Red, White and Blue // The Cutest Swimwear For The 4th!

crochet ruffle bikini top [wearing a medium] // bottoms [wearing small]

I'm not going to act like taking swimsuit photos for this post was easy - for one, it's swimsuits we are talking about. Aside from Sports Illustrated models, who really feels awesome when the camera zooms in on your stomach, especially after a night full of cocktails and cheese loaded tater tots? Secondly, it was 92 degrees and more humid than a sauna when shooting which left every part of my body [mostly the upper lip area] dripping sweat and last but not least, somebody [me] forgot to take a towel out on the boat to be able to change behind so here I am, middle of the river hanging out with houses on both sides of me while my nips are hanging out and I'm trying to squeeze into tiny little pieces of fabric that are sticking to all of that sweat along the way. If you have ever envisioned photo shoots for blogs to be fun, care-free, "aww how cute, look at those puppies licking popsicles!" it's a lot more like "I hate my life, can we be done yet? I'm sweating, I'm tired, I'm about to cry and my arms are getting a rash from changing outfits so many times..WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!"

It's a good thing I'm not dramatic about this stuff. 

Anyhow, back to the subject matter at hand. In honor of Flag day being tomorrow [or today if you are reading this on Tuesday] and the 4th of July quickly approaching, I figured now would be a good time to share some cute swimwear that is oozing with American pride without all of the stars stripes and spangled banners. Okay I lied, there are a few stripes but you get the point. 

Lets get this swimsuit and cover-up party started!

off the shoulder lace cover-up [wearing a size small]

I've never put a lot of thought in the cover-up department because heck, an old basketball tee from middle school and paint stained shorts will do right? Well right, they will do but they will also not make you feel like an adult. I'm not sure when I started caring more about this adult thing but it's amazing what a cute cover-up can do for one's bathing suit spirits. I love this lace off the shoulder cover-up oh so much as it's so chic and cute over any swimsuit. Definitely one of my favorite purchases this year. 

Next up, we have the classic one piece. When I saw this simple white suit with embroidered blue and red stitching, I knew it would be perfect for all summer long. I especially love the back and the overall patriotic feel it has while not being so in your face with it. 

embroidered one piece swimsuit [wearing a size small, would suggest sizing up] 

Next up we have the world's comfiest shift dress turned cover-up because why not? I purchased this same dress in olive green a few months ago and haven't wanted to take it off since. When I saw it available in the red and white stripe option I knew it was just the ticket for this summer. Have I mentioned it has pockets yet? Just throw on and go - this baby is where it's at.

high neck dress [comes in 17 colors and prints // so versatile and comfortable // wearing a size small]

Jumping back into the swimsuit arena, it's time for a two piece. I absolutely love this bright blue ruffle top that has the perfect amount of flow and the cutest little tie up back. The bottoms are comfortable and actually keep those cheeks in place which is an added bonus. Paired with a red Popsicle and it's what patriotic dreams are made of folks.

crochet ruffle bikini top [wearing a medium] // bottoms [wearing small] // dogs not for sale ;) 

And to round out the group, while this doesn't necessarily fall into the red, white or blue category it does fall under the most comfortable you need it in your life cover-up category so we are going with it. Anything that has the words "maxi" and "pockets" is a piece I can get down with. So perfect for any beach outing or hitting up your favorite waterside restaurant during those sunny Saturdays it's one of those items you'll want to fall asleep in at night. 

maxi dress cover-up [wearing a size small, size down one] // available in blue and melon here // ombre here
[all photos shot by the very patient, very talented, I owe her my life tina herschberger photography]

And that my friends rounds out my picks for this summer's swimwear and accessories! What are you wearing this summer - do tell, I need some more options ;)

ps. don't forget about the semi-annual sale happening right now at Victoria's Secret! They have a ton of swimwear up to 60% off! My go-to suit [I literally have in 5 colors] is currently marked down so check that out here! Don't forget to use the code SHIP50VS to get free shipping over $50!  



  1. I love a dress with pockets!! Also, I ordered 3 VS Bikini's and have a cart loaded with one more. Love them so much. Did you hear the bad news that this is the last year of swim? I had to stock up.

  2. So many cute suits and I love that hat!

    xx Kelly
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