Weekends Make Me Tired

Whoa. Do you ever stumble into a Monday and literally can't think of any possible way to keep your eyes open? That's where I'm currently at. I'm 100% sure I have mono or some other disease because the amount of exhaustion I'm feeling just isn't right. It's a job even coffee can't fix. Now that I think about it, the other disease I might have is called "hasn't stopped running around since last Wednesday and can't stop until next Sunday night". I have this problem called "saying no" to plans [some of you may have never heard of that concept either, I totally get it] and so well, this week is jam packed with this, that and the other. Oh well, sleep when you're dead they say. It's going to be a long life of dark circles and puffy bags under my eyes. 

Have you gotten to that point in the post yet where you're all "shut up, I'm tired too. tell me something exciting"? Okay good, me too. Lets jump head first into what the last couple of days brought my way, starting with Saturday. 

Remember how I said we were going to see King Douche Bags themselves (also known as Florida Georgia Line)? Well we did and it was awesome. Any time you slap on a giant tie around your head with long strings hanging and a camo cutoff tank with camo jeans you know it's going to be a good time. Just to clarify, that's not what I wore but BK [the guy from the band, not to be confused with Burger King] although dang, chicken fries sound so good right now. 

crochet tank [use code yellow20 for 20% off!] // shorts // tote // shoes

Anyhow, the show was so much fun and I think my vocal chords are still trying to find their way back to my throat. 

Short side story - The Cadillac Three opened for them [somebody tell me you are also obsessed with White Lightening #cantgetenough] and well, a few short years ago my girlfriends and I met them at a local bar and they invited us to jump in their van and head out to a show in Chicago with them. Because we are idiots we said no. Life's biggest regret - you guys, I could be living on a tour bus with three unattractive men eating cheese puffs and starbursts right now [I'm just assuming that's what you eat on tour buses]. But no, here I am. Next time for sure. 

We got back Sunday just in time to have the family over for a little Father's Day festivities. Sweetest moment that I don't ever want to forget so I'm blogging about it right now - my grandpa and his wife were able to come and we took them out on the pontoon. There is a bridge that we go under where you can crank up the tunes and it legit becomes an amphitheater that makes the sound incredible. We turned on Carrie Underwood's version of How Great Thou Art and sat all together as a family singing the most beautiful hymn. Tears flooded my eyes as I took in the moment - the little girls were singing, my grandpa kept wiping his eyes, and smiles were everywhere. And now I'm crying thinking about it again. 

It was perfect. We continued to be that boat cruising along with every other hymn blasting and all of us singing. A little different than our normal 2-Pac and Nelly tunes. Jesus wins :) 

The rest of the day was filled with splashing around in the river [something I never thought I would say I would do], eating way too much food and very little sleep. 

And on that splish splashy note, I'm off to work, followed up with book club and ending out the evening with The Bachelorette. Oh baby, life is about to get exciting. 


pps. If you missed the weekend post featuring last week's outfits, links and sales check it out here. Or don't. It's your call. 



  1. Now I need chicken fries for lunch... Thanks a lot ;)

  2. Jesus wins, I love that:) glad to hear you had a fun-but exhausting-weekend! and thank the heavens the bachelorette is on today, it's the only thing I'm looking forward to today! Have a great week!!

  3. I found your blog when I saw My Blog Sucks post and love these real posts. Yay for pontoon. Not many people brave to own it haha.

  4. I totally agree, sometimes you need a weekend break from your weekend!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. I so agree to the weekends are exhausting, comes with the concept of wining at life. Looks like a great weekend

  6. The struggle was real yesterday for sure Erin! Glad to see your more real life posts back...I was missing them. You are part inspiration for my blog, so it's nice to see you keeping it real!

  7. i've been loving how much you've been posting...and hymns always always make me cry! Jesus always wins :)

  8. Love that you had hymns playing, so sweet! Looks like a great weekend <3

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  9. All the best weekends leave you tired come Monday morning!

  10. Just reading this post made me exhausted! I would have fallen asleep at my desk first thing Monday morning. That is so sweet about everyone singing on the boat :) Sounds like a wonderful time!


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