Our New Patio Oasis [Partial Reveal]

[that umbrella - it's amazing, it's way on sale, comes in several colors, you need it, you're welcome.]

Part of me would prefer to just have "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" take up all of the text for this post because that pretty much sums up how I am feeling about our new patio but I figure one million exclamation marks could start to get a little obnoxious after about the first two hundred and seventy three thousandth, so you know - I'll stick with words. And maybe a few pictures.

When we originally purchased this house we knew from day one that one of our major goals was to make the backyard space more useful. The unfortunate part of our backyard is that our house sits up on a hill [but very fortunate - no flood insurance, hooray!] meaning that the majority of it is a big ole slope. This is great if the only thing you like to do in your backyard is run hills to get an awesome butt, but for people like me, we prefer to just sit on it and not actually do those "active" things. We first had envisioned a two-tier deck out our sliding doors but within seconds of receiving the quote realized that wasn't going to happen [apparently I'm in the wrong business, composite decking will make you a millionaire faster than being a heir to Michael Jordan]. Fortunately, one of our friends pours concrete so we had him come take a look and settled on this game plan -

1. Tear out the existing concrete
2. Re-pour a whole new slab which would be double in size from the original slab + pour a whole new side area so that we could have two patios to party on. And by that I mean sip coffee and listen to chill music.
3. Add a decorative stamp and seal it to make it all pretty
4. Add a railing all around the patio to give it the "deck" look from the water.
5. Furnish, decorate, and decorate some more!

Lets start with the original palette - this picture was taken days before we owned the house...

notice the orange brick, giant tree, ugly landscaping, lack of useful outdoor space and the list goes on..

and here's what it looks like today:
 POLYWOOD Adirondack chairs - the best ones on the market! for real though. currently 20% off + an additional 10% off!

So a little bit of a difference you could say ;) 

Lets take a small peak into what the inside of the patio now looks like - with furnishings from Hayneedle, POLYWOOD, Mohawk and Target we couldn't love this space more and while we still have a few small projects up our sleeves for this space, it's quickly becoming our favorite place to hang morning or night. Peace out living room, see you again in the winter.

wicker fire pit conversation set  [obsessed] // outdoor rug [stay tuned to win your own!] // pouf

We've never had a gas fire table but dang, am I excited to use this baby. 

These chairs and loveseat are oh so comfortable and the wicker construction is beautiful. Like Jennifer Aniston beautiful. 

For a touch of greenery, we simply stuck a fern hanging basket into the top of these planters and bam, done! Easy peasy good looking fernery. 

planter - we have two currently but I love them so much I want to add two more! 
[photos shot by tina herschberger photography]

I can't wait to enjoy many [many] more evenings sitting around the fire(s), entertaining friends and family and soaking up every drop of summer in our new space. 

lobster pillow // wicker storage accent table // metal lantern // citronella votive
Adirondack chairs - the best ones on the market! for real though. currently 20% off + an additional 10% off!

Stay tuned for more reveal pictures as this space gets completely finished but in the mean time, come join me for a drink already. This wine isn't going to drink itself.....



  1. love this patio! wishing our apartment one was bigger, haha but I'll have to make do!

    xo, Maddy

  2. This is gorgeous! I've been thinking about having my terribly cracked cement patio torn up and redone/extended so I actually have a space for patio furniture and this makes me want to do it even more. I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute out there!

  3. Omg! You are seriously THE BOMB at decorating! I'm not good at mixing color schemes. But you pull it off like nobody's business!! Love it!

  4. Absolutely love this. Honestly you should go into decorating, you have the best style.

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your house transformation! You have a future in decorating and remodeling for sure!! This is amazing! Susan

  6. Looks great!!! What do you do with the cushions and pillows (and rug?) when it rains? Do you pack everything away all the time?

  7. All I can say is WOW! You have done an amazing job! I never would have had the vision to do what you've done. You should send this to HGTV!!!

  8. Oh my gawd sooo gorgeous! LOVE IT ALL!

  9. Beautiful. We got a quote just to keep our existing deck layout, using existing footing and structure, and it was $25K. Sadly we have no choice other than to redo it because the wood is rotting out and we have kids so I'm worried about someone falling through it. Hopefully we will be able to get it done next year.

  10. Looks like a perfect space for summer! Totally jealous that you have TWO fire pits!

  11. your deck is fabulous. Love this look

  12. This is beautiful! One question: what do you do with all of the accessories (pillows, candle holders) when you're not using the patio? I'm lazy about schlepping accessories outside (or inside, for that matter), so I wondered if you have an outdoor solution.

    1. We do put covers over the furniture when we know it is going to rain and a few of the decorations I would bring inside if I knew it was going to be really windy/rainy, otherwise we just leave it outside uncovered!

  13. Love it! What a huge transformation and a great, relaxing retreat!

  14. This looks amazing! I can't wait to have my own backyard to do up!


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