like you see in the movies. Totally recommend this coat if you live somewhere that likes to turn you into an icicle like I do.

4. Blank NYC Faux Leather Jacket [$98 --> $64.90] LOVE IT - GREAT BUY!

Ordered in Brown, size Small - I would maybe consider sizing up one as this was pretty snug, however I typically like jackets a bit smaller so I go back and forth on this one, but error on the size of sizing up. This jacket feels like great quality and I love the structure to it along with the zipper detail. So cute to pair over all of your favorite tops in the fall and winter. 

5. BP Cargo Anorak Jacket [$68 --> $44.90] I LOVE THIS!

Ordered in Olive, size XS - order down one or two sizes as it does run plenty big. I love this cargo jacket for a cool casual look and would recommend it over and over again! It's so fun with this cross top and booties!

While on the subject of jackets, If you are looking for the perfect denim jacket, I have this one and it's currently in the sale. It is an excellent denim jacket [great quality] and right now it's on sale for $64.90. I wear it in size small and always roll up the sleeves for a cute look over dresses or tees. 

1. PAIGE Transcend Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans [$189 --> $99.90] MY FAVORITE JEANS OF THE SALE! 
tee // jeans // flats // bracelet

Ordered size 26, true to size. These are one of the only designer jeans under $100 in the sale and boy, do you know how great this whole "designer" thing is? Apparently great. These are like butter on and so figure flattering in the booty area. I love the length of these along with the wash of the denim. Perfection!

2. BlankNYC Skinny Dipper Distressed Skinny Jeans [$55 --> $58.90] I LIKE, MY HUSBAND DOES NOT. 

Ordered in size 26, true to size. I love BlankNYC jeans so I was anxious to try this style. I personally think the extra large knee hole is fun and edgy, but Shawn wasn't as a fan. I'm not sure how often I would wear these so they will probably go back but they are a great jean I would totally recommend. 

3. Kut from the Kloth Diana Stretch Skinny Jeans [$89.50 --> $59.90] YIKES. HATED THEM
top // jeans // flats

Ordered in size 2, seemed quite large in the leg area but good in the waist. I have several pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans due to my Stitch Fix boxes and they are always a great quality jean, however I didn't like this style one bit. Sorry, but no thanks.

4. AG The Legging Ankle Jeans [$245 --> $163.90] I GET THE HYPE NOW
cardigan // tee // jeans // booties // pumps

Ordered up one in size 27, I would recommend doing the same. So now I get why so many people love AG jeans. Yes, they are expensive but dang they are a good jean. This is the perfect amount of distress to me and they are so comfortable and at a good length [can be rolled or left alone]. If you are looking to get a pair of jeans that you know you will wear over and over again, these are an excellent option.

PHEW! We made it you guys. If you're still with me, congratulations. You are a good, good woman. Or at least a broke woman. My bad. 

While I highlighted A LOT, there is still SO much more to be had - be sure to check it all out here!

ps. If you haven't entered to win the $250 Nordstrom Gift card [and by $250 I really mean $350] be sure to do so before time is out! 

pps. this blog will resume to normal scheduled programming soon, I promise - there's more to life than a good sale. kinda. 



  1. Love your feedback! Just a heads up that Nordstrom has said on Twitter sale starts at 12 PST so that's really 3 EST.

  2. Excellent thorough post! I got the Vince Camuto cut out booties and LOVE them too! I wish the rust long sweater was still available, you look so cute in it that I think I need it too.

  3. Thank you!! This helps so much. A lot of the things you bought that I want are sold out in my size though. Hopefully they will restock! -Kirsten

  4. I love your blog, such a crack up! Those Vince Camuto over the knee boots look pretty perfect and the outfit you put together with them is so, so, so cute!

  5. How do you like the Lauren Ralph Lauren coat? I'm waiting for mine to arrive in the mail!! Excited! πŸŽ‰

  6. I saw the dreamers sweater today on the sale and knew I needed more, I received a grey one in my first ever stitch fix. ..LOVE IT!

  7. Thank you so much for your honest feedback and you showed many items I hadn't seen on other blogs!

  8. I love your fashion posts. I am definitely buying the cutout booties and I have several other items in my wish list waiting to be eligible to make a purchase.

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  10. Thank you so much!! I am ordering today! Susan

  11. I absolutely love the Michael Kors jacket! And I think you look fabulous in the crossover sweater but I would never do a crop either (especially after 2 kids) haha!😁

  12. Ahh! I just ordered the Kut from the Kloth Diana jeans before seeing this...they don't look anything like they do on the model, it almost looks like they sent you the wrong jeans! I thought they were supposed to be skinny?!

  13. I thought the same thing and checked the label to make sure I didn't receive the wrong thing but it says Diana Skinny jean on them - I will be curious to hear what you think after they arrive, let me know!

  14. You are amazing. I can't imagine how much work this post was. Thanks for doing all the hard work for us. πŸ˜€ I'm off to buy the jacket!

  15. Obsessed with your picks. Wish some would be restocked but I Think you picked the best of what you ordered to keep. Don't tell my hunny how much I spent today. Shhhhh ha ha

  16. First off, awesome blog! I'm doing some Xmas shopping for my girlfriend and looking at the over the knee boots already, and a link brought me here. Definitely helpful to see on, but she is on the shorter side, how tall are you?? Thanks and happy holidays!


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