Baby You're A Firework // 5 Cute Outfits For The 4th of July!

 maxi dress [available in 3 colors, wearing size small]

If you are American I am hoping you know that the 4th of July is right around the corner. We're talking 17 days around the corner. I don't know about you but personally, I love a good birthday party. Make it the countries largest birthday party and you've got yourself somethin' real exciting on your hands. We all know the politically correct thing to do [not that we really care about politics, or maybe that's just me. anyhow] is to wear your best red, white and blue to your cookouts, firework shows or whatever 4th of July shenanigans you find yourself in. Similar to my viewpoint on festive swimwear, you can totally rock the festive outfits without having streamers hanging out of your ears and stars shooting out from your toes. Not saying you can't do the whole streamer or star thing, but if you find yourself in a pinch with not much time on your hands, these outfits should have you covered. 

dress found here - super cute in the navy and red stripe option!

All hail the maxi dress. The best part about this option? You don't have to shave before going to your friends house meaning you'll have all sorts of spare time to do other things in the shower. That's right, make your own sparks people #wink. 

Nothing screams "I am so American!" more than a button down tab sleeve shirt. I take that back, nothing screams "I am so American!" more than a plaid red, white and blue button down shirt. You're about to be the most patriotic thing on the block in this cute little number. 

 shirt // white jeans // shoes [so comfortable and fun to wear!]

3. The lightweight sweater [which will allow you to eat all of the s'mores and baked beans on the planet]

Technically referred to as a "poncho" which also means "proof Jesus loves me" this baby is so comfy and festive. Throw it on with a pair of jeans and go. It's the easiest way to fool your friends into thinking you know how to dress all trendy-like but secretly you're pretty much wearing pajamas. 

poncho // jeans [currently 40% off making them less than $40!] // wedges

4. The "even my feet bleed red, white and blue" shoes

These babies are legit when it comes to the American factor. So stinkin' cute and comfortable, I've been wearing these espadrilles [not to be confused with armadillos - maybe I'm the only one who gets the two mixed up] on repeat. Paired with a simple white tee and cut-off shorts and BAM, easy yet patriotic look complete. 

white tee [2 for $28!] // shorts // shoes [so comfortable and fun to wear!]

5. The striped navy tank

Oh nautical pieces, you complete me. This grommet striped tank is the tank for the 4th. Throw on some jeans, a pair of shorts or heck, really surprise your guests and go pant-less with this baby! 

And there we have it - five ways to wear your American pride not just on your sleeve, but on your legs, feet and anywhere in between. 



  1. Loving all of your looks for the 4th! I have a pair of Soludos and they are seriously so comfortable, I could wear them everyday. Have a great weekend :) Beautifully Candid

  2. All these outfits are darling! Thank you for posting the links to everything.


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