And Just Like That I'm No Longer In My 20's... #cougartown

The day that I never thought would get here has arrived and in about two hours it will be all be over. Remaining? Bras that support like never before, the teeth whitener editing tool cranked way up on PicMonkey and pants that aren't convinced they ever buttoned in the first place.

Hi, I'm 30.  

That's right, we're talkin' about the big ole 3-0 mark. THIRTY. Do you know what somebody who just turns 20 thinks of 30? They don't think about it at all because it's forever away. At least that's how I felt for the last 9 years of my life until I realized crap, I'm actually doing this whole adult stuff now for real. While I definitely find myself less and less cool [I mean for real though, who goes out after 10 pm? That's silly] I still have a long way to go in the "I should probably grow up now" department. I blame it on whoever created the "your mom" and "that's what she said" jokes. 

The few things going for me? I've met other people in their 30's and they seem pretty legit. They say you feel like you have more clue about who you are, what you're doing in life and all of that other adult stuff. Debatable at most in my eyes, but it sounds good so we are going to go with it. While I know I'm sounding pretty down on my luck about this whole birthday thing, I'm actually quite excited to have made it this far. Hypochondriacs and age don't really go well together but suuuuuuuurprise, I'm still alive and haven't died from some crazy disease yet. 

Well this post is fun. No but for real, I am excited for this new decade of life and can only hope it's half as cool as what the last decade has been. I owe that mostly [okay, all] to the people who surround me. They say you're only as good as the people you hang out with and hot dog, I think that means I'm awesome. You see, these people that I call friends and family have made the past few days of my life pretty darn incredible and ahhhh, I am just so thankful [and every bit undeserving but we won't let them know that] for what all they did for me to make this the best birthday yet. Little do they know they just set themselves up for major high expectations come 40 ;) 

Lets recap these past couple of days for a minute shall we?

It all started Wednesday when my husband started acting real fishy. When a man asks for your work hours repeatedly and power washes the boat out of the blue, you know something is about to go down. Say for instance, a surprise party at your house that evening. Turns out I was wrong. The good news is I vacuumed all my floors, picked up the entire house, washed the bedding and was ready for whatever I thought he had in store. I got all dressed up just waiting for the guests to start arriving that evening, however the only person who showed up was Shawn and all of my dreams of any surprise got washed in the gutter.


These girls. You see, the very next evening [Thursday] my sister had asked me to go on a little sister birthday date. Okay cool I thought, probably a Target run - maybe Starbucks if we get real feisty and be back home by 8:30-9, NBD. We start driving and she leads me to a waterside restaurant, we walk in and all of those ladies above were sitting there looking all cute-like waiting for my arrival. I cried, I ate cake, I opened gifts [bottles of wine and vodka - it's like they know me] and the best gift of all, a scrapbook my sister put together with 30 reasons why they love me which of course, had me crying even more.

[in case you needed a close up of the face]

I left feeling more grateful than I ever have before...and then I walked into work the next morning.

So that had me twirling around like an idiot because hello, it's magical and no, I'm not removing any of it for a solid 6 months.

Friday evening I was prepped and ready to have a low key dinner out with Shawn and one other couple and that's when things got a little fishy again. Couple by couple, people just kept showing up at our door, food and drinks in hand and I just kept thinking "but wait? what?" It was about around when the 18th person showed up I finally realized it was a surprise party for me that my husband had secretly planned and we were having a good ole fashioned cookout and hangout session at our house all evening.

For a girl who has never had a surprise party in her life, two nights in a row was a lot to take in, but I mean I'd be willing to do it again if I had to. The rest of the weekend was pretty tame and chill which included boats beer and babes. To cap off the weekend my parents took us out for some meat in our mouths [we like that, I mean I like that. Okay, Shawn likes it too but in the non-sexual way. Never mind, this just got weird] and it was the perfect way to end my 20's and dive head first into my 30's.

my top // jeans // heels // bracelet // strapless bra // similar purse here
[if your man is in need of jeans, this brand and cut is my husbands favorite - check them all out here [some washes are included in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!]

If this past weekend is any indication of what the next year of life is going to be like, I'd say I'm pretty darn happy about that. Thank you to everybody who made this turning of a decade all sorts of wonderful, I'll pay you back in leftover wrinkle creams and other youthful grasp holders. 

ps. in case you are interested [you probably aren't], but here is the outfit I was wearing the night of the surprise party at our house and well, this top from The Mason Jar Boutique has been on repeat lately. Use the code yellow20 for 20% off [wearing a small for reference]. 

top // jeans [run true to size] // fringe shoes [love these babies, so comfy and fun!] // purse

pps. if you missed my post over the weekend covering what I actually bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, you can peep that here



  1. Happy Birthday! It is nice to meet another July birthday baby! Enjoy your 30's I am 2 years into it (32 now) LOL!

  2. You always look so cute! Happy belated birthday- what wonderful friends and family you have!!! Awesome weekend :)

  3. Happy birthday! Beautiful outfits. I especially love the purple top!

  4. This is awesome!! Happy (belated) birthday!!!


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