A Little Bit Of Everything All Rolled Into One

top // similar shorts // wedges [currently 33% off!]

It's time for another monthly installment of "Erin doesn't know what to blog about right now so this could get interesting and awkward very quickly.." These are usually the posts that I read 2 years later and think "did I really write that?!" and every time the answer is yes and every time a small morsel of regret creeps in but like most things in my head, I quickly forget about it within 10 seconds and repeat the same mistake over and over again. It's really a strong skill of mine. 

Anyhow, I'm guessing I shouldn't start this post out by sharing how I started my period today (especially considering this post is full of white shorts), however I feel like that piece of information is very important to know for when we get to the part in the story about how I literally couldn't get off the couch last night to go to bed because I wanted to bawl my eyes out without any real explanation at all. I think it went something like Shawn saying "come to bed" and me replying beyond dramatically "I can't. I'm going to cry" followed up by him saying again "okay, but maybe just come to bed" to which I repeated "I truly can't move right now or I'm just going to start bawling." Fortunately 20 seconds later I was fine and off to bed I went. Hormones are so fun and really us women need to remember how blessed we are to have them. Without them men would actually enjoy our company and might think we are even a little bit possible to deal with from time to time and really, how boring would that be? 

Moving on, you know what isn't boring? Popsicles. I've been dying to eat one for hours which resulted in me ordering this because it seemed logical at the time. On the bright side I saved myself a few calories, mostly by reminding myself that a pool float means bikinis and bikinis mean don't eat the Popsicles. Instead, just lay on them and stuff and casually take photos for Instagram acting like "no I didn't order this just to take one staged photo of me casually laying on a red, white and blue Popsicle right before the 4th of July because my followers should love it!" DID YOU KNOW PEOPLE DO THAT KIND OF THING? The nerve. I would never. [maybe now would be the time to stop following me on instagram or you may see a photo that sounds eerily similar to what I just wrote about and I feel like that could cause some awkward moments between you and I. okay don't actually unfollow me or else I'll have nobody to like my staged photo and that would be such a waste of a pool float]. 

Have we come to the weird part of the post yet where it's like "wait, is this a fashion post or is it some girl just rambling on about things nobody cares about?!" Guess what friends, we'll never really know will we? Muhahahahaha.

Speaking of fashion, I got word that we have a couple of Love, Yellow combos in stock which means 1 white dress in size large and 1 of each size in blue are available. How's that for exciting? Obviously not as exciting as french fries dipped in ranch but we're getting there.

[photos shot by tina herschberger photography]
top // similar shorts // wedges [currently 33% off!]

Have I overstayed my welcome yet? Good, I wasn't done.

The CMT Music Awards are on tonight which fingers crossed means I get to see Carrie Underwood's legs. This probably also means we get to see Blake Shelton sing another song about how Miranda ruined his life while she is sitting in the front row and I am at home stuffing my face with wine and popcorn cringing and
yelling "make it stop!" So much to look forward to really, I hope you're ready.

Okay, now I'm done. TIME TO CHANGE MY TAMPON. Bye.



  1. Omg you made me giggle, so thank you for that. Whenever I wear white shorts, my husband is like, "not on your period!" Lol. Any whoo, I am a newer follower, so hi! Keep doing what you're doing!

  2. The very end cracked me up... I agree with ya on Blake... make it stop! :D

  3. #TeamMiranda #periodsSUCK #hormonesforthewin

  4. Oh gosh I should have watched just to see Blake Shelton do that;) I fell asleep sitting on our couch last night. I am loving those shoes and need to pick them up for our summer vacation this year! And I received my blue Love Yellow dress! I was thinking it would be too bright for me, but I love it!! Thanks! Susan

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  6. LMFAO! - thanks for the morning chuckle!! Love your blog and how down to earth you are!! :) #menhaveitmade

  7. Hands down. These are my favorite posts from you. Just funny stuff and really who doesn't want that? Stay awesome. And I'm loving the building with the black stripes. That's also pretty happening.

  8. I love your randomness. Aside: what kind of leg workout are you doing?? I need something.


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