All About That Lounge Life // Best Comfy Finds From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

tee [included in the sale! available in many colors! wearing a size small] // pants [the best! wearing size small]

As I'm laying in bed this fine rain filled Sunday morning, I've got one thing on my mind - nothing. Literally, it's the only thing I want to do. I take that back, I totally want to drink coffee too. You could say I'm a bit of an overachiever. Regardless of my productivity levels today, I do know one thing - lounge life is the best life. Can I get an amen? I know that the majority of the pictures you see of me I am dressed in adult clothes, but 99% of the time I am wearing some type of lounge pants [preferably these], no bra and some paint stained tee or tank. I like to keep things classy on the home front.

After much chatter over on my facebook page around leggings [girls, aren't we gems? we can have full on conversations with heartfelt passion and emotion about things like donuts, wine and leggings..] and after realizing some of my very own personal lounge favorites are included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I thought shoooooooot - I should probably write a post on this so we can all be less productive, happier, more comfortable than we've ever been humans together. Here's a complete line-up of what I've worn, read, and researched to be the best loungewear of the sale! Let's get cozy together! But maybe in separate beds.

We'll start with the item that inspired this whole post....


1. Zella "Live In" Cropped Leggings [$48 --> $24.90] Ordered size small [true to size]. These were the leggings that started this whole loungewear takeover of the blog. I have been hearing all sorts of incredible things about this Zella leggings and noticed they were apart of the sale, so naturally I posed the question on Facebook to ask if these really do live up to the hype. The verdict? Absolutely and you should order like 10 pairs just to be sure you have enough. Noted. 

2. Zella "Live In" Leggings [$52 --> $33.90] Ordered size XS [one size down]. I ordered these last night after having so many people tell me I needed to [okay fine, twist my arm] as many said they aren't sheer, they don't pill, they last forever and are super comfortable. I always buy a new pair of leggings for each season as I wear them constantly both around the house and also out and about with long sweaters, cardigans and tunics so it was a no brainer purchase for me. 

3. Zella Hatha High Waist Crop Leggings [$52 --> $33.90] These are just like the cropped leggings above, but have the sheer factor on the back of the legs which I love for workout purposes. 

Sleep Shirts

1 & 2. Kate Spade New York Graphic Sleep Shirt [$86-->$39.90] I think all of these Kate Spade sleepshirts are absolutely adorable and I love how quality they look [not to mention they have pockets!] Definitely on my must buy list - now to just decide which one....

3. Kate Spade New York Printed Cotton Blend Sleep Shirt [$68-->$39.90] Very similar to the one above, I love the little bow detail this has on the neckline and you should definitely check out the black/white version, ahh so cute. Sleep has never looked so good.

Lounge Cardigans [or wear them out and about, I know I will]

1. Barefoot Dreams Travel Shawl [$121-->$79.90] I ordered this last night after reading that it won't ever shrink or pill and when daydreaming about how great this really would be to travel in [or I mean, do anything in]. I can't wait to receive this and see what it's all about!

2. UGG Anjeline Knit Cape [$128-->$75.90] After I fell in love with this UGG Cardigan, I've been on the hunt for what else they have to offer. When I found my way to this cape, I instantly fell in love. Comes in a couple of different colors - the cable knit front with a giant button, ummm yes please.

3. Barefoot Dreams Drape Front Cardigan [$92-->$59.90] If this baby doesn't look like the most comfortable thing on the planet, I don't know what does. Described as "ultrasoft" this is definitely on my want list. It comes in 4 different color options and would be perfect with leggings or jeans and boots!


1. Make + Model Jogger Lounge Pants [$45-->$29.90] These are identical to my lounge pants up above that I swear by, just in a jogger model which I sorta love. I promise you, you will never wear a softer pant and jeans will sound a little bit miserable to you after these. 

2. Make + Model "Gotta Have It" Tee [$25-->$15.90] Ordered in size small, runs true to size. The name says it all - you do gotta have it. This tee is perfection. So comfy, the perfect V and I love the color options. For right at $15, you can't beat it. 

3. Make + Model Best Boyfriend Brushed Haci Lounge Shorts [$34-->$21.90] Again, these are the shorts version of the pants I am wearing above in the first photo. If these are even an ounce as soft as the pants, well I need them. 

1. Honeydew Intimates Burnout French Terry Sweatshirt [$48-->$31.90] This sweatshirt comes in 4 different prints/colors and I love it for lounging around or cooler fall evenings. You can never have too many sweatshirts, at least that's my motto so yup, adding it to the list.

2. PJ Salvage Print Jersey Pajama Set [$88-->$58.90] I personally think this set is freaking adorable and looks like I would get the most beautiful night of sleep in it [because obviously the quality of sleep you get is equivelant to the cuteness of what you are sleeping in]. So soft and cute! Sign me up.

3. Lazy Mornings Lounge Pants [$38-->$24.90] According to the name of these I should be wearing them right now. Available in 4 different color options and a couple great reviews, I don't think you can go wrong with these. Peace out paint stained pants, these are coming through!


1. Josie Patch Me Up Happi Coat Robe [$68 --> $39.90] I love the fun prints and patterns this lightweight kimono style robe offers. So fun and cheery, I think I'd be a happy girl every morning getting around in this!

2. Giraffe at Home Stretch Chenille Robe [$98 --> $64.90] One look at this robe and you know it's going to be Heaven on your body. So plush and soft, I want to shove my face right into that thing [saying that in the most normal way possible].

3. Nordstrom Moonlight Jersey Robe [$64-->$39.90] I get ready in the mornings every day wearing a robe but I don't want anything too heavy because of things like sweat, so I am always on the lookout for comfy lightweight robes and this one looks like just the ticket.

ugg slippers [still available in both colors and all sizes!] - the perfect gift!

And last but not least, we can't forget my beloved slippers [that I happen to be wearing right now]. These are absolutely wonderful and my feet never want to take them off. If you haven't ordered yourself [or everybody on your Christmas list] these yet, you may want to jump on it.

And that's a wrap folks! Happy lounging, sleeping and whatever else you may do in bed ;) 



  1. What size are you ordering in the honeydew sweatshirt? Super cute! I may need this in my life!

    1. I typically like my sweatshirts a little bigger and according to the size chart I would go with a medium (so size up one)!

  2. comfy pants and sent you an e-mail :)

  3. Ooo those cardigans all look so nice!

  4. I love mesh leggings and the color of that tshirt!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. I love you and hate you because I've never thought about buying a robe before right now but of course after seeing these cute robes I need one. Back to make my 5th order from Nordstrom for this sale...send HELP.

    xo, Maddy


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