Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale // My Favorite 60 Finds Under $50!

You may recall when I mentioned the other day how Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale right now which means a TON (and I mean a ton) of items are up to 40% off. Well, the sale lasts until this Sunday and since it was announced I've been scouring the website like no other because a. I don't have a life and b. I love a good deal. Because I was already spending the time on the site, I thought I'd do you a favor and write a post with all of the finds that I personally love and would/am purchasing. I tried to choose items that were available in almost every size and also received good reviews because there is nothing more frustrating than seeing something you love, clicking on it and realizing it's sold out and/or is complete crap that everybody hates. Nobody has time for those shenanigans. 

Without further ado, I present to you my top 60 or so items that are $50 or less. Keep in mind that it is always free shipping and always free returns (they include a return label in your order to make it super easy to ship back so that's neat!) Lets get this party started..... 

robe ($21) // sweatshirt ($22) // sweatpants ($32)
shift dress (available in 8 colors, $29) // tassel slip dress ($29) // lace trim shift dress ($38)
watch ($12) // necklace ($12) // headband ($11)

lace shirt/short sleepwear ($29) // robe ($28) // sleep shorts ($26) 
maxi dress ($29) // pink tank (comes in 5 colors, $17) // pleated tank (comes in 4 colors, $42)
espadrille ($33)
medallion crochet flounce top (available in 3 colors, $40) medallion crochet bottoms ($32) // crochet ruffle bikini top (both blue and brown, $48 ) // crochet bottoms ($37)
tab sleeve tunic top (available in 3 colors, $28) // white rolled jeans ($44)
lace dress ($45) // romper ($50) // black skinny jeans ($38) 
tab sleeve top (available in 3 colors, $35) // strappy silk tank ($44) // split neck striped tank ($32)
striped tote (available in black as well, $22) // magnetic clutch (available in 3 colors, $22) // fold-over clutch ($24) 
pointy toe pump (also available in black and white, $50)
 maxi dress (available in 5 colors, $39) // kimono ($33) // striped tank ($20) 

And holy crap, that took forever. Hopefully one of you finds this beneficial or this was a waste of an entire decade ;) And heck if it didn't help you, it sure filled up my cart....sorry [not sorry] Shawn.

ps. if you are looking to spend a little more than $50 (but still under $100!) on some awesome pair of sandals for summer, may I recommend any of these....



  1. Thanks for doing this! Saved me a lot of time! :)

  2. Such a great round up of items! I always stock up on my favorite Kut from the Kloth skinnies when this sale comes around! I got white this time :)

  3. I could take one of everything! Great round-up, love it! :)



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